Blasian Lit Thread #14

So, a few people have asked how I find these Blasian books, well recently I've subscribed to a few websites that list books with interracial themes. What I do is go through these lists and click at random, sometimes I come across books with Blasian themes. I'm sure I miss some so if any of our readers come across recently published books with Blasian themes, please don't hesitate to send an email.

In other news, I stopped bothering to read the books mentioned in these threads by like #3 or #4 because I realised I only wanted to spend money buying books I wouldn't regret purchasing. These days I pretty much limit my reading to speculative fiction and steampunk, when it comes to romance I'm either reading African and Asian authors (mostly Jeannie Lin, Kiru Taye and K.S. Augustin...it's a pity they don't write Blasian stuff) or lesbian and queer (apart from Fiona Zedde most of the lesbian fiction I read is speculative or steampunk).

Onwards with the thread!


Lemon Truffles - Love Instantly (The Chocolate Chronicles) by Cece Monét 
Cheng Liu is a hot shot young Chinese professional. He’s tall, polished, assertive, sexy, ambitious, good looking and used to speaking up and getting what he wants. So when he sees beautiful and equally poised, but shy and reserved African-American professional Angela Hawkins, he knows that opposites definitely attract in this case. He simply must go introduce himself to her and maybe even seduce her in the process… In CeCe Monét's first installment of the contemporary romance series The Chocolate Chronicles… Lemon Truffles – Love Instantly, two young adult workaholic professionals share one steamy, pleasurable night together in Hong Kong. Yet can their short, passionate one night affair turn into a lifetime of love, happiness and companionship? Can their AMBW (Asian Man Black Woman), lemon and chocolate swirl decadence, creamy, sultry, rich, sweet, tangy and indulgent romance survive a seemingly betrayed promise? 
Amazon US

Comments: The author, CeCe Monét seems to be part of the Blasian movement, judging from her blog.

Remedy for Love by LaShonda Adams
What Caron Welch wanted, she got. So, when she set her sights on Lamar Hawkins to be her man, Caron knew for a fact she would make that happen… by any means necessary. But getting what she wants came at a high price for Caron. With a lesson learned, and the help of her best friend Evelyn, Caron soon regroups and is back on track to succeed in achieving her personal goals and an authentic love in the form of a gorgeous Japanese-American man named Samuel. Samuel helps Caron to understand that the only remedy for love is to love more. 
 Amazon US

The Samurai's Kunoichi Wife by Shello Quinn Kat
Oshima the daughter of a Japanese father and an African-American mother was bound by family honor to marry a man she hardly knew. To save her families company from an organization of criminals and to protect the secret she'd inherited from her mother. They'd once been childhood friends until she'd confessed having a crush on him and he had ran away to Japan. Kenji Fujimoto had left Kat in order to live up to the promised he'd made years ago. Now he was back and ready to make her his wife. Hoping that she'll understand and forgive him for leaving he attempts to make amends. But they would both have to survive the danger that awaits them to see that what they need is each other.

Amazon US

Continental Divide by Dyanne Davis

Social worker Tanya Reed has fallen in love-- with baby Jo Jo, a ward of the state. She's determined to find a way to give the baby a home. When an invitation from her friend Heaven to visit Pakistan comes Tanya sees a way to make her dream a reality. She will marry one of Heaven's brothers-in-laws──any millionaire will do.

Imran is in for a culture shock when he meets home girl Tanya with her brassy ways and horrid painted nails. The woman is a gold digger pure and simple. He's too smart to get snared by her. Then again she doesn't want him. He's the poor relation.

When Fate steps in, instant lust claims the pair. But they're smart enough to recognize lust from love, and smart enough to keep the relationship physical only.

When the physical turns to an attraction, Tanya and Imran must decide if it's worth giving up their dreams to pursue a life that will undoubtedly bring pain.
Amazon US

Comments: Continental Divide is part of The Lotus Blossom Chronicles Book 2 which I reviewed here.


  1. You know, I was just wondering when you were going to do another blasian lit thread and here you are!
    Thanks EY!!

  2. I wonder...did Cece Monet get permission to use the pic of Tim Kang & Eissa Davis? If so, how?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I doubt if she got permission.

    2. If not, she better change that quick! Motion picture copyright/i.p. holders DO. NOT. PLAY!

    3. I was wondering that myself. I'm like, "Ain't that that couple from Robot Chicken (or whatever the name of that anthology was)?" She gonna get straight sued if that book catches the wrong person's eye.

    4. Robot Stories, Pink. Robot Stories


    5. >>>>> Hey EccentricYoruba!!!! I'm a fellow 'Narrator' and was interested in the websites that you went to. Can you e-mail me the sites so I can check them out to. Do you have a top 5 Favorite Authors that you like? :) Also, I'm trying to generate more Blasian Content and storylines, do WE, the Blasian Narrative, know any authors I can reach out to? I really appreciate your time. Great Blog!!! :)

    6. @ Robert

      Oh, yes! I've interviewed Sharon Cullars (Gold Mountain) and Lena Matthews (The Good, the Bad, the Naughty).



      I've also interviewed Hayat Ali (The Alpha Promise) and Shiree McCarver.



      Also, some of the authors Eccentric features which stop by her threads and comment. They're always ready to interview!


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