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In the Beginning....

First, I really want to thank all our readers and Narrators for being the incredible, awesome people you are.  I look at our stats and ever growing fans on Facebook and I feel like these last two years have really meant something.  Most folks don't know this, but the Narrative started as a LiveJournal community where all we did was fangirl hot men in videos and talk endlessly about Raizo & Mika.

Now look at us.

We're talking about politics, news, sociology, history, music, and literature.  Eccentric Yoruba just finished her fourteenth Blasian Lit thread - congratulations to her!!!!  You have to understand...she went from not being sure there were even ten Blasian books out there available to showcasing Blasian literature for two whole years.

Then there was the issue of "cookies".  Here at the Narrative, "cookies" are Blasian videos.  Mere pictures don't count: they have to be videos, and they can't just be a couple of people talking into a camera.  For the longest time, we had less than ten videos and it was sheer hell trying to reach ten.  Now we have over thirty, and that's not including our several posts of Blasian porn.

How we do and why

I also want to give some love to our first ever male Narrators, Robert and Chris.  Robert's creative mind and overall energetic optimism have helped draw in a steady following.  And Chris...Chris, Chris, Chris.  When Chris became a Narrator he brought half the internet with him.

Which brings me to our Facebook page.  When you first arrive, there's a giant image of a Blasian couple kissing.  There's a whole library of Blasian imagery.  There are over 450 fans.  Our new tagline is "We get to the point." No more hoping, searching, or scraping for Blasian images, videos, or books - we've got plenty to spare right here, and that's what we've been trying to achieve all along.

Our readers and fans made all this happen.  I love the contributions via FB and email - you guys send us THE best stuff and you help fill in the blanks.

Case in point: I need to give a special shout-out to our shy, quiet Narrator Modest Goddess.  She doesn't post much, but when she does, she makes an impact (like when she unleashed Monsieur Nov upon us).  Modest Goddess introduced us to a witty, good-looking young Filipino-American poet who brazenly proclaimed his love of "chocolate" at a spoken word event.  Problem was, no one knew his name.  Then commenter Mello casually told us the young man's name was TJ Medel, not fully realizing the gem she was handing over.

Changed Blasian Narrative history, y'all.

I wanted to interview TJ, but tracking him down was work.  His Facebook page hadn't been updated since 2009, it had 79 fans, and I had to dig through Myspace to find his email.  When I finally reached him, he graciously granted me an interview, and the next thing we knew, folks couldn't stay off his FB page.  He boasts 200 fans as of today and if you visit his page, you can see he's experiencing no shortage in chocolate.

We all did that.  We all shared and contributed to something greater and we did it together.  Words cannot express how proud I am of us.

So what's next?

Keep contributing!  Keep giving!  Don't be shy - you never know what could happen.

Which reminds me: all you great-looking men and women out there - keep taking pictures!  Sooooo many Blasian writers out there need good books covers and they're really struggling to find decent imagery.

So always feel free post your pictures on FB or leave your name and email address so we can promote you - it's what we're here for!  Don't feel shy or vain; never hesitate to share what you do with us.  We're all family and we're all in this together.

Big ups to our kinfolk in music; best believe we pay attention to you too and have your backs as well.

(We've already posted the official video enough, thank you
very much.  The live version is just as fan-worthy.  *fans*)

In conclusion, it's been a great two years.  Let's keep it going, so consider this an open thread.  What's on your mind?  What are some things you'd like to see and have you found anything interesting on the web lately?  Narrators and commenters alike, share!


  1. One of my favorite sites on the web and like a fine wine, you're getting better with age. Thank you BN for being like a lovely haven on the web. I've actually found a lot more queen blasian porn on the web. Somewhat tripped over it.

    1. http://www.tubewolf.com/movies/black-and-asian-have-lesbian-sex-in-grass/?promoid=awn (my personal fave)


      http://www.xhamster.com/movies/773949/chinese_amp_black_lesbian.html (old school)

      There's more so if you like those I'll continue to post.

    2. Wow. Maybe the narrative can create a separate blog linked to this one just for the blasian porn collection. lol!

  2. Have you ever heard of Ballet Black? It is basically a ballet company made up of Black and Asian dancers.
    As for new ideas, I would love to see blasian steampunk/fantasy. If Africans and Asians have met throughout history, I am surprised that no one has used those events for inspiration.

    I also remember reading in one of the porn posts that porn between bw/am was different to porn with other types of couples. I would love to see a comparison. Is blasian porn more respectful and mutually gratifying than other types?

