Star Trek: Captain Richard Robau

I'm not going to do the usual character study where Captain Richard Robau of Star Trek (2009) is concerned.  There's not enough "character" to study.

Don't get me wrong; the praise that stunning actor Faran Tahir earned for his striking portrayal of Robau is perfectly deserved.  *fans self* However, I feel some of the critical acclaim is an attempt to compensate for his brief presence (and boy does he have presence) in the film.

If you are watching the film, you don't learn much about him before he dies, and he dies at the very beginning of the film.  There are no flashbacks for us to learn a little more of this awesome, ideal Captain who gets murdered in cold blood while trying to negotiate for the safety of his crew.  His death is treated as less important than George Kirk's death, and later in the film, he's not mentioned at all.  George Kirk is, however...how about that?  How quickly people forget that it was this Captain's sacrifice which bought his second-in-command enough time to regroup and plan his own sacrifice to save what was left of the crew.  And yeah...the newborn James Kirk.

A fandom of sorts developed around Robau because his magnificent first impression just couldn't be denied, but it appears Ilario Syndrome has gotten a hell of a lot more aggressive since the good ole days of Deep Space Nine.  They can scribble all the prequels and comics they want to, and give him a slightly bigger role to play in those, but the fact remains that most of the Trek fans preferred the movie, and fans of Robau will always have to see him get offed a good five minutes in.

LOVE this man's face!

LOVE this man's shoulders!

RIP Robau


  1. $20 says Faran Tahir and John Cho would smoke cigarettes and shake their heads at the script, saying, "It's a damn shame."

  2. Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl...I've loved Faran Tahir since he was in Iron Man. Sexy, sexy, sexy...and I yelled "BALLS!" when he got got within minute #5. And he was wearing the hell out of that uni...good Claude...! He's got a marvelous Milk Dud head and a glorious nose that can be used for far more than smelling.

    *gets self together* I would like to see more of this man, figuratively and literally. Mmn.

  3. What a striking man! Such masculine features.

    It is a familiar old trope to have the POC characters be killed off and then the REAL action and story revolve around the white ones. Sigh.

    Maybe some good screenplays will get produced from all the great writing getting done this month for NaNoWriMo. I can hope anyway.

  4. And the messed up part? Even with all their extensive screen time and action scenes, none of those boys held a candle to this man.

  5. Ankh, that was because Robau was a MAN, not an overgrown teenager. You know I like for my men to look like men, and if you look at sheer physical stature, neither Kirk nor Spock could hang. It's like Captain Robau graduated from Swag University, while Kirk and Spock barely made it through high school.

    That introductory pic you have is amazing. I could see myself (sorta) boo'ed up with him.

  6. That introductory pic you have is amazing.

    Even with the wedding ring?

  7. Especially because of it. It makes him even more distinguished.

  8. I'm not a huge fan of the 09 Trek (I'm a Prime uni fan, hehe) but if they made a movie just from those first few moments centered around Capt. Robau in the 24th century fighting Romulans in a First Contact type of story (complete with an Alfre Woodard-like character, say, with Naomie Harris)... Oooh, it would be so win.

  9. He really does need his own movie. Or show,. I wouldn't mind watching him for an hour once a week.

  10. See, that's how you end up spraining your wrist.

  11. His body was incredible in that uniform! His waist was amazing. You're hilarious Ankh! lol

  12. You're hilarious Ankh!

    *innocent blink*


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