First, Let's Lose the Gay Jokes

I get it...a lot of people think male Asian popstars are gay (they never seem to think this about the women, though). Leehom Wang, for example, appears as hetero as they come, and yet he's drowning in gay rumors.

Here's what bugs me firstly: "gay" is not an insult. To use homosexuality as a negative description "just 'cause" is to utter a slur.  It's right up there with using someone's race or ethnicity or physical disability as an insult.  To hell with the usual "offensive"/
"insensitive" routine - it's just plain wrong.

Now here's what bugs me secondly: I expect non-Asian men to talk smack about male Asian popstars because making fun of Asian men seems to be a like bonding exercise for some non-Asian men.  It just comes naturally to them; it's their "thing".  But I have to stop and wonder at Asian American men (comedians, for example) who slap the gay label onto male popstars coming out of Asia.

Shit...I thought they'd be grateful for these guys.  I certainly didn't expect them to view these men through a white male lens and participate in the Asian man-bashing, thereby making it seem "okay" for non-Asian men to do it.

Let's be blunt about a few things:
1) The Blasian Narrative got started and then took off because a bunch of Black women on three different continents all saw His Unbearable Sexiness a Korean popstar flawlessly portray a sexy assassin...opposite a Black woman.  Now look at this Narrative.
2) There's been a growing interest in Asian men, especially amongst women of color.  There are two reasons for this: Asian pop, and Sino-African relations. Asian pop, however, is the much bigger of those two reasons, and I maintain that Asian men in the West need to be more grateful.  Apparently, all they have to do now is a work little bit on their abs and get a slanted bowl cut or some spiked hair to get the girls to come a-runnin'.  Time was an Asian dude in the West had to be extra tall, filthy rich, cut, and famous to get any attention.
3) These popstars whom men are laughing at have some next-level amounts of pussy being slung at them on a daily basis.  Gay or straight, it is highly unlikely that any of them are still virgins.  They're gettin' theirs, children; let's be real.
4) Which brings me to this: many of these popstars have the ability to send hordes of women - across countries and age groups - into a screaming hormonal frenzy.  They know what we want.  They know how to excite our fantasies.  They're gettin' the job done, and all the menfolk who are pointing and laughing could stand to take a few notes.
Now let's be practical about a few things:
1) It isn't about the music.  Most of us watch Asian pop videos on mute.  Turns out, we're damn near expected to.  Wang Leehom, for example, has bluntly stated that he hates singing "fluffy" pop.  Andy Lau has admitted his own music also sounds "sappy".  Lord only knows how many times Rain has been told to tone down the sexuality in his lyrics.  These artists don't have the same luxury Western ones do; they're dealing with strict censorship laws which tend to throw a wrench in their careers.  Thus, the tender, hopeless romantic is not the image these singers actually aim for; it's a complicated situation they often find themselves stuck with.
2) Which brings me to this: the Asian pop industry is far from perfect, because it hasn't figured out a way to make money without ruining the popstars' lives.  So before folks go dissing the players, they should at least try to fully understand the game.
3) Last but not least: when Rain entered the military, thereby putting his music and acting career on hiatus, the South Korean government actually feared for the country's economy.  *nods*  Recognize that power and influence, kids.
You can trash the music, and critique the clothes and dance moves, but these guys practice and sweat for several hours a day, sometimes even up to 14 hours a day, if not more.  There's nothing sissified about them - they have stamina, strong, healthy bodies, and the potential to make serious dough, if they're not making it already.  and let's not forget, Rain could easily shatter every bone in Justin Timberlake's body.  Lee Joon could drop-kick Chris Brown's woman-beating ass.  When onstage and in their element, the dudes of ZE:A look like they've each won a few rounds on the street - need I go on?

Calling them gay and doing funky parodies of their hairstyles or performances doesn't negate the fact that they can point out into a crowd of 10,000 women, and basically take whomever they damn well please back to their hotel room - let's be real.

I praise a lot of musicians, actors, and comedians from the West, but given the chance, I wouldn't actually sleep with any of them.  However...if Leehom Wang told me to strip nekkid and give him some, my clothes would be on the floor before he even finished the damn request...you hearin' me?

In the spirit of the Old Haunt, peep what I'm talking about.

Does anyone else even notice Usher?

Friggin' Thunder has started breaking out the abs, 
Narrators.  It's gettin' real.

No commentary necessary.

Wish this was better quality.


  1. Feel free to fangirl all you want on this post. Go all out.

  2. They could all get it, Sir yes sir. Coming from me? That's a helluva feeling.

  3. My sister and I both love Big Bang! T.O.P has my sister sweating. And believe me guys that is a huge accomplishment (Lebron James is her ideal man). The other day my mother referred to Rain as "that sexy Asian man" ... So the influence of the male Korean Pop star is huge.

