Shortie: "Sugar" (1/?)

Hey ladies, I'm back.  For the record, I haven't felt like writing, but this little gem woke me up at four o'clock this morning and an author should never question her muse.  "Sugar" stars Peter Le as Michael and Sanaa Lathan as Neshelle.  I hope you enjoy my latest.  --Amaya


At six, I was amused to see Michael roll up on a Harley Davidson.  A thread of uneasiness snaked through me; I’d never ridden a motorcycle before.  I wasn’t sure if I could or even if I wanted to.  But I took several deep breaths and made up my mind to keep an open mind and experience anything this man wanted to show me.  He got off the bike and removed his helmet and leather jacket, carrying the latter as he walked up to my front door.  



  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

  2. My goodness...I Googled Peter Le...I'm salivating. I need a moment.

    Can't wait for your next chapters!


  3. Hi. I just read your short; it's great. I even googled Peter Le *gasp* the man is gorgeous. Very nice body!

  4. Peter Le is an Asian Adonis. He's so fine that I have to turn the fan on when I sit down to work on this story. Y'all can thank DN for this one.


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