Queens of Langkasuka (2008)


Our exploration of the Southeast continues with this film from Thailand (in the West, it's been retitled as Legend of the Tsunami Warrior...*retches*). Watched and loved it, I tell you. This is much more my genre.

Good-looking menfolk? Strong female characters? Pirates? Sorcerers? Epic quest? It even has ninjas! What the hell more can you ask for?

Bad-ass female assassin Bilung.

Lord Jarang

Jarang's second.

Sea gypsy and Du Lum sorcerer Pari.

Color-coded caste system, unfortunately.

Fashion, decor, and loveless betrothals.

Prince Pahang
Kick-ass Queen Biru
Kick-ass Queen Hijau


  1. Thai is such a beautiful language. Reminds me of some of the West African dialects.

  2. This looks amazing!! Thai cinema produces some awesomeness out of this world. If you like action and hot guys may I suggest Raging Phoenix(strong female lead), its the same actress from Chocolate but I haven't watched that one. If you're into horror check out Sick Nurses, one of my favorite films to date. I know Raging Phoenix and Chocolate are on Netflix but you may have to search for Sick Nurses.

  3. I want to see this SO badly!

  4. I loved Chocolate. My brother and I watched it because we were having Tony Ja marathons. Technically, he isn't in Chocolate but there is one partof the movie there was a total "What would Tony Ja do?" moment. That had my brother and I giggling evilly. Sick Nurses you can watch online for free at asian-horror-movies.com. I watched it while at work...I was deskwarming no one was there and no classes.

  5. I had a chance to catch it last night on Netflix Instant Watch. Lord Jarang was my favorite. He held it down in defense of the kingdom. Queen Hijau was no joke either. My girl was all kill me you mofo, my kingdom will go on.

  6. I liked Princess Ungu (LOVED her name). And Jarang was simply unstoppable.


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