The Art of Movement: Telisha Shaw

Ankh contacted me a few months ago about writing a little something on Miss Telisha. Life gets in the way sometimes, so I've finally put my metaphorical pen to paper. Telisha came to my attention last year during JYJ's Showcase in the States. She immediately stood out for her stunning beauty, but also her mere presence as a Black female backup dancer for a Korean Pop act. To say I was surprised and pleasantly so was an understatement.

I found her fascinating and decided to dig a little deeper. Her credentials are impressive, having studied ballet at the age of 3 and winning a scholarship to study under Arthur Mitchell at the Dance Theater of Harlem as an 11 year old. She has worked with some industry heavy hitters, most notably Janet Jackson (during her recent promotional tour) and served as assistant choreographer/dancer to Christina Aguilera during her "Stripped" world tour.

She is also delightful and refreshing while being interviewed. Telisha is currently on tour with JYJ, who have completed the North American Leg and are currently in Japan and headed to Seoul for the tour's completion. No discussion of this woman would be complete without drama, unfortunately. I have to mention a recent bit of "controversy"surrounding our girl here. Some of you may be aware that Telisha has suffered from virulent racist attacks on twitter due to her friendship with JYJ and specifically Junsu.

Telisha has been quite upfront about her interest in him and of course, this has some fans in an uproar. To show just how gangsta she is, she created this K Pop inspired "mock" track to show how much she gives a damn about racist/immature/jealous fans. Now whether she is bumpin' uglies with Junsu is of no interest to me. They are both grown and if they dig one another enough to be intimate, then it's their business. Please listen to the lyrics closely, as she serves a facial to the idiots throwing vitriol her way.

As always, I find myself not in the least bit surprised by the hostility and hate she has received over the past year. What is interesting, is the belief that she did this without the permission of JYJ. As a professional, she knows that a youtube video mocking fans due to her association with the 3 would be career suicide. No one of her experience and maturity would pull a stunt like this. So this idea that she is some kind of siren leading this "boys" astray is just pure grade A bullshit. At the end of the day, Telisha is a truly gifted performer and I admire her grace and strength as she keeps moving forward in her fantastic career. She is one to watch for in the future.

To further piss off the idiot savant fangirls, I have a nice little "caption" this contest for you.


  1. I love how these racist fanatics keep bawwing because the uppity black dancer just stole their pweshus pwetend boyfriend.

    Keep it popping Ms. Shaw. Haters gonna hate.

  2. Good job, Lenoxave. Glad to have you back in action.

  3. Perhaps I may get flamed for this.

    First off I've been lurked on this blog for a while. As a black female who love Asian men, I really enjoy these posts and check them religiously lol. Thank you for the blog and creating a supportive AMBW community. I think it's great.

    Regarding Telisha. Well the thing is I've been very mixed about the whole thing and to tell you the truth, i really did not like the song. I have two reasons why. One, if there is something going on with her an Junsu, I wish there was sooome indication on his part. Right now it seems one sided aside from the dancing they do which can be explained away. Her acknowledgement of him comes of somewhat aggressive. Now honestly if this was an American guy, I don't think that would be an issue but he isn't. I am not THAT versed on Korean culture, I've been learning and reading a great deal but I'm far from expert or even knowledgeable. With that in mind, based on what I've learned, the culture is very very private. Romantic relationships are very private, womens feelings are very private, this is a norm that is not just attributed to famous Korean people. The privacy seems to be part of the culture until the couple (together) come out. Being very open does not seem to be seen as appropriate. With that in mind Telisha actions feel very inappropriate to me in trying to respect Korean culture. Yes I'm SURE a lot of the backlash is race-based or with that coloring responses but I think it is also culturally based. Her lyrics are very forward, direct and open; completely shunning privacy. I wasn't surprised at the response. I don't think she's a bad girl but I think the song was not a good choice. If the company was behind it or sanctioned it, I think they did her no favors by allowing her to release it (seemingly) all on her own.

    My two cents.

  4. sorry my nickname for that will be JazzyJane.

  5. @ JazzyJane

    We don't flame here.

    If the company was behind it or sanctioned it, I think they did her no favors by allowing her to release it (seemingly) all on her own.

    This is good point. I think that we have to keep in mind these artists trying to break into the music scene are trying to shed their private, good Korean boy images (like F.Cuz, whom I keep harassing Lenoxave to cover). While Koreans may be traditionally private, these celebrities know that once they achieve fame and start working with other artists in other countries, they have to let go of the luxury of privacy.

  6. @ Lenoxave

    My caption:

    "Hey, Lisha...meet up with me backstage."

  7. Jazzy - thanks for your response. No flaming will happen. You seem to be concerned about whether she and Junsu are intimate. I am not and their relationship or lack thereof is of no interest to me. The racist attacks happened before this video was ever created. It is not about me, you or anyone else agreeing with her actions. I am talking about her living and breathing as a Black woman causing these attacks. It is about the proximity she has to Junsu as a professional being the excuse used to come at her in such a hateful manner.

  8. JazzyJane, I'm going to have to disagree with the 'too forward' hypothesis. I can totally understand how the song could be too much for people's personal tastes. I found the song too funny, but I understand that threshold differs. What I find hypocritical is that a lot of "fans" are hiding their jealously and racism under a thin veil of pearl clutching about how disgusting and overtly sexual the song is. I don't know if anyone is familiar with Junsu's solo song intoxication, but it is nothing if not more explicit, it's definitely grown folks music. (trans here: http://lovetohateme.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/lyrics-for-junsus-new-single-intoxication/)

    I don't understand how to these "fans" when oppaaaaa does it, it's sexy but when Telisha does it, it's vile. As for the argument that its to obviously about Junsu. Looking at the lyrics, not really. I mean it's clear to anyone whose aware of the drama but to any outsider? nah, as the article points out Telisha's been a back up dancer for a loooooot of people.

    I just think if JYJ were concerned, they would have stopped her, not asked her back etc.

    1. because in the grand scheme of things, they're still jealous, spiteful women.

      FYI I'm a native Korean woman living in the states. I came across this interesting blog because I saw a picture of Telisha and think that she's gorgeous. Good luck to her!

  9. At the end of the day, they are all public figures. JYJ has spent a considerable amount of time freeing themselves from their record label. Now they are trying to free themselves from fangirls who believe they have a right to dictate these guys private lives and sexuality. The story is long, old and tired when it comes to K Pop and its fans. As Ankh said, they are trying to shed themselves of the secrecy that surrounds interaction between Men and Women. Recent convert footage will show that these guys deliberately created a more sensuous and sexy show. They knew they had the freedom to do so in the States. I appreciate your comments and find your concerns valid.

  10. @ Gaia - I know those lyrics well. They are very sexual in nature because Junsu is an adult sexual being. Telisha is one in a long line of women attacked on issues of race and sex. You are spot on about the racism cloaked behind pearl clutching. It's as obvious as the nose on all our faces and I don't like it. Junsu can claim his own sexuality, but Telisha can't express that same desire. I intend to write another post addressing JYJ and this exact issue in K Pop.

  11. @Lenoxave I look forward too it. The amount of slutshaming all the JYJ dancers received on the American leg of the tour was disgusting. As if those dancers really just get on stage and touch those men without their permission. If I'm not mistaken JaeJoong was the creative director for this tour. It never ceases to amaze me how some fangirls will completely avoid logic to push forward their racist and sexist agenda.

