Hundred Percent (1998)

Hundred Percent, starring Dustin Nguyen, Garrett Wang, and Darion Basco, ironically opens up with the three main characters talking about Star Trek (Nguyen, the racial cynic, refers to Spock as Kirk's Vulcan butler and Uhura as his black maid).  The movie then goes on to address various issues of Asian-American men, both in media and in real life.  One point which stuck out to me was when Nguyen asks out Tamlyn Tomita's character, and when she shows up late to his party, she wryly asks if he was worried she wasn't "down with Asian America."  It echoed sentiments from the Asian panel on Racialicious's recent posts.

The film was written and directed by Eric Koyanagi, and was held back from widespread distribution and advertisement, bthereby confirming some of the very points brought up the film which, by the way, was predominantly POC, with an overall well-chosen cast.  I mean, look who starred in it!!!

So suave.

Too pretty.

Ensign Kim 4-EVA.

...Back when Lindsay Price was thick
and hadn't gotten her eyes done. *sniff*

Interested parties can rent it through Netflix, but be warned...the vid is somewhat low quality.  I had to lower the screen resolution on my monitor before the DVD could even play.

*shakes head*  Count the fail, Narrators.


  1. Wwwhhaaaat??? I'm interested! Shazam! haha
    (and just for the record, i have the biggest crush on harry kim right now =P)

  2. Girl...right there with you.

    Aside for Tim Russ and Robert Beltran, he's the only member of the Voyager cast who still looks decent.

  3. Good Lord there's a whole lotta fine running all up and through this movie. Whoo!

  4. This was a perfect 1998 movie. The acting was good, the topics well-chosen, and talk about a dream cast! Like...WTF? Eric Koyanagi needs to sue somebody.


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