Not Chinese, Japanese, or Korean

Kon is right about this not being addressed, and I'm glad he's brought it up exactly in this manner.  His wrath is more than understandable.  In my Underappreciated Actor of Another Color series, I have tried to make a concerted effort to include a broad variety of Asian actors and comedians.  I've got the Middle and Far East nailed, but I will be the first to admit the Southeast has been neglected.

No more.

Narrators, we need to talk about this.  You know how to reach us, so start sending us names, links, films, articles, you name it.  Thai, Laotians, Filipinos*, Malaysians, Indonesians - all of you, and then some - we hear you, and we understand.  Accept our sincerest apologies.

And while we're on the subject, I'll leave with you an excerpt from our infamous kinfolk Falco, a Filipino blogger whose experience disturbed the living hell out of me:
A majority of the women who were flirting with me seemed highly aware of the fact that I was Asian. In other words, they kept saying stuff like “I love Asian men! Asian men are so sexy! Yay Asians! I love K-POP!” Now, that’s a very good thing. It’s good because a lot of Asian guys still can’t believe that non-Asian women are interested in them, SO, in effect, sometimes you Women will just have to spell it out in plain Engrish.

However, when this occurs, something very interesting happens: instead of coming off as flirtatious and romantically interested, you might actually come off as someone with an Asian fetish, or someone looking to catch an Asian man, as if he were some mystical Pokemon. In some cases, the Asian fetish girls go waaayy overboard…

Example (based on TRUE events):
Scene: A Black Girl messages me on Facebook for the first time.

Black Girl: Ahn nyeong ha se yo! (hello)
Me: Uhhh… hi!
Black Girl: Eotteohke jinaeseyo? (how are you?)
*translates on Google Translate*
Me: I’m fine, thank you! How about you?
Black Girl: An nyeong ha siut seum ni ka? (I’m fine, thank you)
Me: Ummm… you know I’m not Korean, right?
Black Girl: I know ^__^
There's not enough "Oh hell, naw" in the world.
*There will be a temptation to go overboard with this one and state the obvious, like Paolo Montalban, Ernie Reyes, Jr., or the Basco brothers.  Let's learn some new names, shall we?


  1. Paolo Montalban for an extra sexy win. Every time I watch Cinderella I smile. Oh God, I read that conversation and I don't think there's a hand large enough for the proper facepalm.

  2. One reason I have left many BWAM groups is this growing crazy fetish that many of the Black girls (not women) seem to have. I hate posts that ask which to you prefer Japanese, Korean, Chinese.....*eye rolls*....How offended would Black women be if a guy posted which do you prefer American, Canada, Caribbean..... Not to mention you have left off a long list of other groups who seem not exist in some people's myopic view of what it means to be Asian..They treat the guys like they are K-drama or K-pop characters and then wonder why the guys in the group don't participate.......I would be weary of being involved in a group where the men compared all black women to Beyoncé or Halle Berry or some Black woman stereotype or TV/media character....We need to grow up and take people for who they are not the fantasy we wish them to be. I have said this before, nothing is wrong with a healthy appreciation of other cultures but respect, explore, be involved, and love your own first. When we do this we bring so much more to the interracial dating table and much of this foolishness goes away. And we look less foolish and desperate.

  3. I first fell in love with Ernie Reyes Jr. when I saw him in Surf Ninjas. Glad, that I'm not the only was crazy about Paolo Montalban because I was in my pre-teens when I saw R&H Cinderella in 1997.

    Tony Jaa - Who is from Thailand and leading role in the Ong Bak series.

    Vic Chou- Who is from Taiwan and leading role of the Taiwanese drama, MARS, which is based on the Japanese manga.

    Candy Mafia (girl band)(Thai pop/Thailand)

    Reverse (boy band))(Thai pop/Thailand)

    Vy Nguyen (Vpop)

  4. *reads* Please, Teacher Ankh, may I kick that Black Girl in her dumb-ass head? Not even in my most fervent otaku teenaged days did I think that shyt was cute! >:(

  5. Great post Ankh, I think there is a fine line between preference and downright scary fetish. I wrote a short post on a Blasian site titled “A Man is a Man" not to down play Asian men but rather to let the ladies know that they are men first just as much as we are women first. I wouldn't want to be pursued just because I'm black and you have this misconception of what black women represent from whatever source you got it from. I assume that men who happen to be Asian feel the same.