    I also find it really interesting that judging by twitter a lot of these "fans" are South East Asian or Latin American (often of asian descent) generally fans that have been victims of racism as well especially on behalf of some xenophobic Koreans. One would hope there would be a little more solidarity in international fandom, but alas.

    I wonder however, if JYJ has intentionally created a more sexual American show (the asian shows at the beginning of the tour were quite different and involved different dancers, I believe) because they're allowed the freedom in America or because they think (probably correctly) that it's necessary for their success. I know a lot of the critique of the 'ayy girl' video was its lack of sexiness. I guess neither idea is mutually exclusive either.

    Sorry for these long comments. I've just found this blog and I think I'm in love :)

  12. From JazzyJane
    Thank you for the lack of attack. I am not "concerned" about their intimacy level (though it would be great if they are). I'm concerned over cultural translation of her actions. This isn't a judgment on her but cultures have different perspectives and lenses through which they see and interpret the world. In US culture I feel that her actions would be very normal, though her race would still factor in on value. I just don't know that Korean culture would see it the same way. Yes there is racist undertones that color how "vile" her actions may appear but I don't know that a female (not male) korean would be received well in her similar position. I just think there is more at play here. Junsu claiming his sexuality (I've not heard the song and because I'm am bad and at work I still can't though that isn't stopping me from responding lol) probably counters my privacy argument but he is still a man (asn a cute one at that, but lets not digress) which still brings in the gender double-standard that we Americans also still have MAJOR issues with. Again, I'm not suggesting the response is devoid of a racist undercurrent, I just think there is more to it than that. I understand if you don't agree I just like spending my change, so I'm giving two more cents :-).

  13. @ Gaia - Your comments are thoughtful and intelligent. With respect to JYJ, the tour and "Ayy Girl". I think it is a combination of both publicity and a self serving need to push boundaries, which makes them no different than any other artists/performers. You dip your toe in the water and see what you can get away with.

    I don't want to get too off topic and turn this into a JYJ thread. Ultimately this is about Telisha and her accomplishments. JYJ and F.Cuz will be up next. I have A LOT to say about these 2 groups.

    Don't forget the caption game. :-)

  14. @Lennoxave: Thanks, I've enjoyed your article and hearing your thoughts as well.

    Back to Telisha: I have mad respect for her. Throughout this whole thing I have not seen her respond rudely to anyone, even people saying the most hurtful things. The only time I've ever seen her shut someone down is when she, rightfully, responded to some homophobic comments someone tweeted at her. Past being incredibly talented, she just seems incredibly nice. If you look at her twitter she just stays interacting with her followers which I think is cool.

    P.S. if anyone is looking for a fanblog on Telisha there is fytelishashaw.tumblr.com I just stumbled upon it before I stumbled on this but they have a lot of video clips of her dancing and acting all throughout her career.

  15. Jazzy - Good discussion. I'm lovin' this! I understand what you are saying. I truly do. I just think we are approaching this matter from different angles.

    My first instinct isn't what will Korea think? She has dealt with a year long campaign in racist attacks before this video ever appeared. It is the aggregate of 12 months of outright hostility that has angered me. I can't even imagine what it has been like for her.

    I know about the double standard. I'm a woman and a Black one at that in America just like most of us on this site. I understand that your concerns are for her well being and the perception of her and Black women worldwide.

    Now we may say Damn Telisha! Why add fuel to a year long fire by snubbing your nose at some of these fans and setting yourself up for even more attacks? What will everyone think? You can question her methods in responding to the attacks. However, I'm not.

    At the end of the day she and JYJ will have to deal with the repercussions, if there are any. Telisha will keep performing because she is talented and JYJ will continue to be blacklisted in their own country due to the lawsuit against their former label.

    Good stuff from everyone. I love a passionate and smart exchange of ideas.

  16. @ Lenoxave

    I am talking about her living and breathing as a Black woman causing these attacks. It is about the proximity she has to Junsu as a professional being the excuse used to come at her in such a hateful manner.

    BINGO. At the end of the day, that's what this is all about, and we can't pretend otherwise. When Rain - the friggin' King of K-Pop fandom - danced sensually with three, curvy Korean goddesses, no one complained. But when it's a black woman in question, suddenly there's a "problem."

    As some of you are aware, this is "Shattered Pedestal" thinking. This happens whenever women of a specific race (usually white) try to dictate how they should be not just their male counterparts' first choice, but their only choice. Needless to say, it's highly unrealistic thinking, esp. in the case of these Korean singers who grew up watching hip-hop videos, listening to R & B and soul, and who currently admire the likes of Beyonce, Ciara, Alicia Keyes, Rihanna, etc.

    They're not flying in all the way from Korea to work with Katy Perry or Britney Spears, if you catch my drift. Recall that Rain himself had a chance to date Megan Fox and he flat-out told her hell no.

    Whether it's personally or professionally or both, these artists like black women, and that's what rubbing these so-called fans the wrong way.

    @ Gaia

    Welcome. You're just...I can't...you are...

    *bows to the mistress*

    There's so much I want quote, but this right here sums it all up.

    If I'm not mistaken JaeJoong was the creative director for this tour. It never ceases to amaze me how some fangirls will completely avoid logic to push forward their racist and sexist agenda.

    It's always easier to blame the woman; everything is Woman's fault. To hell with the fact that she got chosen, and was offered a contract, and was following someone else's direction. It's her fault. It's her fault that JYJ wants curvy dark women on their stage. It's her fault they want their freedom; it's her fault they're trying to do what they think is best for their career.

    Coming from fellow women, this type of behavior is particularly sickening.

  17. @ Ankh - Exactly! It's always the woman's fault. Rain just rolls hard doesn't he? He doesn't give a f*ck because he's grown, runs his own label and handles his business.

    Jaejoong was the Director for the Asian leg of the tour and Co-Director in N. America. To further elaborate on Gaia's stmt, he was responsible for the artistic and creative vision for this tour. Kim Jaejoong is Head Man in Charge.

    He wanted to put some noses out of joint because he knew he could here and if it meant further publicity for the group, then so be it. I think there is some inherent belief that JYJ are innocent children easily manipulated and guided. Telisha is the latest "Jezebel" leading these men to their doom.

    However, if anyone has been paying attention, they know that these fellas took on the largest entertainment company in K Pop and buried them.

    They are paying the price for their guts in a complete media blackout in SK, yet opportunities keep rolling in for them.

    Why would they allow themselves to continue to be bullied by fangirls? It seems Telisha won't allow that bullying either.

  18. JazzyJane Said

    Wow I'm really not getting any work done.

    I do and will always have a more world-centric pov because this is the industry I work in and trying to get communities to work better with one another.

    I hope the "blaming the women/victim" wasn't directed towards my words. I will agree to disagree in a general sense since my thoughts seem to be in the minority on this however I will say that my post was not geared towards the comments issued from her dancing. To be honest, I have only heard reports by bloggers on the comments people have made about her on twitter as well as the death threats that are obviously and severely ooc and do very strongly show racist roots.

    As I said though, I think that if the company was behind her and supportive of her song I think them saying so would have been helpful. She seems out there alone which is causing more damage in interpretation.

    I guess I felt the need to comment once more because it felt weird not to. Thanks for keeping up the blog.

