Audrey & Dre (2011) ~ Episode 2


  1. I wish the episodes were longer. Thar luncheon divorce/anniversary was some cold ass shit from Mr. Dre. I'm also not too crazy about the vloggers being so prominent here. I would've liked more Audrey & Dre and as we hear more of their story, the vloggers could come in later on in the series.

  2. Yeah, the episodes are really sparse on plot advancement and they spent as much time with the vloggers as the actual plot. I'll still watch it but its irritating.

  3. @ zoopath

    I'm a bit surprised by the vloggers as well. I didn't think they were going to feature this prominently. We saw more of them than we did Audrey & Dre.

    And yes...we need longer episodes.

  4. ::comes in wearing armor::

    I'm not feeling this at all. :( For the most part I like the idea that this is starting with the divorce. This seems to be about a couple with issues who HAPPENS to be an interracial couple and the divorce is probably based on stuff not related to them being a blasian couple. On the other hand, I'm not feeling the acting or lack of chemistry between the couple. The whole TV show/vlogger aspect I think is again supposed to enforce the idea that this couple issues is something that can happen to anyone and not specifically interracial couples. But the TV show/bloggers are also VERY distracting. I get that the show is low budget but the TV show/vloggers make is seem even more low budget.

    It's only two episodes in though and I'm gonna give it a few more eps before I totally write it off.

    ::runs out::

  5. Truthfully, I'm a bit confused. I get that this is on a budget, but if you're on a budget, don't you want as few actors as possible? And wouldn't you want to focus as much as possible on the few you do need?

  6. the vloggers were entertaining but their screen time should be shorter

  7. the vloggers were entertaining but their screen time should be shorter

    And more POC, please. I know it doesn't want to be branded a Blasian show, but that is what it is. To have black and Asian vloggers would've been much profound. It would've also opened up more roles for them.

  8. Lol @ ShaSha

    I agree with everyone about the vloggers. This kind of seems like a clip show of a much better series but I still have hope.

  9. I just watched the second episode. The good thing was that they discussed being a blasian couple. The bad thing was the ratio screentime devoted to Audrey and Dre vs. the vloggers. The vloggers were more diverse this time but their comments were some Race 101 *ish that annoyed me. By Race 101 I mean simple stuff like: asian guys are short and skinny being rebutted by an asian guy saying that asians are not a monolith. I came to watch a show about a blasian (hate that term btw, but have yet to think of alternative) couple, not watch a bunch of people discuss the blasian couple. There's just so little media out their with couples like us that I'll keep watching it.
    @Sha sha: I didn't want to believe you about the lack of chemistry but I'm starting to notice it.

  10. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Vlogger "Kyle" and I are now roomates and we're having so much bloody fun together! We go'hunting' at the GAP every Saturday afternoon (heehee,,,)!
    The points being made are VERY poweful and true! I'm even loving the social 'morays' being discussed! The 'DL' topic came up in ep. 6/7. What's amazing though, is how many K-pop/K-actors are indeed homosexual, and I'm not speaking of said 'dress code/fashions.' I watch for HAND movements and 'leans/switches.' I pref. men, but I've had girlfriends before, so my familiarity w/the QUEER community is lengthy and extensive! One of my 'Sunbae's' even has FIVE (5) children, and this man was one of the late SYLVESTER'S closest friends in San Francisco, Cali. Yes, my man was a part of the ancient American 'Bath House' scene BEFORE the discovery of HIV/AIDS, and when he'd get bored w/men, he sought women for companionship (ALL ASIAN WOMEN), whom eventually mothered his FIVE kids!!! Blk. men are too often marginalized for DL-ism, but MANY Asian men are on the 'Low Low' as well. Just ask "Kyle!" He keeps it REAL! Word? (LOL!)


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