  6. Please, Teacher Ankh, may I kick that Black Girl in her dumb-ass head?

    Seriously, though...reading that shit made my flesh crawl.

  7. I've noticed similar behavior on youtube where an Asian-American man that made a video about AMBW was immediately asked if he was Korean even though his ethnicity was included in his user name and HINT HINT he wasn't Korean.
    I can only hope that they are very young because no grown woman should be acting that way.
    Personal note: I used to date a Filipino guy and he had no problem approaching me and making his interest known. Stalking these guys because you assume they are SHY when really they just think you are creepy is not cute.

  8. About that black girl...WOW. And I do admit, we should be showin more love to our South and South East Asian brothers. I know they would REALLY appreciate it.
    @Dulce Vita: I had the same issues with BWAM groups (especially on Facebook) that you mentioned. I mean, it was starting to get annoying seeing the Asian male membership dwindle down to nothing, and the Black female membership shoot up, bringing creepers along with it *shudders*
    Those girls are just plain SCARY 0.o It's like their livelihood centers around Asian men only.

  9. Oh, and as for Kon? He speaks the TRUTH. I totally agree with him.

  10. ^ShaSha

    "Glad, that I'm not the only was crazy about Paolo Montalban because I was in my pre-teens when I saw R&H Cinderella in 1997."

    Don't forget he was in Mortal Kombat the TV series. Terrible, TERRIBLE show, but he was fun to look at.

    I can't think of any actors, just music artists like Jay Sean (British Indian), Chad Hugo (Filipino/Korean), Yung Wun from Ruff Riders (Vietnamese), Half-Pint from Immature (Filipino), and Bruno Mars (Puerto Rican/Filipino). And I'm pretty sure members of the groups Jabbawockeez, Quest Crew, and Poreotix from America's Best Dance Crew are Filipino and Vietnamese but I can't of which members right now.


    As for the C/HK/K/J thing I've put black women on blast for it. I cut (very) little slack because I know pop culture has a lot to do with it, and those countries seem to put a lot of effort into getting their pop culture out there. Additionally where you live can dictate who you meet and what you like. When I lived in Detroit, I met Vietnamese and Filipinos (LOL who my friend said were the "blacks and Latinos of Asia"), but I didn't meet Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people until I was at a predominately white university. It wasn't until I was in Japan that I really thought of Asian men as attracted and my eyes were on Japanese men. Now I'm living in an area where you can find all kinds of Asians (though they do still seem to segregate themselves). My current BF is Chinese but before that I dated Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Indian, and flirted a bit with a Malay dude. But again this is due to location and who I encountered.

    That being said, I do think there is a disproportionate number of threads about how cute an Asian pop star is or how awesome Japan is, but I haven't seen many guys put much effort into discussing other things. While this can slip into the dangerous "teaching" territory, I'm sure these guys have a lot on their minds and should just start a thread about it. And I mean more than just "why do black females...?" type of stuff. I've seen too many guys be pretty passive aggressive on boards be it AM/BW specific or otherwise. Falco and Kon are pretty ballsy and I hope other guys do as well.

    On a random note, I already said to Falco that that girl is a hot mess. Assuming someone is a certain ethnicity is a bit of a microagression (http://microaggressions.com/). Generally I let guys bring it up instead of asking because even "Where are you from? No REALLY where are you from?" can annoy them.

  11. There will be a temptation to go overboard with this one and state the obvious, like Paolo Montalban, Ernie Reyes, Jr., or the Basco brothers. Let's learn some new names, shall we?

    People did read this, right?

  12. "Stalking these guys because you assume they are SHY when really they just think you are creepy is not cute."

    I witnessed that once. It was one of the few moments where I wanted to burn my Black and my Woman cards.