    I had tried to come up with a caption and failed. I just have a reaction to the photo which is just a sense of warmth, romance, and desire.

  19. @ Jazzy - thanks for the chance to talk and your point of view. I also like your caption message. Please come back again and talk to us. We don't bite unless necessary. :-)

  20. @JazzyJane

    I do and will always have a more world-centric pov

    We have a very world-centric view as well, hence the starting of this blog. Our authors are actually spread out over three different continents.

    I hope the "blaming the women/victim" wasn't directed towards my words.

    It wasn't. Lenoxave and I were talking about how these women are fangirls until their favorite idol starts doing things they don't like, such as singing, dancing, and filming with black women (and in the case of Rain, showering...but that scene was deleted). Instead of simply getting a new idol or adopting a new attitude, these fangirls choose to attack the women, who were hired fair and square and are operating under the agreements of a contract.

    She seems out there alone which is causing more damage in interpretation.

    I disagree with this, because I don't think it's about misinterpreting the video. Fangirls aren't mad at F.Cuz, for example, but best believe that if the girls in this video were black, there'd be hell to pay.

  21. "I disagree with this, because I don't think it's about misinterpreting the video. Fangirls aren't mad at F.Cuz, for example, but best believe that if the girls in this video were black, there'd be hell to pay."

    I'd also like to add that Ukiss' video "Shut Up!" featured a (I believe) Brazilian girl. While she did get some BS, some defended how "beautiful" and "exotic" she was. Make that Brazilian girl black and..."ugly darkie bitch stealin' our oppas!". Of course if the girl was Asian (preferably Korean, because F(X) member Victoria DID get some BS for being Chinese and having the nerve to be in SHINee's debut MV) there'd be NO problems.

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iiikpj15i84

  22. @ Martia

    Thanks! I haven't seen that one.

    @ Lenoxave

    By the way...the Telisu song is HILARIOUS. I doubled over at work like a crazy woman.

  23. @ Ankh - It's funny as hell isn't it? She's just thumbing her nose at all the nonsense and it's refreshing. These fan girls get too used to folks retreating in fear, well Telisha isn't one of them.

  24. These fan girls get too used to folks retreating in fear, well Telisha isn't one of them.

    Good point. She's gorgeous, she's gettin' PAID to do what she loves, she's touring the world, and she may or may not be doing ish with Junsu.

    Haters can say whatever the hell they want; Telisu's gettin' the last laugh.

  25. "These fangirls get too used to folks retreating
    in fear, well Telisha isn't one of them".

    Now that's what I'm talking about!

  26. Caption: "Say baby, can I get fries with that shake?"

  27. Though I like Telisha and Junsu together, Telisha was not thinking. She should not have made that song public, the boys' fans are crazy as hell I'm sure she knows that. She should have just saved the song to her mp3 player and have him hear it not publicly. I mean cassies are the top 5 craziest/psychotic fans in the world they follow the boys all day, everyday. One even got into a cab with Jaejoong randomly and was staring at him and weirdly, they always know their schedule. Anyway, the boys are very private so by making this I hope it won't mess up her chances with Junsu, like I said she needs to be more private. It's also sad that they think just because she's black she doesn't qualify for being with Junsu. I mean their already get crazier when their with a girl but a black girl it's like oh shit. I mean cassies chances of getting with the boys are very slim, no one would want to date a lunatic. I can imagine a lot of them standing over one of the boys their with, while their sleeping.

  28. @ Umrao. Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, about the video is not what this post is about. We could go on all day about the merits or lack thereof. This post is about the racism Telisha has been dealing with before this video even came to be. Whether she gets w/Junsu or not is of no concern to me.

    I am addressing the vicious attacks she has faced just for being Black. This concerns me. Not the video, Junsu or anything else. The video and its possible repercussions are of no interest to me because all 4 are adults capable of taking responsibility for their actions.

  29. JazzyJane said

    No worries I don't think you guys bite and I truly love your blog so I will be back and hopefully a more frequent poster as I am a bit shy. My declaration of last post was actually for me. If I respond to many times on the same point in contrast with another I start to feel like I'm arguing rather than sharing ideas. I like you all and I just want to share :-).

    Thanks for the compliment on my "caption" I do love that pic.

  30. @Leonox Thank You. And yeah I guess I was pretty off topic sorry about that. And yes it is ridiculous. Those same Asians that don't have a problem with whites don't know that whites don't even like them enough to put them in starring roles and whites aren't willing to see their films as much as movies with Black people starring. I also heard Asian Women are more racist than Asian Men, I believe it. It's his life he can be with whoever he wants. They have no say, they don't even know him. Telisha get's to actually hang out with them while the fans can only watch on video. Am I on topic, now? I hope so, ha.

  31. I mean Lenox sorry about spelling your name wrong.

  32. I am off topic again, let me go to sleep I must be hella tired to make an ass out of myself.

  33. @ Umrao. :-) Yes, you are on topic. Make sure you come back and visit again.

  34. @ Jazzy - you aren't arguing. You're interested in the topic. I like it when people continue to interact, it means I've done my job. :-)

  35. I’m a lurker here and I was wondering how long it would take for someone to post about this. Let me say I adore Telisha Shaw I actually talk to her on Twitter and occasionally through email, she’s so down to earth and a real sweetheart. Which is why it bothers me that she is being rail roaded they way she is, I’ve never been more ashamed to be apart of my fandom than I have recently. Don’t get me wrong Cassies can be cray cray but this just takes the cake! Alot of ppl are all like "oh she shouldn’t have done the song" or "she instigated all of this" yeah how about no! That’s a bullshit excuse, just because she wrote a song like this and made her relationship with him public that does not give a hall pass to fans to bash her and form racist facebook pages(which I have been rallying ppl to report those pages) and call her every name under the sun, trying to get her fired etc. For those who don’t know this racist crap started way back when she first danced with the boys and fans started shipping her with Junsu. Fans had it out for her from day one this song was not the beginning. I battle with fans often be it on Twitter or any other forum if I see racist shit I call you out period point blank! I’m not standing for that and she doesn’t deserve any of this even if fans dislike what she her choices. Now of course there is only so much I can say or do but if I see things that are wrong I address it, so many ppl in this fandom like to turn a blind eye but I’m not one of them. Recently she apologized to fans because they thought she referred to Cassies as “groupies” meanwhile she never mentioned Cassies once in her song but because fans went bats hit crazy making you tube videos and threatening her on Twitter she apologized because they felt offended. While I think it was nice of her to do I wouldn’t have told them shit, I’m sorry but they don’t deserve it! It’s not her fault fans made their own assumptions about her song. The sad thing is even after her apology fans are still harping on her and being hateful. Something I don’t understand in this fandom or any for that matter is how can you love and respect the artist/idol but then in turn and bash those they are closes to. Fans recently bashed Junsu’s brother and he closed his Twitter for example like at what point do fans stop crossing the line. Where is the respect? Where is the maturity? This fandom really needs to grow up. Props to Telisha for not going off on the fans because she could have but she has chosen to take the higher road. Cassies(some not all) often function with a mob mentality, they like to work in numbers and try to intimidate others well everyone isn’t going to cower and run. If they think they can break her they better think again. Fans often feel like they need to protect JYJ/TVXQ they are grown ass men capable of making their own decisions and protecting themselves frankly speaking its insulting to assume they can’t handle anything on their own. Also protect them from what exactly? Another thing I want to address is fans accusing her of “riding “ the coattails of JYJ…ummmm I love those boys I really do but they do not hold weight here in America at least as of yet so exactly how would that benefit Telisha? Her career was established long before she crossed their path if people don’t know they better check the resume’ ! If anything she could be hooking them up and helping them network here in America. I’m going to stop now because I’d be here all day talking about this. Here is another pic of them as well and if you all don’t mind if any of you are on Facebook please report this page. This kind of crap should not be allowed, the pics on this page are racist and disgusting!



