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I can look at Peter Jae all day. In fact, I think it's safe to say we all can here at the Narrative.

I could talk to and about Bobby Choy/Big Phony all day. Again, I think we all can here at the Narrative.

And Lord knows Danny Cho's name is branded across my heart.

But...this post is all about "Sunny" from Ktown Cowboys.

I'm actually a huge fan of this character and I feel he deserves a lot of attention. He's not an infamous comic or a shy, full-lipped singer.  And he's not Peter Jae (Lawd).  What he is, however, is a beautiful, charming, clever, and incredibly suave man.

The character Sunny really caught my eye with his effortless bilingual eloquence, laidback manner, unflinching strength, and utterly devastating smile.  I liked how smoothly Sunn Wee portrayed the rational, level-headed go-to guy of the group.  Sunny knows all the clubs, their owners, the protocols, and most importantly, he knows how to talk to women.

I would kill to see Sunn Wee in a BW/AM film (and not a cheesy, low-budget one either).  Years ago, when I first started posting excerpts of some of my work online, I recall some readers said they had trouble envisioning "average" Asian guys as my characters; one always found herself picturing the likes of Will Yun Lee as my characters.  On the one hand I was flattered, but on the other hand....

Blasians, when you think about fantasy men, men whom you dream about in a perfect world where everything is exactly to your liking, you envision sculpted, chiseled actors, and sweaty, sultry dancers.  But when you think about real life relationships, a guy like Sunny should come to mind.  I think the reason Sunny sticks out to me so much is that in some (good) ways, he doesn't stick out.  He is, in fact, an average guy, and it's very important we pay attention to men like him, because he embodies the very best qualities one looks for when seeking an average, normal, regular sort of guy.

So I'm going to be paying a lot more attention to actor Sunn Wee from hereon out; I'd really like to see more work from him.  I could watch a whole marathon of serious indie dramas so long as he was the star.  Hell, I'd write the story for one myself.

*crosses fingers*  Here's hoping.


  1. He did a great job. What's interesting about the smooth guys is that their hustle appears effortless. Therefore we tend to take them for granted. He was the anchor for that group.

  2. He was very smooth and I totally agree with your point. Not everyone is going to be able to bring down big game like the chiseled god that is Peter Jae's character. Also Adonisis can be a real PITA. It would be very unwise to sleep on the smooth operators like Sunny's character.

  3. It would be very unwise to sleep on the smooth operators like Sunny's character.

    Especially since more guys are like Sunny. They outnumber the Peter Jaes.

    Sunn Wee's character is a reminder that women need to remember, appreciate, and fall in love with the guy who doesn't spend every waking hour at the gym.

  4. Jazzy Jane said...

    After being introduced to KTown Boys (thank you for that) I have to say that Sunny is the character that stuck out for me the most. His smooth, laid back manner could make him go unnoticed but he has the characteristics, position, and quiet strength of a leader. This made him stand out to be above all the other men in the show. Oh and yes, that smile is beautiful.

  5. Welcome, Jazzy Jane!

    Oh and yes, that smile is beautiful.



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