Asian and Black. It Starts Young...

Good morning, afternoon, night, whatever time you may be reading this, kids (btw this is how I talk to my kids).

From the first post, I've learned that my contributions with be something of a personal nature moreso than what may be prevalent in media so I hope that doesn't deter anyone.

Now on with the actual post.

Asian and Black. Or Black and Asian. It Starts Young.

Now, for those of you that don't know me outside of here or outside of youtube, I teach dance to youngins. 2 of those groups are predominately asian while the 3rd is predominately black.

These groups specifically promote a Christian message so in that nature, they have similarities. Dance-wise, one does hip-hop choreo while the other does step (think Stomp the Yard-esque).

How does this relate to the blog at hand?

Most of the kids and teenagers are young and impressionable at this age.

First, I would like them to know that though the styles may be different, their message is the same and there is no reason why there shouldn't be a crossover (as I have members from one group incorporated into the other).

Second, I want them to subconsciously view race less as a trait and moreso as nothing in regards to their character. I truely believe that the bulk of the religion that is racism is learned primarily from youth to adulthood. It is my hope that, in regards to the message of this particular site; if I can help to change the outlook of one group to another (even if it is just 10-20 people maybe), isn't it worth it to take that extra step?

Essentially in the context that the viewpoints within the Black and Asian community haven't always seen eye to eye, isn't that kind of step worth taking to begin with?

I sound like an idealist but I hope that intellectual conversation on this site and sites like this will hopefully reach beyond a mature audience but also be transparent to a younger generation around us to the point of viewing an interracial couple as 'normal' or seeing a crime as a crime without the factor of race.

Baby steps maybe but the first step is always the hardest, kids....

-Christopher Chrispy AKA Kon
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  1. Well, I'm proud of you. Haha. No really. What you are doing is a great thing, and all of what you said here is true.

  2. Chrispy, I heard that. Good post.

  3. Awwww...tell us more about the kids. How did you land this gig?

    1. through a family member as well as a couple of friends with the step group

  4. Thank you for posting this,well said.

  5. I second GM motion with the applause.

    I agree. There are a lot of impressionable kids out there who are more concerned about fitting in with their friends than knowing what is best for themselves. No, you're not an idealist, you're doing the right things in using creative dance for them( Black/Asians) to connect and communicate with each other. God knows in a racially hostile world, such things like this are needed.Keep up the good work.

  6. That's a really good initiative :)

  7. OH MY GOD!!!!

    Ankh, this is genius on your part for letting this man post on BN!

    Been watching his videos for a while and hes is so amazing....he's got like 1800 things going on and has such a deep , real, and spiritual prospective. I swear i dont know how dude finds time!

    Chrispy, kudos to you...felt everything you said. Keep doing what you do, bro cause you are killing it!!!

  8. Keep up the good work positive works births great rewards.

  9. Every bit counts! So please keep going!


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