  36. Hey, I never post on this blog but now i'm going to. I talked about this on my blog too. Like 3 times. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY SHE OR THEY ALLOWED THIS SONG...such random publicity. It's good stunt though, very good stunt. Ergh I hope they are going out that would be so so so so sexy !!! She's kinda hotter than him though(in my opinion). I still would never have done it but I guess they did want to push the boundaries ? As you said before. But I do think a lot of the jealousy is hidden in racism. And those who are straigh up racists people should just ignore. :-) RACISM IS EVERYWHERE, specially towards black people. Love you all

  37. You guys should check out this video on Youtube, made by two black women, I might add about Telisha.


  38. Caption:

    Baby, I am taking you home with me tonight.

  39. This post is about the racism Telisha has been dealing with before this video even came to be...I am addressing the vicious attacks she has faced just for being Black.

    I think people keep forgetting this because there's an instinctive tendency to not only blame the woman, but blame the black woman. We tend to be harsh critics of our own because we don't want them to embarrass the rest of us.

    But...Telisha didn't do anything wrong. People can't imagine what it's like to be in her shoes with hundreds of thousands of fans throwing shade and threatening her life. After a while, it's bound to make anyone retaliate.

    Furthermore, we need to let this whole "JYJ are private guys" mantra go. They're celebrities. Celebrities, by default, aren't private; some of them simply use that line to appear deep and mysterious to their fans.

    You don't become a pop star to maintain your privacy. That goes without saying. And you don't grind on stage with half-naked ladies if you're trying to project a "good boy" image.

    (By the way, what the hell are "Cassies", exactly? I feel like I'm missing something.)

  40. "(By the way, what the hell are "Cassies", exactly? I feel like I'm missing something.)"

    "Cassie" is short for "Cassiopeia", which is DBSK's fan-club name. So "Cassies" = DBSK fans.

  41. You know...I just read up on the Cassies, and... *shudder* ...cray-cray indeed. Scary as FUCK.

    I hope Telisha's packin' heat, some mace, and a ten-inch blade. The first fan to fuck with me physically would get gutted.

  42. @ Ari & Ankh - Thanks ladies! Folks are getting way too caught up in the video and whether Telisha should've done it or not. I could care less. I sound like a broken record, but I'll keep saying it until folk get the point.

    She's been dealing w/psychotic racist fans for a year now and this sh*t needs to stop.

    This post is bringing up some issues about women, dbl standards and blaming that is always underneath the surface of such matters. I'm glad I wrote it because we need to air this mess out.

  43. As a Cassie i'd see why they'd act that way,but when it comes down to it their racists comments really pushed me to the edge. Im a Junsu fangirl but i never forget he's a human as well and i never act as if i have a right to him (That's what fanFics are for). A hell of alot of fans go waaaaaay to far when their Oppa is even 2 feet from woman Color. She did me a favor and weeded out the bad "Cassies"

    This is a total embarrassment to the fandom and unacceptable,behavior. as a Young Black woman i will not accept another Sista being a victim of ignorance and sever jealously,"Poor groupies She made them so Jealous"

    As for the song i thought it was a cute lil song for a start,(Not the best choose of words) but cute and a lil funny
    you know What i'm gonna get my fiend Lee(Who is Korean) and we'll do a sexy tango dance to Junsu's Intoxication and put it on youtube,just to piss off cassies.

    Junsu; wait till i get u back to my room...
    (lol caption fail)

  44. This reminds me of a post a I did over a year ago on rapper Jin, in which I quoted a blogger who wrote: "And he wasn't just rapping...He was serious. Brief research shows that he was signed to Ruff Ryders after he made a name for himself on a seven-week long freestyle battle competition on BET. Wyclef was by his side to throw in a few verses. And there were voluptuous black women that were caressing his body like they meant it."

    What these non-black Cassies need to understand is that the black musicians who've influenced their fav artists didn't just influence them musically, but visually and sexually. As aspiring rappers and singers, these artists grew fantasizing not just about sounding like their idols some day, but performing just like them - curvy dark female entourage and all.

    So when these Cassies were feeling secure in the knowledge that their men were sufficiently domesticated and weren't going anywhere, they get this huge dose of reality. This is what these guys were thinking about while growing up. This was their goal the whole damn time.

  45. @ Ankh - and the Rabbit Hole just got deeper w/your comment. Some of these fan girls are just not ready, they ain't ready for all the things they're seeing and are about to see. Some of them bought the K Pop version of their "oppas" de-sexualized image and came to believe it.

    Some of them believed that the love for R&B/Hip Hop/Neo Soul was just lip service and for some, it is. However, some of their "oppas" mean business and have been raised up on these very images you talked about. For some, this is their passion and way of life.

    ...this is just the beginning

  46. WOW. Lexonave, girl, I think you know how passionate our peeps here are about Telisha and her troubles with Junsu...This is quite a storm you've stirred up here!
    I wasn't gonna put in my 2 cents, because everyone else said what I was thinking, but I only wanna say that the way Telisha has handled this nonsense so far makes her a model for the rest of us Black women who are pursuing interactions with Asian men. Granted, superstars like JYJ is going a bit far, but hey, we will probably ALL face the same mess if we took a public interest in that oppa who lives in our building, or the hot Asian guy who works two cubicles over...

  47. @lenoxave

    Your welcome :-)

    "Telisha has handled this nonsense so far makes her a model for the rest of us Black women who are pursuing interactions with Asian men."

    I’m glad you think so Moonwalker because believe it or not there are blk Cassies who feel as though Telisha has somehow ruined the image of blk women in other eyes and that she represents us poorly which is a bunch of bs. I want to say something though, I have a bit of a gripe with other blk Cassies there is a lot of denial about what is really going on in this fandom with Telisha it seems as though the whole racism issue has been swept under the rug. I’m shocked when I hear them say they had no idea other fans were being racist towards Telisha I’m sorry but I’m not buying that . No, you knew and just didn’t want to deal with it because as they say “its just the way of the world” and “oh it happens” I don’t give a damn how common it is that does not mean it’s to be ignored and swept away like it doesn’t exist. I don’t know how many blk Cassies I’ve seen saying “oh I’m blk so it can’t be an issue with her race” umm you are seriously in denial if you think for a second all this ranting has nothing to do with her race and fyi just because you don’t have an issue with her race doesn’t mean others don’t . Stop with the excuses! I’m also side eyeing some of the blk fans associating with and befriending these racist fans that is just wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to began .

  48. Granted, superstars like JYJ is going a bit far, but hey, we will probably ALL face the same mess if we took a public interest in that oppa who lives in our building, or the hot Asian guy who works two cubicles over...


    I have a bit of a gripe with other blk Cassies there is a lot of denial about what is really going on in this fandom with Telisha it seems as though the whole racism issue has been swept under the rug. I’m shocked when I hear them say they had no idea other fans were being racist towards Telisha I’m sorry but I’m not buying that

    *sigh* I was afraid of this. Sounds like the Blk Cassies are tolerating some shit just to fit in.

