Blasian Lit Thread #9

Another (small) compilation of books with Blasian themes, I am happy to say that I have read two of the books below.

After the Morning After by Lisa G. Riley

After another spectacular break-up that totally blindsides her, Dr. Victoria Howell has had it with men. She can’t trust her own judgment when it comes to the male of the species, so she’ll just put her overactive libido on hiatus. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. The story is slightly altered, however, after a sex-filled night with former colleague and suspected corporate thief Sanjay Banerjee, the walking, breathing aphrodisiac. But it was just one night and one night is all it will ever be. And though she’s sure he didn’t steal from the company, she’s going to make sure he keeps his sticky fingers out of her pants from now on.
Sigh. Victoria, with all of her over-thinking simply makes his head hurt, and Sanjay wishes she would lighten up and admit what they both know: she was meant to be his sex slave and obey his every command. Okay -- joking. But they’re meant to be together, and if she would just get her head out of her ass long enough, she’d see that. Proving that he’s not a thief is minor compared to convincing Victoria. But convince her, he will. And then? Simple. Then he’d have everything he wants.
Purchase from Loose ID, read an excerpt

My comments: As romance ebooks go, I like After The Morning After. I bought it immediately because of the South Asian hero, Sanjay tended to be a bit too cocky for my tastes in a few scenes. Most of my issues with the book are not unique to After The Morning After but they were due to my previous bias (for example both characters consider religion important and this is a source of conflict, Sanjay is Hindu and Victoria is Episcopalian, I couldn't identify with this at all. Mostly because the religion I was born into doesn't fit into that category, and I also have very basic knowledge on world religions generally so I'd never ask the type of questions Victoria asked Sanjay about Hinduism...such as if Hindus believe in God *facepalm*).

Another thing is I am beginning to notice a...trend(?) with South Asian characters in not only Blasian romance books but others too where the male character has supreme sexual skills thanks to the Kama Sutra or from spending time with sex workers in red light districts in Lahore. I can understand that maybe authors want to bring in a twist to their stories, still this rubs me the wrong way. It makes me consider that some people walking on this earth actually believe that South Asian men and women must be skilled lovers thanks to the Kama Sutra *shudders* then again romance stories are not supposed to be realistic are they? I don't even know, I am just uncomfortable with this meme and I want to read a book with a South Asian hero that does not contain 'Kama Sutra' or 'I spent time in the red light district perfecting my skills in the bedroom'.

Saranghae by Imari Jade
Shaundra and Ichiro have returned to Asia after their spectacular wedding, but things are far from perfect. Shaundra still has a fear of flying and Ichiro is worried that she might become addicted to the drugs the doctor prescribe. Shaundra is less than happy that her now successful restaurateur husband is too busy to spend time with her and the Takumijo and Satoshi still hasn’t moved out of the farmhouse. And to make matters worse, Yori and his new bride Amaya has moved in, along with Aomori’s new publicist Cristal Gentry, a striking biracial female who seems to have Satoshi and his best friend Yi-jun Lee, and a popular Korean actor wrapped around her fingers. What’s a poor girl to do to get her husband alone?

Marriage is nothing what Yori Morika expected. His new bride Amaya not only spends money like crazy but she’s back to her old tricks starting mess with Shaundra. He hasn’t helped matters any by continuing perusing Shaundra, who now seems to have a very close friendship with Satoshi. Are there some lines that friends should not cross and was it wise to move himself in the farmhouse with so much temptation just there for the taking?

Cristal Gentry never knew what she was getting herself into when she agreed to become the new publicist for Aomori. Satoshi and Takumijo are bad enough, getting her in trouble with their manager Masaaki, but then she meets Yori and Ichiro and she thinks that maybe she’s in way over her head. Things heat up in her life when her boss sends her to get an interview with the reclusive Korean actor Yi-jun Lee, who just happens to be a friend of Satoshi. Although she’s strictly business with him Yi-jun has plans of his own as he whisks her away to Paris to show her the time of her life. Yi-jun is everything she despises in a man, so why does her heart do a double beat at just the mention of his name? And why does Satoshi’s steamy looks leave her simply breathless?
Sugar N Spice Press

Combat! by K.S. Augustin
She knows the ways of violence and self discipline. Her rival will teach her to surrender to unbridled lust.