  4. A coworker of mine (yes, I've got a new gig) recently said something which resonated with me. We've gotten to a point in which every time we see a stylish, clean man, we automatically assume he must be gay, because apparently rugged and ragged hetero male chic.

  5. This is pure temptation. I want to marry Thunder.

    On the serious tip, I like it when the supposed underdog rises to the top. Kind of reminds me what my grandmother and many of her peers would say about us..that "the bottom rail would rise to the top".I didn't always get what she was saying at the time,but I was told that maybe it could have meant Barack Obama becoming our president. I also see this in another way, Asia..or in this case Asian men rising to the top.

    I think that it is incomprehensible how guys like KT could down guys like that? Ok, you don't have to like their style of entertainment,but these guys are trying to get their foot in the door and put downs are already starting. I wonder do guys like him realize that they are keeping themselves down and indirectly other Asian men down when they do that? That is what the haters/racists want.

    This may also be a little off the topic.but a couple of weeks ago, I was looking at Joel Osteen.Joseph Prince( Just in case people may not be familiar with him, he's a Singaporean minister)was a guest at his church. I don't know how crowded Joel's church was as I don't live in Houston,but I'm just going to assume that it was very crowded on that day. I mean, Joseph is a pastor,but man the way some of those people..especially from what I've heard..the women,reacted as he was a K-pop/international star. People talking about flying from other states/world just to see this man. It's amazing how he's being treated. From the reactions of his female parishioners..they seem to not want him to go back to Singapore.
    Maybe some of that K-pop may have rubbed off on him.

  6. *looks around my room* ankh are you big brothering me because I swear I think you be reading my inner most thoughts. Which is why I love your blogs.

    I like you have been getting tired of all the gay jokes about Asian men. I had to school my sis and friends about why I like Kim hyun Joong whom other than Lee min ho are the only young bucks that can get it. I had a pic of the Boys Over Flowers F4 as my background (during my f4 craze) and when they saw it, they started flaming them.

    Rain so far is the only one that gets a pass from them. My mom even likes Rain. This lady even tried to get me to text her the pic I have on my phone to hers. Had to tell that chick to back up. LOL!!

    Just because they like looking good and wear guyliner doesn't mean their gay. I had to sit back and re-evaluate myself because there was a time I never would have found androgynous looking males sexy. I have always been eccentric so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    Hell I'm even peeping Gackt whom sexual magnetism is got straight men questioning themselves.

    I really need to thank Lenoxave for suggesting K-pop artists to try. I have been converted. I just got into 2pm and love them.

  7. *looks around my room* ankh are you big brothering me because I swear I think you be reading my inner most thoughts. Which is why I love your blogs.


  8. Rain could easily shatter every bone in Justin Timberlake's body.

    I have been saying that for the LAST TWO YEARS!!!!!
    And reading through everyone's comments its pretty clear that Rain is that one Asian star who can cross the East and West boundaries.

    When I was working at F21 in the states b4 I moved to Asia EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE THERE KNEW OF RAIN because I made sure their tails knew of him. They all knew I was deeply infatuated and in love with him. Id blast his music during floor sets, my wall paper on my phone was him (and still is). It got to the point every time they saw me at work they'd say "hey hows Rain doing" or "hey Rains future wife". To this day all over my personal FB page my folks tease me. But u can be for damn sure they took notice and saw his sexiness too.

    Now that I live in Korea every one messages me "have u found Rain yet?" "whens the wedding date?" lol they are always teasing me lol

    But I did see him twice and one of those was from really close like a few feet and I now truly understand how he has such a presence. Just being beside him I wanted to rip his clothes to shred. Standing by him made me suddenly feel fat and unattractive (lololz) because his skin was the perfect color of a 떡 (rice cake)and his height was like the Eiffel Tower, and his buffness and slender shape was like viewing a greek statue that Michaelangelo himself carved. Wow. And the crazy thing is Im not even fan girling. This is a real account of what I felt. Only a true World Star whos light will be brighter than anyone elses b4 can elude this.

    Anywho (back to Earth lol) I got a family friend into Rain and she always messages me asking for pictures and video of him. That's why I had said on a previous post that I felt Rain was the only Asian male star who could really spearhead and make a change in Western music and Hollywood. He has a Western build and style but Asian. He's tall, buff but slender, sexy but humble. THATS what American woman find sexy and that's why he'll be THE ONE! ahh like Neyo in the Matrix RAIN WILL BE 'THE ONE' lololz Anywho the only bad thing I can think of is now I gota argue and mug the American chick fams when they finally find out about him and start crushing over him. Ima have to be like "yall just now knowing about him. Ive loved this man for 4 years already! (by the time he gets out the Army plus the 2 years ive known about him).

