Leehom Wang, You Have My Attention

I'm actually disappointed it took me this long to learn about Leehom Wang. An American-born and raised Chinese actor, producer, singer, and musician, Leehom is currently based in Taiwan.  Formally trained in music, he's known for blending traditional Chinese instrumentation and vocalization with elements of hip hop and R&B.

I first fell in love with him when I saw him in Little Big Soldier, opposite Jackie Chan (in his most bearable role in ages).  If you have Netflix, it's available for streaming and it's highly recommended.  His performance blew me away.  Seriously, Narrators, his work in that film was outstanding. When he growls at a deserter, "How can you say our whole army was wiped out when I'm right in front of you?" (paraphase), it was instant love for me.

I swear, if he ever does a Blasian film, my head will explode.  I wouldn't even make it through the credits.

He's also in the infamous Ang Lee film, Lust, Caution, where ten minutes' worth of sex scenes reportedly took over 100 hours to film.  Leehom, unfortunately, is not in any of the sex scenes.  I don't think he even appears shirtless or kisses anyone, which totally shattered me because Leehom + an NC-17 rating was my whole reason for watching the damn film.

Anyways, this man's got me excited.  His music's not really my cup of tea, but his acting definitely is, and I cannot wait to see what he does next.

Okay, this one's better. And it features Rain.

From Little Big Soldier

Like I said...

From Lust, Caution


  1. And though Netflix doesn't list it when you search for him by name, he's also in "China Strike Force" (2000), which is also available for streaming. Watching it now.

  2. "How can you say our whole army was wiped out when I'm right in front of you?"

    Nice! Cute, too. You be screencapping the hell outta these movies.

  3. Sadly, I have only seen him in the Japanese movie called Moon Child which also co-stars Gackt and Hyde. Leehom Wang played the character Son.

    Here's another interesting fact, during the 2008 Summer Bejing Olympic Games he sang the closing ceremony song, "Bejing Bejing, I Love Bejing" alongside with Kelly Chen, Han Xue, and Rain.

  4. ...during the 2008 Summer Bejing Olympic Games he sang the closing ceremony song, "Bejing Bejing, I Love Bejing" alongside...Rain.


  5. His music's really not my cup of tea.

    You might have been drinking the wrong kind of tea. So, I'm just gonna drop this right here.

    Leehom Wang ft. Rain & J-Lim - Perfect Interaction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UfXsjVn23Y (unfortunately Rain was unable to make it to be in the music video)

  6. LOL - I just embedded that vid in this post & posted it on Facebook.

    I could listen to him rap all day.

  7. If Rain had made an appearance.....

  8. I like his album "Heroes of Earth" and in particular "Rang Kai". His use of Chinese Opera and Hip Hop is pretty brilliant. I would never have expected such different genres working harmoniously.

    I'll have to check out his film work.

  9. Oh Damn! That was him in Lust Caution? Excellent film by the way.

  10. I remember enjoying Heroes of Earth too. ^_^ He hasn't gone back to that style since, has he?

  11. If I recall correctly, he aims to achieve a different sound on each album.

  12. Did you see Leehom's own directed and written movie "Love in Disguise"? He's the main character too! It's on youtube with English subtitles... A must see.

    And this Japanese movie with him is great too:


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