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Fashion Tips from Moi for Actors Portraying Blasian Couples

#1 - Identify your target audience

Some of you want to impress white audiences because you feel it will advance your careers.  Some of you don't care about white audiences, and only want to impress either Asian American or Black American audiences.  And in some extremely rare instances, one or two of you briefly pause to consider your Blasian audience.

Start there.  You have to appeal to the audience which identifies with you the most first, and then worry about everyone else later.  Abandon the myth of the "universal" narrative; not everyone is going to be into you and so it's pointless to try to appeal to everyone.  In short, don't bemoan the fact you didn't land the (paying) roles you wanted.  Instead, challenge yourselves to be an absolutely stunning Blasian couple and try to have fun!

# 2 - Recognize opportunity

There's a joke that hip hop artists always thank two people when they receive awards: Mama and the Lord.  I have a saying that young K-Pop artists need to thank Rain in addition to whomever they usually thank, because he's the reason a lot of young Black women care about K-Pop.  And the reason he had this much of an effect on us was that he did a movie opposite Naomie Harris.  He tapped into a new market, garnered some extra attention, and bolstered his career even further.

Actors portraying Blasian couples in mainstream media need to learn from his example.  Because in addition to doing a film like Ninja Assassin, Rain already been dancing with Black female dancers and openly admiring the likes of Beyonce and Lil Kim for years.  So now, whenever he drops an album, does a drama, or stars in a film, he has an even bigger international fan base ready and willing to pay for whatever he's selling.

#3 - Band together

One would think this goes without saying.

If you are the member of an onscreen Blasian couple, in a mainstream project where you are not the couple of intent, obviously you and yours need to stick together.  Make no mistake: you are the expendables; you are the underdogs.  "Last hired, first fired" most definitely applies to you, and if the project tanks, expect to share much of the blame even if you weren't heavily featured.

Don't vie for scraps or handouts; don't throw each other under the bus.  Instead, get together off set and talk strategy.  Try to make yourselves look good...together.  Does someone need a haircut?  A slight change in wardrobe?  Try it out!  Don't rely on the staff on set to make you look good.  Their priority is the couple of intent, so by all means...go vegan, hit the gym, and get a stylist's second opinion!

If you're both single, it wouldn't hurt to go to dinner together, have drinks, practice making out on camera, and do whatever's necessary get physically and psychologically comfortable with each other.  Become friends; spend some free time with each other.  For example, actress Lynn Chen said in an interview that when she landed the role of a lesbian in Saving Face (2003) opposite Michelle Kruziec, the first thing she did was go out and rent everything Kruziec had ever been in, watch her work, and deliberately "crush on her".  Simple, yet brilliant, and the results were absolutely phenomenal.

#4 - Reach out to your allies

You're not alone in this.  Every time I turn around, a new Blasian blog, ezine, Facebook page, or YouTube channel seems to crop up.  Talk to these people - that's what we're here for.  Contact the mods, join the discussions, do online interviews, and get more in touch with your audience.  It's a greatway to gain lot of new fans, and when the dust settles, we will be the ones still supporting your careers.  We will remember you long after your "other" audience has moved on.

This is the Internet Age.  There's no reason you and your partner in crime can't hop onto YouTube and vlog about your characters, voicing your thoughts about how you think your couple started, and where you feel they should go.  We'll listen, and if you come up with good ideas, we will harass the studio on your behalf.  You may not be their couple of intent, but you will always be ours, and we will fight for you.

But first...you have to give us something worth fighting for.


  1. Good suggestions, I like it.

  2. Great ideas,

    I do agree one thing, Rain was the man who,like you said, made Black women, pay more attention to K-pop. I remembered just thinking about American K-pop singers. I never recalled seeing as many young girls and women interested in Pop music as much as they are in K-pop. Not even Justin Bieber has as many Black pop fans as they do. Though I'm not into k-pop myself, I was just looking at some clips of K-pop flashmobs all over the world, including the U.S. If there is one thing I've noticed in many of them is that they have some Blacks people in it. It is some of those Black people who desire K-pop entertainment to come there

    The Korean Tourism Organization fears that rain's impending military service will end Korea's fame.I give Rain and their Korean media their props, they did the unthinkable. Rain took his chances and stepped out from his comfort to do what he wanted,while his country's media took advantage of that fame and used it to promote their entertainment on YT and other media outlets.In conjunction to boosting Korea's image, I also think that their fame has also increased the number of Black expats going there.

    K-pop entertainment may have been out for a while,but most of that credit..no doubt.. should go to Rain.He just put the icing on the cake. The KTO may feel that Korea will go down without Rain. I think that even without his presence, he started something that will not die anytime soon

  3. Rain has had quite an impact, and it took a mix of bravado, humility, and open-mindedness to get it done. But Korea doesn't have to worry.

    New K-Pop fans aren't thinking about Rain; the genre has no shortage of fans, and tourism will not decrease simply because he's off to the military.


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