Explaining the New Look

The Narrative is known for taking a cerebral approach to Blasian issues, so I decided on a more professional look.  I didn't want to go with any stereotypical designs like random Asiatic-looking writing (that was a background option).  I also wanted something gender neutral (i.e., not too femme).

Over the past couple of months, our subscribers have soared.  I'm hoping the new look draws further interest.


  1. Really? I just wanted something simple and classy without being totally generic.

  2. Hey there,

    Looks like you've just snagged another reader for your site, though the new look can't take the credit because I first got here yesterday, before the new look was applied. (-:

    Anyway, I just wanna say that your site is very interesting and I've been spending quite a bit of time browsing through the various articles posted (alas, much to the detriment of the things I should've been doing, heh). I find the theme of your site and the cause you're promoting to be very refreshing, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your articles.

  3. And that's why it works. It's simple and classic. Basics of design and that's why this is successful imho.

  4. Just as I was wondering what happened I found this post lol

  5. I like the new header (font, size, etc.) but I don't like the blue watercolor background. I think a lighter blue would be better, or an even simpler background that is a solid color.

  6. @ T

    Welcome, by the way. I try to welcome all newcomers.

  7. Good for you set your own tone and the ones that want to learn will follow!!!


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