Epitome of a Dumbass



This is the reason I do not go to the meetings because there are too many idiots that just spoil the fun for the rest of us. Like this one...

On FB someone asked about dating in Korea on the Brothas & Sistas in Korea Forum. She is contemplating on coming here and was curious.

The first few people were cool and answered. Then here come this stupid fucker.

Everyone has fucked everyone here in Korea. As far as the expat community is concerned. Im talking from a my point of view and what Ive experienced as a English teacher. Chicks here are really thirsty out here and so are the dudes. Now if your in the military then I may be diffrent but there are a whole shit load of military here in Korea so you have more options. Korean females are freaks behind closed doors. I dont see why any female of color would want to deal with a Asian guy. And just like people mentioned, if your fat then you may have more of a chance to get some play. Just go to Itaewon or a hang around a military base if you want to deal with those type of guys. Just like S_ said, the Black males teachers here are a diffrent breed.

My reply ...
Don't go generalizing. There some of us who have standards and don't settle for idiots. They are for the truly desperate people. Why wouldn't a female of color deal with an Asian guy? They are men too. Do you think Men of color or the only ones available to females of color? Think again. Heck, I know WoC who are married, engaged or dating and Asain Male and are happy. Hell, I know someone who married the first born son of a Japanese family (native Japanese at that) and they have been married for 16 years and living in the home country. My cousin is married to an Blasian guy (His dad is Asian his mother is Black).

(Sorry Hateya, you were the first to pop in my head.)

EoaD replies:
DN, Im speaking from my own opinion and experience here in Korea. Some of these females of color are "dick drunk" here in Korea and we all live and we learn as far as settling for idiots. We all have to remind ourselves that some of the expats here are fresh out of college and are now having their first taste of freedom. And to touch on the whole weight thing. Alot of the females who come here from the U.S. are fat and it is looked down upon here in Korea and I dont blame them. I must say though when the female does loose the weight don't feel like as if you should be put on a pedestal. Why? Just because you lost weight? Also what can a Asian guy do that a Black man cant do for you? All that I can think of is he can teach you some taekwondo, speak his native tounge, use chopsticks. Im not saying that Black men are the only ones who are available for Black women. There are many other races out there. Im sure that when a Black female chooses a Asian guy, it probably wasnt her first option. You have to look at the ratio to Asian guys and Black men. Duh! Our history. She probably just didnt meet the right man of color for her so she just went with the Asian guy. So she just settled for whatever. Personally Ive had my fair share of females from diffrent races. South Africans, Black, and Korean. And I tell them all straight up Im not trying to live in Korea forever so lets just have fun for the night or for however long and they know what it is. Im not trying to bring you back home with me, were all grown.

Me again (annoyed at the stupidity. I am allergic to stupid people.):
Tyrell you are the perfect example of the BS I have read and heard for a long time when they find out a BW dates/marries outside her race. "She couldn't find a BM so she setteled for an AM/WM blah blah." That is total bull. We BW (some men too) who have intelligence, have traveled the world, have an open mind DO NOT settle. We have certain criteria that has to be filled before we decide that person is whom we want. Race doesn't come into the mix and isnt a problem. It's a probelm with other people outside who do not know them and just see a BW and someone not a BM. Those are the people we ignore because they aren't worth a damn and it is not their business. And don't say some females of color because I have seen females not of color WAY hungry (as you put it ) than that, hell she did a whole blog about it. Plus it is not like some of us are dating a race we wouldn't have dated in the States anyway. No one plans to stay here forever but no one plans to find "The One" either. It just happens. The people who plan on coming here for a specific reason ( I wil get an Asian bf/gf yadda yadda...) instead of their job needs to take their but home and grow up. You're giving the rest of us a bad name who are here for serious reasons and actually enjoy teaching overseas.

On another note. What can an Asian man offer that a Black man can't? For one most of them approach respectfully. Unlike some of the guys I met here who sem they are entitled to approach me like I am less than a human being and think I will be so greatful to be with them that I will do anything for them. BULLSHIT! I am not working on my 3rd college degree while teaching kids, in a job I love to be treated like less than a Lady and a human being. By any person of any race.

EoAD replies:
( I was away teaching the kiddies)
This can go on and on. This isnt the first post about this topic and it wont be the last. Im sure some other Black female will ask the same question sometime soon. If Im not mistaken its just Black females who always bring up the subject all of the time. No use of arguing with them either because thats one of the things they are known for, talking. Thats maybe why westerners like other races like asian women bc if you tell them to do something they are quicker to do it. Black women cant stand being single, they need to feel a sense of belonging to someone. Im just sticking to Black people bc this is the Brothas&Sistas of Korea is it not?

He is wrong. The last time was a male who asked.

I need you guys to calm me down. I was having a good day too. By the time you comment the little kids will probably do something to have me laughing again and forget all about him. I going exploring in Korea and look at sexy men.

This crap some black men spout about all BW need to belong to someone is Bull. I don't NEED a boyfriend I have other stuff to deal with. When I meet "The One" -- be he Asian or otherwise -- he will be a bonus.

BTW, if you are coming to Korea and are staying here. Itaewon is not where to meet the good guys.

- DN


  1. Wow... that guy.... You were such a lady in the face of ignorance, a perfect antithesis to the crap he must radiate there. I just want to clone you and put you in different countries so we can offset assholes like this. Enjoy your kiddies and hot guys!