  13. There is nothing more embarrassing than someone speaking Korean when the intended target turns out to be Filipino-American..OMG!I don't know about her,but I would feel very humiliated being in that position. I could only imagine the mixture of feelings Falco, Kon and other Asian men must be in them. They may love the attention they are receiving, but to presume that every Asian man has to be Korean is a downer for them...it's insulting and the Black women doing it may not realize that.

    Far as any Asian actors, I loved 21 Jump Street of Dustin Nguyen. I thought that was one good looking Vietnamese man.I haven't seen as of late. I wonder what he is up to these days?

  14. There is nothing more embarrassing than someone speaking Korean when the intended target turns out to be Filipino-American..OMG!I don't know about her,but I would feel very humiliated being in that position.

    Clearly she was not, as that last line indicates. Perhaps she thought that she was earning cool points just for being able to Google translate a conversation in spite of ol' boy replying to her in English. Smh. What she needed was for him to reach through the monitor and pimp-slap her ass Three Stooges' style.

    It is ignorant behavior and attitudes like this that keep me off of a LOT of websites. I'm grown and I prefer to deal with adults.

  15. Can Wu zun count? HE's Brunei Malaysian even though he makes his living in Taiwan!! GOT DAMN I'd have his babies if he let me XD.
    But yeah....ladies, you guys need to start opening up and being an equal opportunity asian ♥'ver, the hotties are everywhere scattered about in Asia.I know this blog focuses more on BW+AM, but I've seen this happen with all x-women and asian men forums. Everyone's riding the hallyu wave like no tomorrow

    But wow..thats how girls mack to Asian guys now?
    Back in my day(I gotta stop making myself sound so old..), if you wanted to score cool points with Asian guys, you asked them if they liked techno,counter-strike, and import racing XD...
    and 9/10 they mentioned on their page back on Asian_avenue what their ethnicity was, so you hit em up with saying "yeah i love me some pho! Got Pho?" lol

  16. Yay! SE Asia! I'm just gonna get to the goodies since everyone said everything so well.

    Some dudes in the Vietnamese business... and @M, Dustin Nguyen is still making films. Recently there's 'De Mai Tinh/Fool for Love' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQPzSUqEBVQ) and 'Canh Dong Bat Tan/Endless Field' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shw_lovT-Og). I've seen both, heehee!

    Pretty faces in movies: there's Binh Minh and Huy Khanh from 'Passport to Love', there's Johnny Tri Nguyen and his director brother Charlie Truc Nguyen of Bay Rong/Clash (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_XzuDju_E0), The Rebel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd0IL3nV8sw), Fool for Love..., and another handsome director Quang Hai, and then there 's Quach Ngoc Ngoan and Dinh Toan coming soon in 'Khat Vong Thang Long/Aspirations of Thang Long (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61jr3tj84hk). Mmhm!

    So do I have to stick to actors? Because here's some painfully beautiful brothers with lovely bodies:
    Quanh Thinh
    Van Thinh
    Ngo Tien Doan
    Xuan Thu
    Quang Hoa
    Sơn Tùng

  17. @ Julie

    Thanks for the new names! That's what I'm talking about!!!

  18. @ Julie,

    Thanks for that info. My,my..Dustin is almost pushing that 50 mark and he's still got it going on.

  19. I'm just glad I found some girls who love Asian men as much as I do. And I'm glad you're opening the gates for SEAsia- there's a ton of self-hate in our culture because of colonization (Philippines,Viet,Lao) and the fact that many of us are here in America as refugees (Lao,Hmong,Cambod,Viet,Cham). There's not much pride. Giving love where it's overdue.

    I recently finished a mini-series with this Thai actor that I'm new to: Sattawat Sethakorn/TAE, currently works in China. He played a dorky cute character who falls in love with a fox demon. I can't find a trailer for the series so a fanmade MV will have to do:
    The mini-serie is called '辛十四娘 Xin Shi-si Niang' of the '聊斋奇女子 Fairies of Liao Zhai' collection, just in case you're curious.

