Ninja Assassin deprived us...

In more ways than one.

Besides getting Raizo and Mika together.

These words came out of Sexy's mouth.

These words passed between those beautiful lips.

When I heard (read because it was subbed) had me sitting there dumbfounded for a moment.

Wanna know what Sexy said?

The part when he did the handstand.

The handstand that took 8 months to train for by itself.

The one main reason he did all that hard training was because of this simple fact.

He was supposed to do the scene ...



(Knows everyones mouth dropped open or is sitting there staring at the screen with that look. You know that look.)

Yep, naked.

We could have seen that perfect booty in the buff. On the big screen no less. On DVD BLURay.

I swear women would have paused right at that exact moment and just stared. Some sitting in a puddle of drool eventually.

If it is in the extras, you guys had better say so.

It came out of his mouth.

It is truth.

I have proof.

Here ya go.

Around the 6 minute mark.

My proof.
We can give thanks to my friend MD, who is the YouTube finding video guru. I am the place and information finding person, both of us together can find anything.

What do you have to say about this little peice of information I gave you?




  1. Lol. This is hilarious....yet depressing.

  2. Old news to me. In fact, I thought it was common knowledge amongst Rain fans. Also, that show is funny, I loved watching him threaten the guy that makes fun of him and other celebrities. He was trying not to show anger, it didn't work, so sexy.

  3. In fact, I thought it was common knowledge amongst Rain fans.

    I had no clue.

    I don't think I could've handled seeing him naked. It would've ruined all other men for me.

    Seeing Rain in clothes is dangerous enough.

  4. Let me guess why they didn't include it, a gorgeous naked man would've made the film to gaaaaaiiiii. OH NOES.

    And Rain, you say you were supposed to do that handstand naked. I'm gonna need a demonstration or it didn't happen.

  5. Ha ha, yeah I remember this video. I would have been drooling my ass off if I saw Rain naked. I believe later on in the talk show Rain and one the host has a open leg contest to show how strong Rain is.

    There is a another video where he talks about being drepressed and wanting to quit.

  6. And Rain, you say you were supposed to do that handstand naked. I'm gonna need a demonstration or it didn't happen.


    Agreeing, but *dead* nonetheless.

  7. Maybe it's a good thing that didn't come to pass, because I went with a guy-friend to NA and he'd have to call an ambulance to get my heart restarted.

    Also, lay me to rest beside Ankh too, please. Neo's done kilt me too.

  8. I'm upset we didn't get to see that lovely ass on the screen. But if he did do that handstand naked, they would've had to raise the rating to XXX ;D

  9. I had no clue either. Damn, we totally missed it. Couldn't it have been included as extra/cut footage? It isn't right that we were deprived the results of all his hard work.

  10. @ MG


    This whole time, I didn't think he actually did that handstand by himself.


  11. @MG

    I totally want to hike with Rain.

    This stopped me cold. Want.. no NEED naked Rain.

  12. I think everyone assumed he used wires to do the handstand but he didn't. I hate hearing him talk about the training he did. Even a sequel isn't worth that much suffering. If you watch the video I linked from the start he also talks about being bullied in school.

  13. @MG-Girl, I had that scene on repeat...to watch that man raise his legs over his head, being supported by only his arms...it gives me ideas...

  14. Even a sequel isn't worth that much suffering.

    And he was fine as hell before he got all that muscle, and after it was gone.

    We just want to see him in bed with Naomie Harris. He doesn't have to look like a pro body builder for that. His best feature is his face anyway.

  15. Hell, y'all mean you didn't envision him naked? I did and was quite pleased with what I saw. That move is meant to be done in the buff...and claude hammercy, did Rain deliver.

    I'm with Neo.

  16. WOW!!! I know I'm late and all, but REALLY? I agree w/the ladies who would need their hearts restarted! Now, I MUST get my hands on this film, although the non-kissing business erks me already. Dad-gummit!

    Laters, Rainsters!
    - J


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