    Sorry this was so long....I ramble uncontrollably when chatting about Rain.

  9. "because apparently rugged and ragged is hetero male chic."


    And yet the gay men are the ones who are risking lives and limbs just to serve in the military. But we're the sissies. How many straight dudes do you know who have tried to enlist. And you can ask many veterans, some of the baddest mofos in the military are the queer soldiers.

    And if these androgynous/effeminate men rocking the guyliner are the ones dragging in the legions of ladies.

    Hate to tell you this straight men (and I'm lying because I love telling this) but straight is the new gay.


  10. My friend use to think that Asian men were okay...until Rain and K-pop. When I showed her Ninja Assassin and a few pics of other Asian male stars she flipped out, now she WANTS an Asian boyfriend no matter the ethnicity.

  11. Stupid internet connection. All right, let's try this again.

    "We've gotten to a point in which every time we see a stylish, clean man, we automatically assume he must be gay, because apparently rugged and ragged is hetero male chic."

    Thank you!

    I don't know how to explain this to straight guys but the toughest mofos in the military, law enforcement and firefighter stations are gays.

    And straight guys, if these effeminate girly men are the ones getting drowned in women, what in the blue hell does that say about your asses?

    How's that right hand working out for you?

  12. "And straight guys, if these effeminate girly men are the ones getting drowned in women, what in the blue hell does that say about your asses?"


    "How's that right hand working out for you?"


  13. I totally went on fangirl mode at Rain's video @3@ lol

  14. Omg rain and seven @____@ it's been a six year and in going love affair with these kpop beauties. But recently I gave it a break, haven't been obsessing for a good couple of months, even Shinee (whom I totally uses to go into fangirl spans mode over---tears and all) doesn't really perk my interests anymore (AT THE MOMENT) but in the time I've taken a step back from kpop I've really has time to think about WHY I love it and if I will ever truly get over it and Asian men..... But the biggest thing that sort of bothers me with a lot of kpop fans and new kpop fans, is that they forget Asia is MORE than just KOREA. Anything Asian has to be Korean and they developed the biggest, ugliest bias for all things KOREAN and I can't help thinking how totally unfair that is... Does anyone else notice this or am I over thinking?

  15. Sorry about the typos, my itouch is a know it all -___-

  16. @ Kenji - I've noticed it too, and I'm not even on the pop forums and hangouts. If it's not Korean, it's Japanese.

  17. I'm hoping that the success of J-Pop and K-Pop is just the beginning, which I sincerely believe it is. I hope it opens doors for Thailand, and Vietnam, and Laos, and the Philippines, and Indonesia, and Malaysia, and I could go on and on.

    Hip hop, I've noticed, has a growing and steady presence in this genre, so I'm hope to see more Asian rappers come forward and get the same or more amount of attention.

    The issue is curiosity. Non-Asian fans need to be more curious. When they see a K-Pop star do his thing, they need ask, "Who else is available?" Instead of zeroing on Korea, they need Google the whole damn continent.

    It's odd, because as an African, it's the reverse for us. We're still trying to get people say actual country names, rather than constantly group 1000 different cultures under just one name - Africa.

  18. @ Neo

    You got trapped in the spam blocker. Rescued you and your hilarious youtube link.

    Makes me wonder if, more specifically, straight is the new lesbian. Think about...sensitive tomboyish guys who love music.

  19. Kenji,

    Yes, I'm with you on that one. While I support the route in how K-pop is going, at the same time some of these fans and netizens are becoming rather big headed about their fame. I mean, it's like some of them don't know how to act to it.It has been said that some people in the Kpop would can come over and get your stuff,but do not want no foreigner( barely non Koreans also) to enter their domain. What I laugh at the most is how some of them put these "oppas" on a pedestal. It seems that everything is YOUR fault and their famous K-pop entertainers are innocent of any crimes..even if it has been done in their face.Honestly, I love Japanese entertainment more and I love Bollywood cinema since I was a kid. That will never leave me. One problem that I have with K-pop is that most of their material( genre/songs) are rarely original. Now there is where Japan and India strong points are. These guys have been in this for ages. Compared to them, Korea is still young.

    It's great that Kpop is making it's mark all over the world and while it should be commended, some of those egos has to go. If They aren't careful, they will fall from grace. and there will be another Asian country that will be crowned King/queen of the world.