    If anyone up there enjoyed 'Ong Bak', you might enjoy 'Raging Phoenix' which mixes Muay Thai fighting style and Bboy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CRq05b5V6Y. It's available on Netflix streaming too. The main male lead is 'Kazu' Patrick Tang (who I just realized is mixed Vietnamese) and I love his opening fight scene. The other guys are also very cute and they can moooove. More info + trailer: http://asiacue.com/movies/Raging-Phoenix_Jija-~-Deu-Suay-Doo_2009.html

  20. And I'm glad you're opening the gates for SEAsia - there's a ton of self-hate in our culture because of colonization (Philippines, Viet, Lao) and the fact that many of us are here in America as refugees (Lao, Hmong, Cambod, Viet, Cham). There's not much pride. Giving love where it's overdue.

    Send me a guest post and we'll boost the signal.

  21. I asked a Malaysian friend to hit me up, but we're both more into cartoonists and illustrators than pop stars. Should I still flood your inbox with links? Maybe they can be showcased in some way to broaden the talent pool.

  22. @ leoprincess

    That works too. Bring 'em on. SE Asians have been neglected as hell.

  23. I don't understand why women do that. My friend (BW) and I both think Men are Men. As long as they are nice respectful guys we could care less about race. The only reason it comes up here is because we are in the country. Although we do meet men of different Asian races and they will tell us what they are and seem relieved when we say it really hadn't crossed our minds.

    I think the bf and I are comfortable around each other or the reason he asked me out is because I didn't do that crap. I speak to him like I do everyone else.

    I am his first foreign girlfriend and friend.

    I may interview the boyfriend next. Any questions you want me to ask him and keep them simple, he is still studying English and can't really say what he wants to say in English sometimes.

  24. I'm also a bit of a Bollywood fan so I'll offer just one name Hrithik Roshan (*sigh* especially in Jodhaa Akbar). Oh and I might as well give up John Abraham (especially in Dostana).

    Also a blog, Shirtless Bollywood Men

  25. Well theres Preeti Barameeanat, Kumpanat Oungsoongnern (Black/Thailand), and 9 million Sam. All these guys are Thailans and they all stared in the movie Fireball.
    Preeti is the main character: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0Q8hROU_1o&feature=related

  26. @eccentric I am too a fan of Bollywood.
    Anyway, Ashmit Patel and John Abraham to me are very cute guys and I always thought Salman Khan was sexy.
    But yeah I admit I was pretty much into only Korean guys, except I had a crush on a Filipino in middle school. he was so cute, ugh. But, I do look at other Asian races like in public. Wait are Somoans considered Asian? Because Somoan guys are very sexy. But, to be honest I've never seen other Asian types of Asian Men with Black women. other than Chinese, Japanese, or Korean guys. I've seen a few Filipino guys with Black Women and Kon and TimothyDelaGhetto, their both Thai (Timothy said he lost his virginity to a Black girl.) But it's hard to find Cambodian or Indian or Arabic or whatever with a Black woman, oh and Fazza3 is also a good looking man, he's the prince of Dubai.

  27. Wow i'dve thought women would look at the "Asian men" as a Spectrum. oh well Like i always say "MEN ARE LIKE FOOD ALL DIFFERENT AND JUST AS TASTY AS THE NEXT"

  28. I didn't know of any other appropriate place to get this to you.
    Here's another consideration for the kinfolk section: http://www.youtube.com/user/BlissfullyEnchanted7

  29. I'm flattered that you used my video in this blog post. I do agree with the post itself and the comments as well and I hope that this mindset grows within the community.

    plus you are welcome to use any of my videos, just give lemme know if you dont mind :)

  30. I know this is old but, I had the biggest crush on 2 Laotians [in high school and uni] and 2 from Thailand [uni] in my short lifetime, but no one could really accept it. I always got the "What are you gonna do in Laos if he wants to 'go back'" and of course the "You know most Thai guys don't look like that right?"

    One Thai guy just made me feel like he only treated me kindly out of sympathy. T.T He must have thought I was one of the fetish people (thanks to my "friends"), but honestly it was because he was definitely hot and had a sense of humor. No worries though. I haven't given up on flirting with whomever I'm attracted to. Hopefully it'll be different since I'm in my mid-20's now.


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