  2. The problem is a lot of Asian-related forums have too much testosterone in them. There aren't enough women in the forums to set the record straight. Often it's just a ground for stupid men to dump on Western women, their jobs and brag about all the Asian booty they get.

    You handled the situation well. I know it's hard not to get riled up, especially when someone is asking an honest question. I saw ish like this when I was doing research about Japan. I was in a forum where both white and black men seemed to go out of their way to dump on black women interested in dating in Japan, saying they would never find anybody. Of course when women start coming in talking about their (great) experiences, the guys were like, "well I bet you're REALLY pretty and not like other black girls" and other ish. Or they go on and on about how awesome Japanese women are in that same thread! Don't get me started on threads about racism, the white folks will insist it doesn't exist.

    Honestly when women are interested in knowing about dating in other countries they'd do a much better job seeking out blogs and forums ran by (if possible) black women. They'll get much better responses.

  3. Reading this makes me laugh.

    Boy,you can tell men who feel threatened by Asian men. They will quickly thrown in sex, weight or control in a vain attempt to dissuade Black women from hooking up with Black men.They seem to think that the Black women only deal with Korean men because they are desperate for sex,but if that was the case,how do those guys explain the growing numbers of AMBW couples in the states?

    Where do them two guys get the bogus idea that Black women want to hook up with Asian to feel "belonged to" Uh,belong to what and who? I've been single for a few years now and I have no problems being that way.If you ask me, those guys have the bigger problem because what want to talk about junk that is not related to being a couple.If the Black men mentioned in the post think that they are gods gift to Black women, then god help us all. It 's guys like them that my folks told me to avoid.

  4. Oops! excuse me for those typos

  5. triple threat of racism, sexism and misogyny with bonus fat phobia

    if black women are so unattractive and desperate then why does he care who they date?

  6. You all smell that? (Sniffs air) It smells like Hating and(Sniffs air again) BS.
    Someone's been dumped by alot of black women,to me. Wow the smell of BS is strong with this one.

  7. Wow, that guy was really disgusting and has a disturbingly low opinion of black women. :( Clearly, he has some baggage he needs to deal with.

  8. @DN
    (Sorry Hateya, you were the first to pop in my head.)

    There's nothing to apologize for DN. I'm only sorry you encountered this sorry fuck.

    Also what can a Asian guy do that a Black man cant do for you? All that I can think of is he can teach you some taekwondo, speak his native tounge, use chopsticks.

    WTF?! If I met this bastard in person, I rip off his hollow balls. In case the subject arises again and you need an example, use this one. After having dated a number of good men, including GOOD Black men, I married my FIRST choice, the man the God/Gods created just for me and I didn't come to Asia to find him. He quit his fucking job, packed his bags and flew his fine ass all the way to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to find ME!! He spent four years there without nary a female on his superior brain until the day I blew back into town for a visit. A couple of months later (we never dated), he confessed his love and in the next fucking breath, the subject of marriage came up and THEN he met with my parents separately and swore on his life that he'd go to his grave making me happy.

    There is also icing for this cake. My beloved isn't just a highly paid professional, he's also representative of the man Japanese women WANT. Those who've met him have openly said that they think he's damn near perfect. I can't tell you how many times I've had to do a double take when younger and skinnier women brazenly hit on him in my presence. He doesn't even notice. I've never read a fictional man more amazing than he is.

    I settled?! Pleez!

    Black women cant stand being single, they need to feel a sense of belonging to someone.

    Excuse me? This is a core characteristic of most species on this planet, especially human beings. This is why we spend time together, why we speak in dialect, why we have cultures and traditions, why we create rules and why we follow those rules even though they may inconvenience us. We're programmed to want to belong, but we're living in a stupid fucking world where jackasses (sorry mule, no disrespect intended) like him have the audacity to pretend we don't deserve to be a part of someone else. Fuck him!

  9. I found it rather ironic how Eoad talk about being "grown".For somebody to talk about people being adults, he certainly has a lot of growing up to do.I just feel bad for the unlucky women who may have to cross paths with these fools.

  10. Haha, did he actually say that Asian women are more obedient? That's just disrespectful to every female out there. Everything /he/ typed has been said again and again and was absolutely incorrect and over-generalizing.

  11. Wow wow, that's all I can say! I didn't know there would be so much hateration going on by some of the black men who commented. Now I see why some black women in Korea date Korean guys, seems some of the black men who are living over there are bitter!

    Well, I learned something from reading all 80 comments: dont give a rats ass about what nobody else says, live your life while you're there, and to hell with the evil and negativity!

    To all the black women who are living, working, and doin' the damn thing over in Korea--you go ladies!

  12. I believe Aesop covered this behaviour in a fable. In modern times, we call it 'sour grapes'. For a bunch of women whom he will likely never meet, he sure was hellbent on speaking ill about them and their desires.

    Is it bad that I'm not even angry-annoyed? More like,'Oh, look. Another one.'.

  13. Oh....wow. DN, you set that dumb piece of shit in his place. We NEED more people like you to straighten these bitter brothas right, or somewhere close to it.
    @leoprincess: I think it's perfectly normal not to have much of a reaction to this dumbassness. I don't. I'm just shakin my head. I think men like that DON'T need to be abroad, because they're making all the GOOD Black men who wanna travel abroad look like ignorant, bitter, angry, senseless scum. That brotha needs his visa revoked or something haha.


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