Star Trek: Fenna/Nadell

Fans will recognize actress Salli Richardson of Eureka fame.  I'm really not surprised she had an episode on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and her character was original in all the good old-fashioned Trekky ways.

"Fenna" is a mental projection of the alien Nadell, thus Nadell is real, while Fenna's real-ness is up for debate.  Sisko has the misfortune to fall for Fenna, and lose her because her presence levies a great toll on Nadell's neurological health.

Character Pros

1) She's portrayed by Salli Richardson.  Can't go wrong with that.

2) Fenna is the love interest of Benjamin Sisko, while Nadell is married to a scientist visiting the space station.  Gotta love all that love!

3) Fenna's free-spirited nature beautifully contrasts Nadell's almost Vulcan demeanor.  Richardson portrays both women to perfection.

4) The wardrobe stylist did not disappoint on this episode.  Which makes you wonder where this stylist was when it came time to dress Captain Kasidy Yates.

5) She doesn't die.


I can't really think of any.

Final Verdict

Good job, which is expected from DS9.  Usually, I'm upset whenever a beautiful POC shows up on a show just once and then disappears forever. It often leaves me asking, "Why did they even bother?"  But in the case of Fenna/Nadell, this was a good one-shot. It was complete, and left few (if any) questions unanswered.

As Fenna
As Nadell (rhymes with "Adele")


  1. Love the costume design here and what great hair! So much win!

    1. Makes you wonder what the hell happened later on.

  2. Salli Richardson is gorgeous. Sisko fell hard and fast; who could blame him.

  3. And years later Salli Richardson hasn't aged a bit.

    1. She really hasn't! And it's been about two decades!!! WOW!!!


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