    I feel a blog post coming on....

  49. @ Ari - I'm not surprised by some of these Black Cassies. I frequent a few sites as an observer and the excuse making and justification of bigoted behavior in K Pop is excused on a regular. It pisses me off and raises my damn blood pressure. The usual, I'm Black and it didn't offend me nonsense seems to be par for the course.

    There are young Black women so thirsty for acceptance and approval, that they will ignore, deny, and deny some more in the hopes that they will be accepted by stone cold racists? Ain't that some shit?

    Or you get the "cultural context" excuse. When Kikwang from Beast appeared in Black Face, the silence was deafening. Lord, let me stop now because I can go on forever about all of this.

  50. Lord, let me stop now because I can go on forever about all of this.

    By all means, go on. That in an of itself is a post, and I'm getting one hell of an education. Last year we talked about how some of us aren't bona fide K-Pop fans; we just like "specifics" and usually, not because of their music.

    So I'll be the first to admit that I neither know nor understand the K-Pop scene itself, and right now, I'm getting one hell of an education.

  51. I've been a bonafied Kpop fan since '07 and the scene is full of delusion and denial. You wouldn't believe how many blackface incidents happened in Kpop last year that got swept under the rug. There was one with a comedian named Juri (forgot her last name, but she's constantly perving on younger men in Kpop. She was on MBLAQ's variety show), there was also another comedian who donned blackface and pretended to be the Usain Bolt. The Kikwang blackface incident was the icing on the cake for me. I knew I had to leave the scene then. Why stick around in a fandom that constantly craps on me with no apology or hesitation?

    Seeing so many black girls defend Kikwang with the "he's so sexy and i want to touch his penis" argument was gross. No one ever wants to bring up any blatant isms because everyone is so deluded and immature. And most of the black girls in the fandom that I've personally encountered are kiss asses. Ya'know, better kiss that ass really good so they don't think you're some ghetto hoodrat. It takes a toll on any sound minded and intelligent person with respect for themselves. So I stick to the very passive listening and choose not to be a fan of anyone.

  52. LOL I haven't been much into K-Pop since the days of Fly to the Sky and Shinhwa and only know about this JYJ group because of the Tohoshinki fanbase in Japan. So I'm just now hearing about this whole thing with Telisha and I'm still pretty ignorant on the whole ordeal. Has any of those JYJ guys came out to defend her or tell the fans to STFU? Granted Telisha seems to be giving a big "Fuck You" to the haters she is still the victim here and this issue could blow up in everyone's faces.

    As for these black "Cassies" (Thank you to ever gave the definition of the Cassies, I was like "WTF is a Cassie"?) I'm not surprised at those who are silent either. Sadly it's something that I think is rampant in Asian pop culture fandom and geek fandom as well. I've seen this attitude on Asian men sites, anime sites, and gaming sites, etc. Like y'all said they want so desperate to be "belong" and are scared to rock the boat. But it will come back and bite them in the ass one way or another.

  53. ShaSha!!! You're not trapped in the Spam Blocker!!!

  54. I'm Highly embarrassed to say Im a BLK Cassie right now. *Hides face under a vail*

  55. @Lenoxave & Ankh

    Oh without question they are trying to fit in and that’s the sad part. Lawd don’t even get me started on KiKwang and the blackface incident I was a BEAST fan in the beginning and when I saw that I was done. Naturally fans came with the “oppa didn’t mean it” excuse no oppa knew what his ass was doing and so did those producers. To think this dude was cheesing in Omarion’s face and then he went and did that? Smh. I really want fans and others to stop sweeping these issues under the rug. They tried the same thing recently with Brian Joo (Kikwang was in this too) mocking blk women on Korean TV until one of my friends called him out on Twitter and he apologized. I was even more disappointed with Brian because he had a blk girlfriend before, there was no excuse for what he did. You also have the Bubble Sisters and Jung Juri in blackface which I don’t know if they were held accountable for the things they did.

    @ ShaSha

    Unfortunately no they haven’t spoken up and to be honest many Kpop idols don’t and won’t its too much like biting the hand that feeds them if that makes sense. I’m waiting for that day when one of them lashes out especially JYJ/TVXQ their fans get away with a lot and need to be put in their place. Speaking of BEAST one of the members Yoseob made fans apologize to a female they bashed that he was working with and you know what? They did it! I don’t roll with BEAST (blackface incident) but dude had my respect there more idols need to jump on that bandwagon.

  56. The privacy excuses must go. Nobody should except double standards and double talk from those fangirls.The thing that bothers me about the whole thing is that these fangirls are making Telisha look as if she committed a serious crime against them and JYJ. I'm also mad at the fact that they are concerned about JYJ's career,but not her well being.

    I'm trying to see the wrong in Telisha's video and I'm not seeing it. She's not being vulgar ,politically incorrect or anything of the sort. She has a right to express herself and I pretty much can't blame her for expressing herself to so-called fangirls. She apologized for her actions.It wasn't and still isn't right for them to threaten and use racist words against her. Where is the condemnation with that? Where is the fairness with all of this? Ankh and Martia have links where some of these women are in provocative situations with the dancers. Yet, you don't see a lot of racist backlash going against them. Why? they are the right race and the right skin tone. Just as long as you're not Black,it's all good to them.

    Another thing that I'm somewhat bothered about is JYJ. With incidents like this,they should be a little more proactive in speaking against them. I don't know if they haven't because they aren't allowed to do it, scared or are afraid of losing their fans,but I do know this: if they continuously be silent about matters like this, they will eventually lose their fans.

    I remembered that incident with Esperanza Spalding. A lot of Justin Bieber's fans were upset about losing out to this woman. Justin, knows that his fangirls can get out of hand, t. He spoke out against them on more than one occasion about it,but I was a little disappointed with him when he didn't do the same with his fangirls about insulting Esperanza. Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't hear any mention about it. Justin does have some black fangirls,but it angered some of them that he didn't do it and they considered not listening to his music because of it.I'm not an avid listener of K or American pop music,but if I were, I would have also done the same.

    It's the same with JYJ. Though they aren't as world famous as Justin, they have far more Black fans than he do. They cannot afford to be indifferent and/or silent about issues like this. Who said that speaking out was easy to do?, Bob Marley, Carlos Santana and TigerJK have done it. I'm quite sure that their openness may have opened a can of worms for some people,but at the end, they were respected and still are respected as compassionate singers. This is what JYJ will eventually have to do. Not doing it will make them lose some of their fans and make it seem that they don't care about them.

  57. @Ankh: I just did the name/URL thing instead of logging into my blogger account. Maybe that keeps me out the spam box?

    @M: I agree, someone in JYJ's camp be it them or their manager needs to grows some balls. Whether she's with Junsu or not she's their freaking employee! And she's being harassed. I just hope this doesn't result in her getting the boot because those guys can't take the pressure from obnoxious fans.

  58. Well, as a sistha girl who has no idea that K Pop was that serious, dang...

    Telisha Shaw, get your man if you want him. Be careful in the spotlight please, because you are BLACK and FEMALE. Double trouble.

