Star Trek: Lt. Hector Ilario

All right...let's stick it out with DS9 a little longer.

Lt. Hector Ilario caught my eye in Season 7's episode "Field of Fire."  Portrayed by Thai-American actor Art Chudabala, he caught my eye for fairly obvious reasons.  *innocently blinks*  See if you can guess what they are.

***Serious Spoiler Alert***

1) Hector Ilario is a cute.  A beautiful man with a beautiful name, he stands out immediately and is hard to ignore thereafter.

2) The episode opens with members of the main cast chillin' in the bar on Deep Space Nine.  Dr. Julian Bashir is singing the young man's praises, lauding him for his exceptional skills as a helmsman.  Yes, it feels like an homage to Lt. Hikaru Sulu, but who cares?  The Asian guy is the hero of the day, getting credit where it's most certainly due.

3) During an investigation on the station, Ilario's background is explored, so the audience actually gets to know a thing or two about him, his friends, where's he's from, etc.

4) Ilario goes after what he wants.  When Ezri Dax, the ship's counselor, walks him home (because he's so drunk), he hits on her in an endearing and classy way.  When she points out that he's drunk, he shrugs it off saying that when tomorrow comes, he'll be sober, and she'll still be beautiful.  How can you say no to that?


1) Ezri says no to that.  She turns him down, when he is clearly a perfect catch.  In other words, the good-looking, kick-ass Asian guy got turned down by the average-looking white chick...again.

2) There's investigation on the station because someone's murdering Starfleet officers...and they've started with Lt. Hector Ilario.

3) The writers shouldn't have waited until Season 7 to introduce a character like Ilario.  Because he dies in this episode, they couldn't bring him back for subsequent episodes and they really needed to bring him back.

Final Verdict

No.  No, no, no, no, no.  This is a classic case of the casting agents doing their job, but the writers being at a total loss.  Keep in mind, this was the final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, meaning it was also Voyager's first season, where audiences were getting to know Ensign Harry Kim.  I don't like this feeling of an "Asian quota", like having more than one per show is just too many, when there's no shortage of new white actors flowing in on a weekly basis.


  1. Lord, Ilario was a TOTAL babe...total. Shit, he could have done better than Ezri's lame ass, IMO.

  2. You remember him? Good...then it's not just me.

    I was a bit annoyed that he went after Ezri as well; she was soooooooo unattractive with that catastrophic fail of a haircut. I think they should've shown him hooking up with a Dabo girl.

  3. It would have been nice to see the Dabo girls (other than Leeta) get some love. A black dabo girl would have been boss.

  4. There is a black Dabo girl (if not two)! I'll have to go back and comb through the eps.

    *sigh* What a chore.

  5. Really? Seriously? When you find that ep, let me know. And don't make me mess around and write a Dabo girl fic...


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