Merantau (2009)

(Thanks, Julie!!!)

Narrators...I have got to see this film.

Like, for real.  The moment I saw the star's face, the words flew right out of my mouth, "Damn, he's fine!!!"

One of the great things about exploring Southeast Asia through film is seeing a new take on familiar elements such martial arts.  In Queens of Langkasuka we saw Thai boxing star Chupong Changprung portray the unstoppable Lord Jarang.  Now we have an Indonesian film introducing not only the very pretty Iko Uwais, but a form of Silat martial arts called Silat Harimau ("Tiger Silat").

'Tis a good time to be alive, Narrators.

Did I mention how fine Uwais is?


  1. This has made me all sorts of happy. I love the Cosmo cover!!! X3

  2. The idea of a really pretty, lithe action star is seriously growing on me. If I saw Iko Uwais in the street, I would never guess he was able to do all those things. It's delightfully deceptive.

  3. Someone I used to be friends with was obsessed with this guy. She said he was going to be the next Jackie Chan or something or other. Watching him do his thing was very interesting, I must admit.

  4. His latest movie "The Raid" apparently gets many positive reviews from action-movie fans.Here's hoping he can achieve world action superstar status in the next few years.

  5. Oh, God yes. I hope to see Iko Uwais in many, many films to come.

  6. Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to distribute the movie (The Raid) for North American market and they are hiring Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park to re-create the musical score for the movie to suit American audience.


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