    Course, she just may mean double trouble for the JYJ dude :))

  59. I don't care for K-pop period even after liking Rain, but to see al this hate toward one person just becuz she is Black is ridiculous. And the video of the black girls defending the people being rude to her makes me want to slap both of them foreigner style. The cassies or occult idiots (whatever they may be called) are just ridiculous. I will look up who she is and knowing that she was in step up 2 makes me want to rewatch it. Thanks for bringing this to light. Also she is flippin gorgeous!

  60. I'm not a Kpop fan(Sexy excluded) but reading this post and comments section was very enlightening. All 57 of them. Telisha is an intelligent and talented girl who will walk away from this with the upper hand. She's established and, coming from a "who you know" business, her lovely personality probably has kept her contacts full and her bridges strong. Fangirldom freaks me out like no other. I'm a former one(still love you Gackt!!) but the atmosphere these girls give off is just too much to deal with. Bless Telisha for being strong enough to deal with these hellions with such a kickass response.

  61. Ive been a lurker, but had to comment, I was hoping this topic would be discussed.

    ''I’m waiting for that day when one of them lashes out especially JYJ/TVXQ their fans get away with a lot and need to be put in their place. Speaking of BEAST one of the members Yoseob made fans apologize to a female they bashed that he was working with and you know what? They did it! I don’t roll with BEAST (blackface incident) but dude had my respect there more idols need to jump on that bandwagon.''

    This I agree, I think Kpop artists let their fans get away with too much, the fans literally run their life’s it is seriously scary. Taking about Yoseob and reading some kpop news it seems like he is the only one that tends to tell the fans off, I really do wish more kpop artist would do this as sometimes the fans feel like they have a right to act like this

    About Telisha the only thing I can say it’s absolutely shocking the way she has been treated, people creating hate sites, sending her idiotic tweets, but I have to give her a massive standing ovation she has handled it really well, because if she wanted to she could have handled it differently, more confrontational but she hasn’t.

  62. Wrt to fans running the lives of K-pop idols, well I believe that is to be somewhat expected. AFAIK, most of the income Korean idols recieve comes from their fans; people who are eager to part with lots of cash for the sake of their beloved idols, people who attend their shows, people who buy products with their faces on them, people who pay LOADS of money to join official fan clubs. Their salaries don't just come from selling thier music as music in Korea is sold unbelievably cheap. Idols rely a lot more on selling their faces and personalities (another reason why they cannot even think of being private). I feel that it is due to this, it all boils down to cash, that the fans feel they control their idols and the idols cannot talk to their fans, especially members of fan clubs, the way, say Justin Bieber can. Fans are major stakeholders.

    I recall how fans played such an important role in 2PM when Jay Park had to leave. The other members of 2PM had to attend a meeting with their fans to discuss what was happening, you don't see that happening elsewhere. It amazed me then and I'm still amazed at how important fans are in East Asian pop culture.

    The racist attacks against Telisha are sickening. It is disgusting that such behaviour is allowed to happen unchallenged and it is even more disturbing that Black Cassies are actually participating in the attacks. I do not see anything rude or offensive in what Telisha has done so far.

    I also don't get everyday JYJ fans talking about 'uri oppadeul'. Unless Cassies, you know those who pay to join fan clubs, can also be found all over the world. (I need to confirm if just anyone who likes JYJ calls themselves a 'Cassie' or if this is limited to members of fan clubs).

    I can honestly understand people who financially support idols referring to them as 'ours' (it still does not excuse racist behaviour) but not anyone else. Are actual Korean Cassies making such a huge fuss over Telisha? Or isn't the racist treatment limited to non-Korean fans?

    In the end, a lot of people need to shut up. The haters must be severly jealous to go so far as set Facebook pages and blogs just to follow Telisha's every word and/or tweet. Some people need help.

  63. Holy shit, Lenoxave! Have you Googled Telisha Shaw within the last 24 hours? Your post is one of the top links for this woman!

  64. ''I recall how fans played such an important role in 2PM when Jay Park had to leave. The other members of 2PM had to attend a meeting with their fans to discuss what was happening, you don't see that happening elsewhere. It amazed me then and I'm still amazed at how important fans are in East Asian pop culture.''

    Yep, heard about this. Im amazed as well, Im guessing this is why the majority of the kpop artist keep who they are dating/married a secret for years.

    ''In the end, a lot of people need to shut up. The haters must be severly jealous to go so far as set Facebook pages and blogs just to follow Telisha's every word and/or tweet. Some people need help.’’

    Lol, seriously why spend so much time and effort on someone you dislike, at the end of the day Telisha is still getting paid and dancing and hanging out with JYJ.

  65. But this is why artists like JYJ and Rain are such a big deal. They want broader markets and bigger tours so that they don't have to be under anyone's control but their own.

    While I do think artists should consider their fans, realistic boundaries need to be established, not just for the artists' physical safety, but they're integrity.

    If you're cowed into submission by a racist mob, you might as well get a 9 to 5 job.

  66. @Lenoxave - Don't get me started on how many Korean artists I've seen appear in black face (and how many of their sites I removed myself from).

    They always try to put the celebrities on some pedestal. While a few cultural differences may change the situation a bit, it always ends the same way. So many people want to say that people like Rain are all doing it for publicity as a way to say that "their men" wouldn't want to be with them. They feel as if they own them, and have control over their lives believing that it gives them the excuse to act like this.

    - I'm Aiko by the way, my blogger keeps acting up so I couldn't log in to comment.

  67. (Reposting from other blog by request :) )

    Two Asian women who are fans discuss it:


    A little over halfway through they defend Talisha and make a lot of the same points I saw made in the other blog comments. It was refreshing to hear non-black (particularly Asian) women defend Telisha with a logical (and accurate) viewpoint.

  68. @Ankh: I wasn't referring to ME lol! I'm a lifeguard at a local pool in the GHETTO. There's lack of a cubicle, and sadly, any oppas, or sexy Asian guys.
    @M: As a HUGE fan of Esperanza Spalding, and an anti-Bieber fan, I believe JYJ will eventually face the facts and ask their fans for an apology. Maybe they're waiting until they have a larger, international fan base, so they won't be under complete control of their cassies *shiver*
    But that most likely won't be soon enough.

  69. No disrespect to JYJ, but hopefully Telisha will get a bigger, better-paying gig so that she doesn't have to wait around playing the "Will they or won't they have my back?"

  70. @ Ankh - No i haven't checked Google at all. LMAO! I figured this post would cause a shit storm and it did. :Evil Grin:

  71. I'd just like to direct your attention to this photo: http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmeygel1n81ql5ngmo1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1307826961&Signature=Clug30cQqYm74z0Oop12xnuIu0k%3D

  72. Sorry that URL is so ridiculously long.
    Here's a shorter version of the same URL: http://bit.ly/mILWZc

  73. @ Martia

    What show/film is that from?

  74. @Ankh

    It's called "How to make love to a woman".
    I believe from the photos I've seen that Telisha is in a Blasian relationship in said film.
    Might wanna check it out.

    Another photo (Trust me, you'll wanna see this one):

  75. Do they have a good bit of screen time, or will viewing this film unleash wrath?

  76. I have no idea. I haven't watched the film only seen screencaps, pictures and Telisha's IMDB page to confirm it is indeed her. I've read the synopsis and it's not my kinda movie, so despite the fact their may be some Blasian lovin' going on, I'll pass.

  77. 80 something comments. MY GODS!!!!!


    And BLACKFACE?!!!!!!

