Where I come from (Korean American adoptee with Black parents)

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Where I come from
Emile Mack, at age 6 or 7, with his father Clarence Mack, in Los Angeles.

Emile Mack may be the highest-ranking Asian American firefighter of a major American city, but what tends to surprise people most about the Los Angeles Deputy Fire Chief is his most unique background: At age 3, he was adopted by an African American couple. His is a story that challenges our notions of race and identity; it’s about the ties that bind and the gift of family.

By Elizabeth Eun
Photos courtesy of Emile Mack/By Eric Sueyoshi.

To read the rest of this story check out the article:


  1. I remember hearing about this a while ago so sweet

  2. Likewise. what an inspiring article.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading this article and passed it along to my friends

  4. We need to see more families like these, where POC worldwide adopt other POC.

  5. Hi there! I'm a new reader to the Narrative (love your site btw) and I thought I'd mention this NY times article about a Chinese American family with an adopted daughter from Ethiopia:


  6. Thanks for stopping, by. Leave a name, please.

  7. Mr. and Mrs. Mack. deserve serious PROPS for what surely must have been an earth-shattering decision at the time and kudos Emile for making it as a fireman.

  8. I just read the "do not post as Anonymous". So sorry about that. My name's Kim. Anyway thanks again for the article - great read.

  9. What a sweet story! Truth is stranger than fiction; him being on the LAFD during the LA black/Korean riots is so poetic.

    The article kinda glossed over his adult son from a previous relationship. I wonder if his son might be blasian. It would have been very fitting and sweet to include that he had a LTR with a black woman... but we know how the media can be funky sometimes with showing the blasian love.


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