  20. @Neo:

    "How's that right hand working out for you?"

    Don't ever say shit like that while I'm eating or drinking...OMG, I nearly lost it!

  21. Um...I thought we was supposed to be fangirlin'???


    I actually dig this song. And for some reason, I like the slo-mo when they drop to their knees.

    And I like how Thunder's getting more confident/dominant. Initially, he was my favorite. Looks like history's about to repeat itself.

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3olDmbS0s7Q

    Fangirling away!!!! Love this song. Love Rain. He's my cell wallpaper and I have the movie poster for Ninja Assassin gracing my wall since it came out.

    And for Gackt fans you can hear him swear during a faux press conference. Lmao. I love the hair but still don't know what the hell is up with it.

    I don't know what it is with mothers and Rain because my Mom is the same. She digs the kid. It makes me so happy.

    Oh and here's some puppies for when the haters get you down.

  23. Asian Music That Is Bumpin In My Ipod:

    Yuya Matsushita - Super Drive (Jpop)

    Jay Park - Demon (Kpop)

    Show Luo - Zhen Ming Tian Zi (Cpop)

    Golf & Mike - Let's Get Down (Thai Pop)

    Adam & Stacy - Menggegar Dunia (Malaysian Pop)

  24. @ Melody

    That's one hell of a selection.

  25. I'm always up for some fangirling, here goes.
    There is something about G-Dragon that I find incredibly sexy. In fact, was almost arrested and jailed for being too sexy. The Seoul District Prosecutor wanted to charge him for a risque performance during his 2009 Shine a Light concert. If he had been convicted, he would have faced a year in prison and a $5,000 fine.
    Here is the performance.

    TOP from Big Bang, is just beautiful. What really made me a fan was he's one of few idols to tell of the fangirls/netizens.
    The announcer needs to shut up, but here's TOP singing.

    I live for this man's photo shoots and here is one of my favorites. You may want to ignore some of the comments.

    Last is Kangin from Super Junior. Most fangirls think he's "too manly", I find him all kinds of delicious.

  26. Wow. If that G-Dragon performance is "gay"...then gay really is the new straight.

    Music was tacky as hell, but *shrug* it happens in this fandom.

  27. If I fangirled all I wanted in this post, I would crash the server!

  28. My list would have to be
    Rain, Taeyang (BIGBANG), Jay Park(Reppin America lols) and Junho Lee (2pm) in that order.

  29. Oh and I can't forget my love for DBSK's Jayjoong and Yunho. Speaking of which.... Yunho is packing down there. ;)

  30. That's an interesting forum topic.....

  31. lol you might have to scroll down to see the gif

  32. That Yunho gif never gets old. There several idols who are "gifted". Not that I pay attention to those kind of things mind you.

  33. Hi, I'm Lifecoaster and I'm a Rain/JYJ/general sessy Asian man addict.

    I find it funny when dudes clown these stars because it's such a thinly veiled expression of jealousy. These dudes hate that all the artists named can guyliner, hair primp, and wear tight clothes all day and still get more ass in a day than if these haters get in a couple of lifetimes. It grates their nerves.

    That being said, have any of you seen the pics of Rain in his uniform? So damn hot. He's one of the few men in the world whom if he walked in my room and just said "Clothes. Off. NOW." I'd comply with a cheeseburger grin.

  34. 0.0 Dear Class of 13...My deepest thanks for the link to that Yunho gif! Ye GODS that man is packing!!!!

    Um... so there are other oppas who are hung like elks? Which ones might those be? Just for the sake of pure academic research mind you. Links??? kamsamnida....

  35. J
    I would definitely take a chance on Tae Yang, Rain, or Lee Hom Wang. I have come across a lot of stuff in the press questioning Lee Hom Wang's sexuality, but he seems to handle it pretty well.

  36. These days I'm listening to more music from southern Africa (Angola and South African house!) and if I'm listening to Asian pop, its mostly female musicians and groups.

    However, I can add to the fangirling.

    Tablo- 나쁘다

    And Eru just because!

  37. I read the blog DramaBeans which is a blog that discusses Kdramas. There was a discussion in one of the comment threads between some of the male members of the site. These were Korean-American men and they specifically mentioned how Kdramas made them feel more confident about their Korean heritage. Watching Kdramas online were their first opportunity to see an image of themselves as the desirable leading man.

  38. You guys already know how I feel about Rain and Mblaq so I thought I'd introduce you to my newest crush: Lee Seung Gi

    He is a singer/actor/tv personality.

  39. I have only caught glimpes of Lee Seung Gi in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.

  40. I really need to get caught up on my KDramas. I'm missing out.


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