Interview with Peter Jae ~ an Excerpt

The full interview is available At the Bar.

In your latest news video you stated you did a lot just to get to L.A. What did that entail?

Wow. The question you should be asking is, "What didn't I do to get to LA?" I bounced at a lounge for 4 years, promoted parties, freelance designed clothes, worked retail. I started up an urban greeting card company called, Corner Store Greetings - sold it all over the streets of NY - Harlem, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Ohio, Florida, Oakland, Atlanta, etc. These are only some of the things that did that I can mention. Obviously, there are a lot of things that I have to keep on the hush but just think, "How to Make it in America" on steroids.  LOL.

Mm-hm...you also said you were almost ready to start stripping. Would you ever make good on that threat?

LOL. I was only joking about the whole stripping thing. I guess its because ever since Ktown Cowboys came out, girls always joke around asking me to take off my shirt. But anyone that knows me, knows that's not my style.

As I mentioned earlier, you’re gaining quite a group of fans on the Blasian Narrative. If you could do a film with any black actress in the industry, who would it be?

I'm humbled by all the support I receive on the Blasian Narrative. Most people don't know but I grew up dating nothing but Black women. My first girlfriend was Jamaican. I've dated Haitian women, Trinidadian, Guyanese, Southern, St. Lucian, etc. In terms of who I would love to work with. That's a hard question to answer being there's so many talented Black actresses. I almost got a chance to work with Meagan Good. I auditioned for her back in NY for a movie she was involved with pretty much playing a character similar to myself. I was ecstatic when I booked the role but don't know what happened to the project. I would also love to work with Taraji Henson too. I think she has a lot of depth. So does Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union. I had a chance to work with her on Perfect Holiday but playing a dry cleaner. I would love to be opposite either one of them playing a different character. Damn, Morris Chestnut, can an Asian brother get some shine too? He takes all the leading male love interest roles. LOL

In our interview, Bobby talked about how, for a while, he wished (a little) to be other than Asian. Before your Martin Luther Kim awakening (loving that!), did you grow through something similar?

Absolutely. I was born in Brooklyn, lived there til I was 8 and then moved to the Bronx. I pretty much moved from one hood to another. I grew up a minority amongst minorities in a not so nice area. And you know how kids are, snaps all day. And in the inner city, it can be brutal. It's fair to say, I became very self conscious and insecure. I hated being Asian. So much that I would pray every night that I would wake up Black. In fact, I had dreams that I was black. I was so embarrassed to be Asian that I wouldn't even walk within 100 feet of my younger brother just because we both had yellow skin. I'm ashamed to mention these things now but I just look at it as my journey. I had to experience what I experienced to discover my pride now. Working in the industry, opened up my eyes to the reasoning behind my insecurities as an Asian American kid. It's because the media portrays most Asian men in a negative light, which results in the lack of cool role models. It's like I mentioned before, any other race growing up under similar circumstances could just turn on the TV or Radio and find hope through their role models. We had none. But today is a different day, with different players. I'm proud to say that Ktown Cowboys is a part of that movement.

Lastly, I really commend you and your castmates on what you’ve accomplished. Do you think your take-charge attitudes and methods will inspire others to do the same?

I really hope that it does. I really feel like there's a Yellow Movement going on in Entertainment. FM are doing their thing. Countless others are doing their thing on Film & TV. Although there's still a long way to go, I think we're showing the industry that we're resilient. The internet has opened up a whole new world for us to display ourselves in a whole new light under our own terms. There's a whole new generation of young guns on the come up. Ktown Cowboys are the little sekkies (young punks) on the rise. We feel blessed to have the older established guys in the industry showing us their full support. Shout outs to all those that reached out....  KTOWN COWBOYS the MOVIE Coming Soon. The Movement is HERE.


  1. This is very good...can't wait to read more.

  2. It would be nice if Peter could act in a movie with Sanaa, Gabrielle and/or Taranji. He knows great actresses when he sees them.

  3. He's a hilarious and very interesting man. Interviewing him was like hearing an incredible story.

  4. @ M

    Girl...I'm stuck on the Meagan Good situation. If they'd played an onscreen couple, the theater would have caught fire and burned to the ground.

  5. Oh, he's absolutely delightful! That was a really great and insightful interview.

  6. Aww man,why do I forgetting about poor Meagan? She would also be great for Peter.

  7. Hex naw! That dude said can an Asian brotha get.some.shine!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhahaha. Serious up, tho. He can get it.lol

  8. And here, as a grown up, I felt that in some ways I had no community as a young black girl with a half white/half black mother with neither parents families around. Seeing Asians and Hispanics stick together while growing up in LA made me jealous at times. Now,I read about an Asian man wishing he was a part of what I didn't feel a part of? Wow, I appreciate his honesty. It helps me realize how much we all have our own "realities". I happened on this site via two other sites that aren't related to the Blasian subject. I find the combination complex, fascinating and rare. Maybe not so much after reading this. My best girlfriend grew up in India but became like a sister to me contrary to the sentiments of her friends in the Indian community. Over the last 11 years, I have fallen in love with the depictions of her culture through the family values that she has exhibited. The Hindi movies lay it on pretty thick but I love the fantasy of the family values and love even if it is hyped for the bollywood experience. I believe culturally, Blacks and Asians have much more in common than we could have imagined. Naimisha and I are like a cornbread naan(Naan is their "bread")although I actually think my country was mixed at birth. Focaccia is more my style. Lol. Thanks for a blog that is like a "class in session".


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