The Narrative is Still in Love with Wang Leehom

Just because.

Seriously...learning about Wang Leehom turned me back into a Rain-type fan from the days of yore...you know, where you watch one video around 9 pm, and then you look up it's somehow morning?

Leehom does that too.

My roommate describes him as literally being "perfect." It's nigh impossible find fault with how he looks or anything he says.

The clip of his violin-playing renders me speechless every time.

The following video really captured what my roommate was saying.  Jackie Chan refers to God as being "unfair" because he made Wang Leehom so handsome.

Don't bother asking why he's not more famous in the West.  Which Hollywhite producer/casting agent/director do you think is willing to put this man in front of an American audience?


  1. He's all kinds of dreamy. *sighs*

  2. *Sighs and melts into a boneless pile of Cece*

  3. I just fell in love alll over again *puts hand over heart and sighs*

  4. Even Jackie can't resist kissing this man:


  5. The glasses and the violin did it for me right there.

  6. anonymous J

    I've seen him playing a number of instruments. Started gettin into his stuff in 2008-09. Kinda got me interested in learning Mandarin, trying to sing along to his songs with no prior knowledge of Mandarin---he's just that good, and yes Lee Hom Wang is fine.


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