Blasian Lit Thread #13

Fallen by Elise Marion

 In a world full of the sick and dying, the hurting and desperate, and those lost in darkness, angels dwell. An angel of healing, Amir has spent centuries performing miracles for people hovering at the very edge of death.
A professional ballerina, Shayla lives her life to dance. Abandoned by her family, she is alone in the world yet determined to pursue her dream. When a car accident leaves Shayla in critical condition and in danger of never dancing again, it seems that all hope is lost.
Amir enters Shayla’s life intending to heal her, but when he sees her laying in her hospital bed fighting for her life, something unfamiliar resounds within him. A stranger to desire and love, Amir is drawn to Shayla like a moth to a flame despite the fact that the rules of heaven forbid angels to engage in romantic relationships with mortals. Should he give in to temptation he will become one of the “Fallen”, demons cursed to the depths of hell for eternity.
As his desire for Shayla rises to fever pitch, Amir will face the choice between love and damnation, or loneliness and divinity. Will an angel who has roamed the earth alone for centuries choose to continue on the path of righteousness, or will he fall captive to his burning desires and be forever damned?
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My comments: Can I just say that Amir is an Arabic name? I visited Dubai for the first time in September 2011 and since then I've caught the Arab swag fever ~appropriate gif~. A friend described her experience in the Dubai Mall on weekends as 'the sea of white' meaning all the attractive men in pristine white thobes, along with the ghutrah and aqal. I've always had a weakness for attractive people in traditional clothes. 

Here, I believe, we have an Arab angel?! I haven't read this yet but most likely will.

Happy Effin Valentine by Stephanie Burke in Wild Wishes
Effin had nothing but bad luck and misery until that pretty kitty passed her way. Suddenly bad dates, bad clothes, worse sisters were a thing of the past. To add to her change in fortune, it turned out that her new cat was actually a lucky, lusty shape-shifting Neko. But could she believe in the staying power of her luck and her sexy lucky charm?

Effin Damnwell Hurtzs is having a bad year; no, make that a bad life. Born on Friday the 13th, it seems that Effin can either have no luck or bad luck. Just when Effin gives up on dating, her horrified best friend Christa sets her up on a date with a C.P.A. Figuring that a C.P.A. is boring and that nothing bad can happen, Effin sets in to make herself presentable. Evidently fate is working against her yet again when her supposedly C.P.A. date is actually a hoodlum, and the BMW he is driving is possibly stolen.

Masataka loves women. Loves them. Especially ones with nice butts. However, this love he feels gets him into trouble because Masa has the bad habit of falling for women who are not free. On one such instance, Masa made a husband so angry that he cursed Masa to a lifetime of being a simple house cat until the right woman comes along. Masa figures it won't take long, but now, after years and years of being a cat, Masa is dying to settle down and be human again. When Masa happens to come across a crying Effin, he does what any cat would do and rubs against her. Effin, in her surprise, brings the cat home and the rest is history (book description from this review).
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My comments: This story is part of an anthology. I'd buy the anthology because this description has me curious but I'm not sure about the other two stories

Player's Ultimatum by Koko Brown
Yvonne Floyd's best friend and gay soccer player Robbie Gutierrez proposes the impossible, pose as his fiancée until he can ink a lucrative contract with one of Italy's premiere football clubs. Hounded day and night by the media's constant speculation over his sexual orientation, Robbie doesn't want to run the risk of losing his career over who he sleeps with. Although Yvonne feels Robbie has lost his marbles, she takes one for the team.

As Yvonne is initiated into the fast-paced world of international soccer, she's ill-prepared for a mutual attraction to Robbie's teammate, Paolo Saito. And when the Japanese-Brazilian footballer discovers her secret and turns the tables on her, Yvonne loses sight of her goal, and risks sacrificing more than just her heart.

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My comments: Ooh~ A Japanese-Brazilian hero and I've read work by Koko Brown, she's all right.

The Girl Says Yes by Jane O'Roarke
Can an auspicious match begin with a gunshot wound? And is revenge a dish best served naked? FBI agent Cassie O'Brian has met her match in Navy SEAL Raj Gupta. Or has she?

The problems stack up as Cassie and Raj butt heads as they race to find a secretive terrorist group before time runs out. A matchmaking mother and family obligations are complication’s Raj doesn’t need as he battles to win the heart of a reluctant woman.

As Cassie and Raj are swept into a passion that almost consumes them-- revelations from Cassie’s past threatens their very lives.

Warning: Contains sexy Navy SEALs, long hot loving with toys, and a kick-ass heroine who finally meets her match.
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My comments: Another Blindian romance!


  1. On the one hand, I'm still not really feeling some of the covers, and the blurbs are not delectable.

    However, I'm glad to see a less Japan/Koreancentric selection of Blasian romance.

    Woman, how do you find all these books? I thought Blasian lit was rare; now we've damn near got a library!!!!

  2. Still not big on the romance but this seems to be a much better selection in terms of quality (maybe the last thread has lowered my standards).

    Won't lie, I had some concerns about Player's Ultimatum. Being a queer POC and constantly seeing us be the punchline in media, the blurb gave me pause, but the execution could be good. So if you vouch for Koko, I may have to check it out. If for nothing other than the cover. ;-)

  3. I'm really not feeling these blurbs, especially Player's Ultimatum.

  4. Wow! They seem to really be cranking these books out! I'm like Ankh. I wasn't aware there were so many blasian lit writers out there.

  5. @ Nicole - Yea, for real. On one hand, I'm grateful; on the other hand, I will be over the moon when I see a Blasian other-than-romance novel.

    I'd brainstorm one, if I didn't already have enough creative projects on my plate.

  6. Also, I've been reading reviews for some of these and other indie-published work, and I see the same refrain - poor editing, etc. It's a shame when an otherwise great story is felled by these errors. =(

  7. So many blasian novels! I wish I had time to read them all!

  8. @Ankh

    These covers are more shiny than the ones in the previous lit thread!

    Woman, how do you find all these books?

    I actually have no idea considering that I mostly read steampunk, speculative fiction and fan fic these days. I've found lists compiling books with interracial themes and when I sift through them I find some with Asian men.


    It is possible that the last thread lowered your standards.

    Won't lie, I had some concerns about Player's Ultimatum. Being a queer POC and constantly seeing us be the punchline in media, the blurb gave me pause, but the execution could be good. So if you vouch for Koko, I may have to check it out. If for nothing other than the cover. ;-)

    I have this horrible habit of not reading blurbs in their entirety! And I admit seeing Koko Brown's name, 'Japanese-Brazilian' and the cover caused me to gloss over the rest. However, when I did sit down to really read the blurb I had the same concerns!

    Luckily, Koko has sent me a copy to review and I'm now in the process of reading. So, if you could hold on checking out the book till I write that review...


    The way I see it a lot of authors who previously wrote erotica/romance with black women and white men are beginning to move into using Blasian themes.


    I'm currently reading Koko Brown's 'Player's Ultimatum' and so far no poor editing. My main worry was how she presented/wrote Robbie.

    Also, I've included books with Blasian themes that are not romance novels in previous threads! You should check them out when you can.

  9. @eccentricyoruba

    Thanks. I look forward to your review.


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