    [Looks at K-Pop. Smiles. Backs away slowly. Runs like hell.]

  78. For people like me who have no interest in K-pop and are clueless about everything related to it, can we get a lexicon or dictionary or something? I saw the definition for "Cassie," but what's an "oppa?"

    And Lenoxave? Girl, you brought the motherfucking PAIN with this post.

  79. @Amaya
    Oppa is a Korean term (honorific I think) used by females to call older males such as older male friends or older brothers.

  80. This is an interview with Telisha http://tinyurl.com/3jpkz54.

    This is radio show where they talk about Telisha, her new song and her possible relationship with Junsu. http://tinyurl.com/6kq7rua. It is real funny. It starts at 47:40 and ends at 1:09:30. The best part is they say that Telisha will be on the show next week and they are going to hit her with the questions that inquiring minds want to know. I am so looking forward to this interview. You guys should not miss this.

  81. AFAIK, the biggest markets for K-pop, and everything that comes with it, are in Asia. First, Korea, then Japan, then 'the rest of the world' which would include South-East Asian countries and the United States of America. TBH, I don't believe Korean idols are doing as well in America as we're supposed to believe. If this were true then, we'd be seeing as many Korean idols performing in the States as in Japan.

    On another topic, when it comes to male idols dating, the sort of vitriol that gets directed to their female love interests can be overwhelming. Reading the comments here reminded me of what happened when it was revealed to the K-pop fandom that Jonghyun from Shinee was dating Shin Se Kyung. Shin Se Kyun is said to be one of the most beautiful Korean actresses and she still got a lot of hate from Shinee 'fans' for 'daring to date uri Jonghyun'. Aargh. It is no wonder that people like Seo Taiji choose to keep their marriage hidden for years.

  82. It's sad how some of the K-pop actors and singers have to lead hidden lives like that. I'm just hoping that one day...just one day that someone will tell those girls off.

  83. I don't know Telisha because I don't do or care about K-Pop, but she helps me prove a point I tried to make months ago. Black women, don't come to Asia without protection. What's happening to her doesn't have a damned thing to do with Korean or Asian culture. Fan girls + big wallets + poor artist = it's about the money, honey.

    Here in Japan, fan girls OWN their idols straight up. Many of them pay as much as USD $10,000 to be members of fan clubs and have access to these guys, so it would be unfortunate for the artist (J-Pop or K-Pop) to piss off these ladies for whatever reasons. If it turns out not to be financially viable to have a Black woman on a tour when an artist is only earning indentured servant wages, then an artist has only three choices: 1) dump the sista; 2) ignore the racism hurled at her; or 3) support her and look for a regular job.

    That little ugly boy with Selena Gomez can afford to thumb his nose at his current core fans because he's already earned more money than most of us will ever earn in a lifetime.

    Look, I'm not denying Telisha is a victim or racism. Asia is no more post-racial than America is and no one should come here thinking you're going to find a paradise unless you come armed with a huge shield and a big stick in your pocket.

    If Telisha can take the beatings and still keep on keeping on, bless her because I wouldn't put up with that shit. From where I'm standing, JYJ suck as much as their fans. If she's as talented as you all say, then she can do better.

  84. Hmm, since I live in Korea and get approached by Korean guys. I wonder why my sudden urge to follow through on learning Taekwondo. Who will I be dating in the future to need his - besides it being fun - ?

    ... Let it be Sexy. He knows my face and possibly my name but we never had the chance to speak.

    (hee hee)

    - DN

  85. @ DN

    I think you meant for that comment to go on your post.

  86. Well I found out something interesting Telisha has a place in Seoul and plans to debut in Korea. Check out her new interview: http://asiapacificarts.usc.edu/w_apa/showarticle.aspx?articleID=16857&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

  87. "Here in Japan, fans OWN their idols straight up as much as USD 10,000 to be members of fanclubs and have access to these guys"

    Ten thousand Dollars to see their favorite idol in their fanclubs? What a waste of money. That's money I could use on my bills and save it for hard times.

  88. @ M - IKR?! I wish I had $10,000 US right now! I'd use half to fund my exhibition next year, and invest the rest!*

    *You'd be surprised how far 10K USD can be stretched out here, if you have good sense.

  89. All the more reason why the industry needs to be revamped. And the longer it tries to stay this way, the more groups and solo artists will simply try to break away and stake their claim in the West.

  90. I heard about the attacks against Telisha after her first tour with JYJ and apparently she has finally retaliated. I don't follow her on twitter but I read on Omona that the majority of hatred towards her is coming from the international fans. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  91. Modest-goddess, I think you are right.Judging by that facebook page most of the hate directed at her seems to be coming mostly from non Asians.

  92. ***comment moderation***

    @ Anonymous

    Leave a name, please!

  93. @Modest-Goddess & Melissa
    Alot of the heat is coming from International fans but fans outside of Korea even the ones in Asian countries are still apart of the international fanbase. The majority that have an issue with her are actually the Asian fans, then you have Greek,German, etc. that have issues too but the biggest amount of heat comes from Asian fans.

  94. Leoprincess and Hateya

    Agreed, as long as you're not spending above your means. I bet some of those same fangirls are going to look back 10 years saying the same thing that we've said.I don't care if thst "idol" looked good or sound like Barry White, I'm not putting that much money into any star.


    I really didn't know that it was that bad for those JYJ and other K-pop idols until I started to read about it on here and other K-pop blogs. They're industry almost seem like modern day slavery. I can definitely see why some of them want to go West.

  95. I can definitely see why some of them want to go West.

    And you know shit has hit the fan when you feel you'll be less of a slave in the West.

  96. "Here in Japan, fans OWN their idols straight up as much as USD 10,000 to be members of fanclubs and have access to these guys"

    WHAT THE HELL????? PEOPLE REALLY DO THIS??????? ARE YOU SERIOUS????????????????????????

  97. Really...

    I only had to pay $25 to be in Sexy's club. Of course I live here. Others had to pay a little extra for the international shipping charges they would have to cover. But $10,000 would be a great help in the situation I am in now. I couldn't justify spending it on an idol.

  98. Yeah...I've been trying to pretend that I haven't read that somewhere, psychos are dropping ten grand in fan clubs. I'm not even trying to read that ish.

  99. I read somewhere that a lot of these 'fangirls' (those who pay/spend a lot of money to join clubs), especially for Korean pop, are actually successful middle aged women (also known as 'ahjumma' in Korean). And it's apparently the reverse for female idols where a lot of the big money being paid comes from middle-aged men. The way I see it, they have the money (and time) to spend and yeah they do end up feeling like they own the idols.

    I'd treat myself to a nice vacation with $10,000.

  100. With US$10, 000.00 I would "try to take over the world."

    You guys should check out this video on Youtube made by rainonmebi. She is defending Telisha. This is the link - http://tinyurl.com/3fh3lr8.

  101. DN and Amaya,
    Crazy isn't it?


    I always laugh about what "Rainonme" has to say about some of those "Cassie" fangirls,though she don't be lying about them. It's sickening.One of the posters on YT feels that they are just as bad as the fangirls of the Jonas brothers and Justin Bieber. No doubt that they are nuts,but with some of those Cassies, they make those girls look like Nuns.

  102. ***comment moderation***

    @ Anonymous

    1) Leave a name, please.

