Smoke Signals (1998)

I have seen this flick, and I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is.

This, Narrators, is why we have to tell our own stories.  Because when we do, we get 'em right.  This ish right here was sooooooo well done, and if you pay very close attention to the dialogue, you'll just "get it."

Smoke Signals is about young Victor Joseph who travels to to collect the cremated remains of the father who left when he was about twelve.  Because he can't afford to go on his own, he's accompanied by the super-nerdy Thomas Builds-A-Fire, whom I already know every last one of you is going to fall head over heels for.  You just want to steal him and his too-adorable grandma, take them away somewhere, eat fry bread, and just cuddle.

Adam Beach (left) and Evan Adams (right)
It's a story of self-discovery, with very deliberately written humor, and some highly unapologetic statements about this country and religion.  In short, it's real.

I give this film five stars not just because of principle, but because after it ended, I walked away feeling liked I'd actually seen something worthwhile in a long damn while.



  1. " Don't cha know how to be a real Indian?"
    " I guess not."
    "You gotta like mean or white people will walk all over you."

    I love this movie!

  2. I've always loved this movie. Need to watch it again.

  3. At the very end, the scene n the bridge was deeply touching.

  4. If anyone has a chance to catch this film, please do so. You won't regret it.


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