Tech Support

I absolutely love the new Staples commercial.  That employee is so damn fine that I'd injure one of my computers just so he could service me...erm, it.

Peep the guns at 0:16 seconds.  Enjoy, ladies!


  1. I want tickets for that gun show.

  2. I've been wondering (since this morning) how to respond to this, and here's the best I could do:

    *clears throat*

    Dear Amaya:

    You is cray-cray. Out of all the authors on this blog, I'm not surprised that you were the one to post this on here. I can only imagine the look on your face the first time you watched this commercial. Your jaw is probably still on the floor. I bet if I go to YouTube, this commercial will have a gajillion trillion views...and half of them will be from you.

    That being said, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this. This woke me up long before my coffee did. Mr. Staples here is going to feature heavily in my dreams tonight, and I owe it all to you.

    Merci, ma soeur,


  3. I happened to TiVo this commercial during one of my ESPN shows...and watched it about 50X. And you know, I was like, "ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!"

    Did you see the guns? Claude Hammercy! The man is fine. I need to find out who he is and which Staples branch he works for. The Pink Lady and Baby Blue need tune-ups.

  4. Now you have me wondering if I should go se this computer tech for my computer that is being a punk in Korea. Actually both of them are...

  5. Ohhhhhh...I'm sure this man had all kinds of folks outright shattering their laptops and calling the Staples' headquarters to this tech's exact location.

  6. Oh thanks Amaya for that nice nice link. It really takes an Asian guy to make a Staples polo shirt look sexy!!!

  7. always nice to have some man candy in a commercial


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