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I know most people on the Narrative are straight-up Rain groupies and that’s all well and good.  He’s a sexy thing; tight in all the right places with abs you could wash clothes on.  Ankh recently did a post and changed the blog in honor of the 2nd anniversary of Ninja Assassin and gave mad props to Raizo, portrayed by Rain.  Raizo’s a hottie, but I’m a stone-cold Takeshi fan.  Takeshi, played by the sexy, drop-dead gorgeous, extra-fine Rick Yune, makes my toes curl.  He’s given woefully little screen time, but best believe my copy of NA tends to stick in places where he gets it.  And speaking of getting it, he can get it!!  This is my love letter to my baby’s daddy.




Bring it on...
I hereby reject the reality in which Takeshi dies, and have thus created my own in which he lives forever.  He shall continue to exist under the persona of Ryo, one of the protagonists in Adrenalin, the novel.


  1. As my sister says "He can get it. All of it!" Oh, and I've read Adrenaline ... more than once. *fans self*

  2. Omg that was so HOT!!! Will there be another chapter? That was some seriously good stuff; what fanfiction is supposed to be! I'll be having explicit dreams tonight, lol!

    I have a thing for Rick Yune, too. He is so different from Rain, and yet equally fine. To have them both in Ninja Assassin upped the eye-candy quotient by orders of magnitude. Those lips! Lawd!!! Yes he can get it... and twice on Sundays!

    While we're talking about eye candy in the movie... who was that fine ABC getting tattooed in the opening scene? He could get a taste too.

  3. @Joyful His name is Sung Kang and he also played Han in Tokyo drift as well as Fast five and a lot of other things. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DHq86W8IZ8&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykqo0nqobkQ

  4. Thanks TruthSeeker! I thought he looked familiar. Of course I've heard of the fabulous Sung Kang but I didn't recognize him in Ninja Assassin. He looked so much younger in the film than he has been looking lately in photos. That's the power of make-up for you! Anyway, he is extremely luscious and has featured in my private thoughts (read: XXX fantasies) more than once XD

    Ankh, can you explain your cryptic comment? I hope it wasn't in reaction to my excessive fangirling... :(

  5. @Joyful:

    I assure you that Ankh's comment was directed towards me. She absolutely knows that Rick Yune makes me break all my rules and bend my own standards. She knows how I feel about Takeshi's unnecessary demise.

    In regards to a sequel to "Adrenalin," I haven't given it any thought. I did mention when I first wrote the story that I pictured Kameko & Takeshi surviving the massacre at the shido. But Ankh, visionary that she is, suggested an idea or two that made me decide to explore their future in a novel.

    So, unless the muse says otherwise, "Adrenalin" will stand alone. I will say that she loves cookies and plot prompts, so if you have a suggestion or an idea for a potential sequel, by all means feed her.

  6. @Amaya, Oh, great to know. I just find myself going a little overboard sometimes when it comes to my fave guys, and when it comes to Ninja Assassin in general! :p

    If you do make a novel out of Kameko and Takeshi's story, I will buy a copy. I love supporting blasian lit!

  7. @Joyful, you are welcome.


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