"Romeo Must Wed", a cartoon cookie

I seriously doubt this one needs an intro.  Way back when the Narrative was young, we watched this ep for many a moon on our Facebook page.


  1. I remember this show. I used to watch it. However, it's been years since I've watched it. This episode is definitely and interesting one. It's not too often you see a blasian pairing in a cartoon rather anime or american.

  2. I was surprised too, but with Dante being the voice Kwok, it seemed expected somehow.

  3. My friends and I were just talking about this episode...*sigh* back when Disney was good.

  4. Yeah...what DID happen to the Disney shows?

    1. They decided to dumb down, stop being socially conscious, and stop doing cartoons for the most part. you know, like other kid stations. I think too many dumb parents complained about how kids couldn't handle such issues, humor, the fact that whites didn't have to be the center of everything, more than two forms of animation(I think that the only reason kids are getting dumber is due to these people who insist on underestimating children).
      It seems that they got rid of the shows centering around POC first though. They cancelled this at the height of it's popularity and downgraded the writing and made it all about how black the family was in That's So Raven, before finally cancelling it when people stopped watching(gee, I wonder why they stopped >.>).

      Am I wrong for thinking that the the media was LESS racist in the 90's? Now everyone is talking about "colorblindness" so that they can push their white agenda without interference from POCs. And when that doesn't work for them, they throw these minstrel sitcoms at us to shut us up.

      (sorry, meant to reply to you the first time)


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