AMBW Poetry?

For those familiar with my viewpoint and opinion should know that I am a proud supporter of AMBW (as well as anything that helps to break down stereotypes) and I couldn't help but notice that it was honestly a bit superficial IMO. What I mean by that is that obviously, there are physical traits that accompany any person of any heritage, however, when it comes down to it, the concept should ideally be led into a mutual bond of two people, like words see beyond the label and look directly at the meaning (or person in this case). Or is that a bit too much?

I do rarely participate in the facebook groups just to mess with people and/or troll to call out the awkwardness of an overtly sexual post. There was a page that held a poetry contest that would best represent the group. I do understand that I have a bit of a bias towards my work but for that reason, I was not upset with second (moreso not getting the $25 prize was the slap in the face considering that gas is killing me the way my kids and I kill local buffets).

The idea overall was to come up with a poem that would best represent the page/movement. I'll post a couple of lines from other various poets as well as my own and I'll let you decide the appropriateness of such words. Mind you, this is not a bash on any of these people's work.

Yours Truely:
Understand the misconception that comes between a love between her and I
The obscure of that in this country, a black girl and an asian guy
Our love, you cannot understand.
Our bond you cannot break
Our life we share together
Your ignorance cannot take
We share the looks
we share the words
We share the hatred
We knowingly strike a nerve
We exist representing a love that is between a black girl and an asian guy
We exist so hopefully one day, we will be recognized as a love between just a girl, and just a guy

and some excerpts:
-"Your Skin oozes sensuality that of
chocolate on Valentines that of hot sex on the beach"

-"Riding the black panther, Riding the ancient dragon buck wild
So much is flowing from these beautiful beasts"

-"how much passion for this black women hold in this korean man
such taboo this is we shouldnt pursue it"

Leave your thoughts. Am I correct in questioning whether this is an appropriate direction for this "movement"  or is there something more?

-Christopher Chrispy AKA Kon


  1. I honestly agree with you Kon.

    1. Me too. I mean, seriously, c'mon people. SMH

  2. Wth was that black panther, ancient dragon shit? That's what they are calling poetry now? I find that piece offensive. Ariel M.

    1. I read that and started laughing. Like WTF!?

  3. Lawd, indeed. I felt embarrassed reading that bull.

  4. I think those poems focused a lot on the sexual relationship rather than a real relationship. Anyone can hook up with someone of a different race or nationality but that doesn't mean that the hook up was ever an attempt at a real relationship. I felt your poem, Kon, was a lot more realistic and poetic. :-)

  5. I agree with Ankhesen Mie, that's embarrassing, it's not all about the sex...Kon yours was beautiful I liked the way you ended it; We exist so hopefully one day, we will be recognized as a love just between a girl and a guy...ahhh<3

  6. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........

    1. I laughed so loud I'm sure people down the hall heard! This was exactly how I felt....ohh what is this world coming to?

  7. Riding a black panther? Jesus take the damn wheel..

  8. Really. Really. Bad. Porn. That was painful but I'm busy laughing my ass off :X What do you tell your kids???

    In all seriousness, need you ask? ("is there something more?") Leave that exotification in the dirt where it belongs. Great writing and truth, mister. You should just tear into that garbage, I'd enjoy hearing/reading your unapologetic thoughts. Aaaaaand..... I'd really appreciate it if you shared more of your poems! :D

  9. Kon's poem would get a A+ (ergo, you should have won 1st ><). It was sincere, simple, and lovely and demonstrating what love should be. The excerpts were..horse manure. That is all on that, but I agree that Kon should post more poetry.

  10. It seems like for a lot of people, approaching AMBW relationships with Kon's angle makes the act seem much less... steamy. Sex seems more passionate, more exciting than any other thing, and help fuel the fantasies, because apparently that's just what they want, cf Lilymoon's comment. It's a lazy, people-pleaser angle. There are so many other things that could be discussed. I liked your poem Chrispy, especially the ending. It made me think of the short "Tall Enough". It's like "AMBW for dummies".
    And to answer your question, I don't want AMBW to go in that direction. There's a limit to how harmless fantasizing can be before it gets plain ridiculous.

  11. And also ...

    Enough with everything Asian being Korean. Okay I get it you love K-Pop and K-Dramas (I do to) but Korea is NOT the only Asian culture/country that you can appreciate. I hear so many silly girls talking about how they want a Korean man. Korean this ... Korean that. I have to give these girls a side eye. They want another Tae yang or Onew, they don't want a lasting relationship with a man that just so happens to be Asian.

    Not sure if this is on topic ... but I just had to get this off my chest.

  12. What is so creative about talking about sex? That's all people talk about in music, on tv, now poetry can we please get back to things that matter like real love. Kon by the way your poem was better, it had real meaning to it because at the end of the day their is more to life than sex. Sex without love is meaningless. Thats my two cents.


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