    2) Lenoxave has had to remind people repeatedly about the point of this post. Stick to it, please. Give your thoughts specifically on the attacks toward Telisha Shaw.

  103. Ok I am not one to comment usually on this blog. But this is something that I as a Black Women and a JYJ fan;I have to comment. There are many sides to this issue involving the racism/hating on Telisha Shaw. Yes, many cassies/jyj fans are incredibly psycho, this is the fangroup that has had numerous girls even commit suicide over them seriously K-pop fandom is insane no question about. I know personally when I have attended k-pop concerts as a Black female, yes you do get stares, weird glances and this ridiculous need to justify your actions for liking insert whatever kpop, or j-pop group. Yes, the most racism I have received from "Asian K-POP Community" were Asian women 0_o. I remember attending one of the meetups in NYC for the classic gawk at your favorite group entering their hotel and the deepest and most harsh glances I have received were from the younger Asian female crowd, I am in my twenties nearly getting visually getting Ak-47 by a bunch of tweens. Yes, I agree once someone enters the public eye as a celebrity which Telisha Shaw and JYJ are in they are bound to receive criticism. No it isnt fair that JYJ hasn't openly come to defense of Telisha but again because she is a Professional I don't think she released that song "Our Secret" without them knowing because that would have been damaging to both her career and JYJ'S career. One it would have seemed immature on her behalf as a professional dancer/entertainer if she did. secondly based on the direction of JYJ'S World Tour in the US, they already warned the fans the performances would be more sexual...hello their grown men why wouldn't they want beautiful women dancing on and with them. Thirdly this tour was directed by Jaejoong Kim so, I think they knew what kind of message they were trying to send out to their fans. I personally dont agree with Telisha Shaw releasing that song because I already knew of the kind of backlash she would face while on the other hand I kind of want to commend her. Also romantically JYJ hasn't been open about the women they do date. Specifically in a interview Jaejoong (one of the members) mentions that he dated 4 women, not that he gave names but he even received backlash from that. The k-pop and J-pop media is heavily supported by its fanbase. For example; Fans sending ridiculously expensive gifts, louis vuitton gift packages, ipads, blackberries, designer clothing etc. So I kind of understand why they wouldnt come to her defense. As well as this incident is followed by many other incidents including tweeting photos with suggestive undertones, the rumour she would star as the female lead in their "Empty" video, again last year, her openess about her attraction to Junsu; yes its cute but even in American media; celebrities dont gush the same way. If they are in a relationship cool; just even over twitter JYJ has warned her not to tweet things they discussed rather Direct message. However Telisha Shaw does have her own major fanbase who do support her actions and entertainment ventures; so she's not receiving the "entire cassie planet" hates me vibe from everyone. In general if the female dancers that are interacting with any east asian idol isn't Korean or Japanese there will be a backlash, Telisha Shaw wasnt the only one to get hit by the Cassie cray cray moments; she's just the one that tweets her interactions with them the most. As it was mentioned before even Korean idols/stars marrying each other is hidden. Yes a major part of the attacks on Telisha are based on racism or ignorance, this is just how things are. Actually all of the female dancers in the Slaughterhouse dance group received some sort of drama. Most of the post were claiming the dancers were slutty because they were physically more curvy then the female dancers in the Asian half of the tour. Honestly I think most of it is based on fear that curvy "comfortable with their sexuality" women will steal their k-idols. LOL.

  104. The more I read about this fandom, the more it makes me ill.

  105. @Ankhesen there should be a psych-course on K-pop Fandom.

  106. Telisha's interview with AsianPopAddict is up: http://bit.ly/lrIn2u

  107. Telisha's part starts at 56:05.

  108. @ ail221

    there should be a psych-course on K-pop Fandom.

    For real.

    Yes a major part of the attacks on Telisha are based on racism or ignorance, this is just how things are.

    A dangerous sentiment, by the way. It may be "how things are", but when things are like that, they're meant to be fought.

  109. @Ankhesen Mié
    A dangerous sentiment, by the way. It may be "how things are", but when things are like that, they're meant to be fought.

    I wasn't trying to imply that situations such as this shouldn't be fought rather there isn't going to be an immediate turnover even if the artists themselves tell the fans not to do so. Example; the number of times k-pop ship(promote) their male idols being in homosexual relationships with members of their own groups even after they have made it clear they are heterosexual. Again this backlash comes from the unfamiliarity of seeing a black women working and interacting with JYJ. As well as a threating the average k-pop fantasy(ideal mate)of their idols. Another portion probably comes from cultural insecurity in Korea and Japan; their physical appearances are being threaten because if one of their idol's idea of beauty is that of a black women. Basically threaten the very homogenous view of beauty for them. In general publically seeing a black woman interacting with a asian man doesn't happen often in real life not tv shows. Versus seeing a Black men working with Asian men or Asian women. If I remember correctly Tiger JK and married to a blasian Yoon Mi Rae; sorry random thought that came to mind. The racism comes from ignorance and the lack of representation of other cultures not from East Asia in East Asia. Specifically women of different ethnicities.

  110. Alright deciding to come here after read the post on Ankhesen-Mie blog.

    So Telisha Shaw is a dancer/singer/actress who was hired to be a dancer on the American tour of a famous K-pop group called JYJ. She became fast friends with them but especially the lead guy Junsu that everyone wants. She spoke highly of them and some fans thought it was cute and started to "ship" them together in fanfics and stuff and came up with the name TeliSu. She got a a kick out of it and thought it was cute and changed her twitter name to that.

    That did not sit too well with a lot of fans becasue she is a black sexy dark skinned woman dancing with "their oppas" and they want to live the life that she is living. SO they started sending her death threats and racist comments. Now recently she came out with a little K-pop song called "Our secret" that was all tongue in cheek and that pissed off these fan girls or "Cassies" beyond belief and the racist comments have tripped in size.

    These Cassies belive they are protecting these grown arse men from the Black succubus and they are crazy as hell and even got rude to Junsu's brother before.

    Is that it or did I miss anything?

    All I can say is wow. These people are crazy obsessive control freaks. And the Black fangirls that are siding with the racists and making excuses wow they seriously need to wake up and smell the kimchi

  111. @ Aiyo

    Is that it or did I miss anything?

    In a nutshell. And girl, you caught on way faster than I did.

  112. I wish I had something interesting to say but I'll just keep reading.

    Good jobs guys!! The whole blog is great.

  113. These people need to realize the difference between fantasy and reality. They are human beings. They are not your property. You did not grow up with them. You did not raise them. You did not give birth to them. You are not related to them. You don't know squat about them other than what you read on wikipedia. But not even that means anything. If they had never been famous at all and you happened to pass by one of them on the street, you wouldn't give two shits about them. So who are you to refer to them as 'our oppas?' JYJ, please step up and take control. Junsu, stand up for your woman if you love her that much. As for the rookie bands, own your fanclub!! Don't let your fanclub own you!!

  114. IN Japan I never heard of Black/sians stars getting racists comments.

    Jero the first Black enka singer is part Japanese

    Exile Nesmith- Half Black American/Japanese

    J soul Brothers elly-Half Black American/Japanese

    Thelma Aoyoma- A Japanese singer who is She is one-quarter Afro-Trinidadian from her paternal grandfather.

    Crystal Kay is Half Black and Korea singer living in Japan

    EMi Maria Father is from Papua New Guinea and I never seen them get harsh racist comments.


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