"CYA" ~ Street Man Crew

I can't thank Asian Hip Hop Times enough for shining light onto this gem. Yes, I know; I've already posted this on our Facebook, but I really can't stop watching this video.

Street Man Crew has their shit together. This is a first-rate video with first-rate music; it gives the viewer those chills which good hip hop is supposed to.  Rapper NZ is twenty shades of gifted and proud - there's no shying away from who he is whatsoever.  When you seem him sitting - just sitting - in traditional Mongolian garb, you understand right away why the word "Mongol" struck fear into the very hearts of their enemies.

I also like how the video evokes nature more than anything else; while we do get a glimpse of "civilization", the hills, the water, and the vast green space get more screen time.  This is an element we're missing in most hip hop videos; hip hop often portrays mindless excess in video after video after video, until they all blur together.

I'm having trouble tracking down info about this marvelous rapper, whom I seriously can't stop watching, but the YouTube Channel which uploaded this video thankfully has a lot of Mongolian hip hop available.  I have high hopes for Street Man Crew (NZ in particular) and I really want to see them dominate the living hell out of this genre.


  1. the video was awesome!!! I love how his pride was shown when he was in traditonal mongolian clothing and amonst nature. So much passion in his rhyme----there are a few videos of them but you have to type in street man. This was a treat. Good lookin out , Ankh!

  2. Thanks for the info! I can't stop watching this video; I don't even know how many times I've watched it so far. I haven't the slightest clue what NZ is saying but I swear I could listen to him rap all day.

    Street Man Crew officially has my attention.

  3. ~picks jaw up off the floor~
    Amazing! Ok, I have to say the obvious first... talk about eye candy!!! I know you ladies saw those cut up abs, right? Whew!

    I LOVE this vid! I can feel the pride and self respect coming through so clearly, and I also appreciate that nature was given the focus, instead of just filthy city streets being shown, or inside a warehouse etc. No half naked women either. Very very nice.

  4. No half naked women either.

    Nope. Half-naked men was a MUCH better choice.

  5. ^^ I totally agree!!! My only niggling criticism is that I wish I'd gotten to see his hair unbraided and blowing in the breeze, with his shirt off!

    This site is awesome.

  6. Oh. o_o Candy.
    I know no one is paying much attn to this, but the Morin Khuur is my favorite instrument. I love that it showed the man playing in the sunset. Icing on the cake. I love Mongolian music.

    1. The morin khuur is a gorgeous-sounding instrument.

  7. Mongolian music truly is flawless, and to hear it merged with hip hop is just epic.

    I wished we could've seen a little more of the dancers at the beginning.

  8. I have no idea what he's rapping about, but I'm pretty sure it's not fancy drinks, rims, grills, bitches, or chains. Or clubbing, for that matter.

    "I wished we could've seen a little more of the dancers at the beginning."

    Same here.

  9. awesome find, it is amazing how hip hop has srpead all over the world

  10. That was beautifully done. I didn't need to understand a word he said to respect what he's done. Beautiful imagery and the incorporation of his own culture shows the versatility of hip-hop.

    I shake my head sometimes and feel my age. I don't think any of us Black & Brown kids coming up in NYC during hip-hops' infancy could have predicted its globalization.

    Life is truly stranger than fiction. Thanks for the find Ankh. I won't forget this one.

  11. This vid still gives me shivers.

  12. hello , i'm mongolian and i just wanted to show you some traditional stuff that you might be interested


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