Empire Corner

Empire Corner is a short film by J.P. Chan featuring Teyonah Parris, Alexis Camins, Shalita Grant, Jo Mei, Corey Antonio Hawkins, Aaron Moten, and Tyrien Obahnjoko.

Watch it.

Finished watching it? Great! Isn't Teyonah adorable! Am I the only person who sees the chemistry between her character and Alexis'? The way they were eyeing each other *groan* too sweet.

Did you feel Empire Corner ended on a sad note, well here is the sequel by Richard Wong, Wu is Dead.

So even though I was not initially happy that, well Wu is dead, I enjoyed watching this short as well. I love the martial arts in this one, my love for wuxia is no secret 'Wu Brother #5 is so classic'. This short is funny too. Sun Mei is so badass, and I love her and Alma forming an axil of evil. And the ending just makes me wonder who Wu really was.

I need this to be a feature-length movie, I am talking 2 hours here. First of all, there needs to be more development between Alma and Wu's characters, flirting is not enough. I don't mind if Wu is killed in this movie because, as I said earlier, I love Alma and Sun Mei together. The martial arts can remain but Alma needs to be more involved. Sun Mei could mix the poisons and engage in hand to hand combat while Alma uses a long-range weapon.

Alma and Sun Mei would have to investigate Wu's business with Tang and they'd discover all sorts of things involving rivalry between Chinese restaurants and food. Together they'd bring Tang down because they still need to avenge Wu. But this would reveal yet another enemy. *Sigh* the possibilities!

What do you think of both short films? Comments will be duly appreciated!


  1. both flicks were awesome. the sequel, definitely cinema material...

    the type of action flick i've been craving!

    sorry, but Kill Bill kinda ruined the action genre for me with its kick ass awesomeness (tributes to old exploitation and kung-fu were excellent)and killer soundtrack. not to mention the cliff hanger ending to the first movie...epic! ever since then the genre has appeared sub-par...always up for suggestions though...

    until then, i'll be finishing off Samurai Champloo on Netflix when i get the chance.

  2. Now she is sexy. That big beautiful smile of hers would stop traffic.

  3. POC on the web are really stepping things up!!!

  4. It'd be great if you could get an interview with J.P. Chan.

  5. I also would love an interview!

    I'm glad you posted the sequel, eccentricyoruba, because just Empire Corner was very depressing. Your vision for the feature length film sounds awesome! I'd gladly go plunk my money down to see that in the theater. Luckily for us, the internet is providing such awesome quality work that we can watch for free!

  6. Thank you, EccentricYoruba! I saw this a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be perfect for BN and here it is in all of its perfection! After seeing Empire Corner, I rushed on over to youtube to find out what else Teyonah Parris was into as well. Not enough if you ask me.

    POC are all over the internet. I don't even know why anyone bothers with network television.

  7. @Joyful

    Luckily for us, the internet is providing such awesome quality work that we can watch for free!

    This is the truth! I'm so happy that we can access such goodies over the internet. We can just ignore Hollywood and their white supremacist roots.


    Thanks! Teyona is so beautiful, I agree. I don't understand why people bother with network television these days either. But believe it or not there are actually people of colour out there that believe that if they did not support Hollywood, network televisions and their stereotypes of people of colour, they'd have nothing to watch! The horror.

  8. I love these two movies. You get that kind of atmosphere, you don't get in more popular media.

  9. That was brilliant. I want something full-length as well.


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