Steve Aoki...Explanation, Please?

(h/t to the Narrators constantly posting goodies on our Facebook)

Steve Aoki, you have my attention.  And my props.

I'll be honest; I don't typically dig electronica, but Wynter Gordon has a nice voice, this was an interesting video, and these chorus lyrics.....
A little bit of talk, a little bit of pleasure
A little bit of making out, and then we work it out
A little smoky smoke, tell me a dirty joke
Up on your roof, up on your roof
And we don’t need nobody, it’s our little party,
Just us two, just us two
And we don’t need nobody, cause we go ladi dadi
Just us two, me and you, me and you
I gotta ask: who came up with the video concept, and who wrote those lyrics?


  1. I love the lyrics and the video concept. I like how dark it is. It really holds your attention.Japanese artist seem a bit more "edgy" which I like.

    1. "I like how dark it is."

      Yeah, some couples love "hard" like this. ;)

      I like the song and the video. When I first saw it I thought about sending it to Ankh. But I didn't because of reasons... :/

    2. Y'all know I'm the Mistress of the Dark, so this video concept? Win. I just wrote a blog post on love like this. A lot of people may not understand couples with this kind of dynamic, but they're not meant to.

      monochromatic.rainbow says it's foreplay. Damn straight it is. What we don't see is them getting it in afterwards.

    3. @ Amaya

      I am not surprised.

      This really was a kick-ass video, and the song is awesome. I too would've have preferred a slower version.

  2. who came up with the video concept
    Might not help you if you want to know if it was a fantasy of Aoki though...

    "who wrote those lyrics?"

    The concept is creepy but I kinda enjoyed it. I like finding out about DJs so DJ Steve Aoki is another Asian in my list.

  3. Love them both and this video got me so excited since I first saw it on the BN fb page. Even the art for the single has them as Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


  4. I love almost EVERYTHING about this video. I felt like the song should have had a slower tempo, but it's in complete disharmony with the video itself. But the video? Love, love, love, love, love.

    Inspired? Yes, I am.

  5. Oh I love this (as well as his other songs and remixes). He did a show at a place near my University a few years back.


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