Ebony Strike’s opponent in the galaxy’s most notorious underground fighting tournament is adept, focused and mysterious. While her days are spent battling for a prize that will save her starving people, her nights are filled with heady, carnal encounters with the oh-so-delicious Aldanen.

Strikingly handsome with bronze skin and white hair, Aldanen is a skilled martial artist. But he is also not what he seems. He’s undercover for the Fusion, sent to bring down the corrupt Prefect running the illegal tournament. But hot nights of aphrodisiac-fueled sex with Ebony leave him wondering—is this blistering attraction the beginning of a new life, or nothing more than drug-propelled lust?

Caught between a criminal, the law, and her powerful attraction to Aldanen, Ebony is faced with an agonizing choice. To help him, lose the prize money she desperately needs, and possibly end up in prison.

Or sabotage him, grab the money, and run.

Purchase from Samhain, read the first chapter!

My comments: I will be honest, I cannot vouch for this book 100%, as in I am not 100% sure it qualifies as Blasian fic in the sense that the hero is Asian. Aldanen is described as having bronze skin, white hair and amber-green eyes...he really could be of any ethnicity. For what it is worth, the author, K.S. Augustin is Malaysian

This aside, I bleeping love this book. It is science fiction with a badass black woman battling random alien species.  I almost cried in joy after reading the book, I will definitely be reading more from K.S. Augustin. The book I am interested in will definitely not qualify for the Blasian lit thread, War Games is lesbian space opera and it looks like the significant other is a white woman.


  1. Liking the covers a lot more and really intrigued by the last book suggested.

    But once again, someone seems to have their Korean and Japanese confused.

  2. Sounds like some good ideas for movies too

  3. The first two books gave me WTF whiplash. I would have NEVER considered reading such trash.

    Combat sounds interesting and I might nab it for December when it's COLD and dank and I need some cheer. This one statement alone sold it: It is science fiction with a badass black woman battling random alien species."

    Though most "white-haired" Asians are clearly rocking a dye job, quite a few people have a variety of green eyes. I suspect there would be more hazel-green-eyed people than amber-green-eyed ones though.

    As always, thank you for bringing these books to our attention.

  4. Once again, I'm recommending Combat! to anyone who may be intrigued after reading the post. I've finished reading another book that I'm going to be writing about soon, it's amazing in the Blasian sense and it is not romance or erotica at all. I was pleasantly surprised by the book which has a Black female heroine and several Asian characters, the important male character is, I believe, Chinese-Thai. The book falls under speculative fiction too. It's really interesting these days the Blasian themed books I read that are very different are not written by Black female authors. I wonder why. I guess I should read more or it could just be that the romance and erotica genre is too popular? I don't know.


    Though most "white-haired" Asians are clearly rocking a dye job, quite a few people have a variety of green eyes. I suspect there would be more hazel-green-eyed people than amber-green-eyed ones though.

    I assumed Aldanen was just an old man XD or maybe he has some alien ancestry? Who knows.

  5. Okay...I assumed Aldanen was just a very hot and attractive older man XD or maybe he has some alien ancestry? Who knows.

  6. Good to know I wasn't the only one who picked up on the Korean and Japanese thing. I was like "Wait, what?". It looks like the writer used a variety of names. I think "Saranghe" means "love" in Korean. However, I only one of those names actually looks Korean. But I knowledge of Korean naming isn't that vast at all. So, that could mean nothing. Anyway, Combat! sounds interesting. I might check that out.

  7. @Delicate Wisteria

    PLEASE read Combat! and if you like her style of writing you should check out other books by K.S. Augustin.

  8. @eccentricyoruba: I'll be sure to check it out. That does seem really good. Haha.


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