    1. As for new ideas, I would love to see blasian steampunk/fantasy. If Africans and Asians have met throughout history, I am surprised that no one has used those events for inspiration.

      Yes to Blasian steampunk and fantasy! I adore steampunk. I actually reviewed Lavie Tidhar's Camera Obscura on the BN, the heroine of that book is a former Dahomey Amazon and through several fun events she becomes "linked" to a South-Asian man. If I gave any more away I'd spoil it but I really enjoyed Camera Obscura for it's mostly Black and Asian characters.

      As for fantasy, you should check out Rae Lori's Cimmerian series and Changa's Safari by Milton Davis et al.

      But yeah, we definitely need more Blasian steampunk AND fantasy!

    2. Need to check on Ballet Black. Sounds very interesting.

  3. I've been a lurker on the BN for over a year now and never realize how much was done. but when it comes to blasian power it can' be stopped!!!!

  4. This was amazing to read. When it comes to Blasian relations, The Blasian Narrative is the place to be (I know I sound like a commercial). Not to put other sites down, but what I like about the Narrative is the variety. From poilitics to porn, this site covers everything and has a little something for everyone. I've learned so much from being here. I love hearing the views and stories of Black women from all over the Diaspora as well. Hopefully some of the fellas will de-lurk (I know you're out there) and join the discussion.

    I'm very proud of everyone involved in this project <3

  5. >>>>> It's a Great Pleasure to be apart of such an Incredible Blog where a variety of work, topics, and viewpoints are represented. I've learned a great deal and continually learn more as I read through the Narrative. Hope we all can learn from each other and grow embracing each other's differences.

    Thank you everyone for your on-going support and encouragement. It really takes a lot of courage to comment so I wanted to personally thank you for posting and sharing your thoughts and ideas. It really means a lot. I'm so excited and proud of everyone. Let's keep up the hard work and show our support!!! :)

    1. So glad to have you! And you were, of course, introduced to me via BN reader!

  6. Congratulations to you also.

    When I read this blog for the first time, I couldn't believe what I was reading: Straightforward, honest talk.You and the other narrators take a realistic approach with this, along with adding amusement in it.You guaranteed that this blog will be unique and it is.This is why I strongly disagree with people who have accused this blog as being " fetish like" site. The stuff you have on here is thoroughly researched and can be proven to be factual.This is one of the reasons, I've become an avid fan of BN.Keep up the good work and continue to impress us with this blog.

  7. I'm so proud of all of us, Narrators and commenters alike! I've been following you guys for a long while so I've witnessed the evolution and growth of the BN and I must say that it's like watching your beloved child grow up into a mature and well rounded adult. *sniffs and tears up* I love the safe haven here as well as the many important sub topics and issues discussed (non-blasian). This has become my all time favorite site for news and world issues as well as new insight on blasian culture, media, etc. Thank you so much Ankh, Amaya, EY, Modest Goddess, Robert, Chris (and all those I did not name, narrator and commenter) for making this the best place to not only promote Black and Asian unity but unity of people of color. <3 Continue the excellent work! ^__~

  8. Congrats! Hopefully, when I get situated in my new town in 4 weeks, I will be able to provide cookies and articles again.

  9. Ankh, you already know what my association to the Narrative means to me...

  10. Wow! 2 years and an amazing ride. How far we've come from our humble beginnings on livejournal and the great discussions we had there. It's a pleasure and a learning experience. I'm glad to be a part of it all.

  11. I'm not entirely sure on half lol. I do look forward to the future of this forum definitely :)

    1. Oh, you brought more than a few. Looking forward to the future of your posts in the forum.

  12. Where the hell have I been? Congrats on the numbers! but seriously, you all put in the work. It's amazing work. Blazing work! You left out the fact that the Narrative has successfully created a safe space, and that you bring out some seriously cool people; good job. What can I say? This is important work. This is an important space. Muahahahahaha.

    1. Blazing work! LOL!

      We've loved having you. You've been an invaluable resource.

  13. I have been gone for quite a while! So much school work with school ending in three weeks. I have been promoting the site! My teacher even used a few of your articles when we were talking about black women. Its funny because I am the only black person in that class. I love blasian narrative and continue to support it! You guys are the best!

    PS: I actually got so bored one day that I read all your posts from when you first start to about half of 2011. I still have a long ways to go before I finish.

    The reason why my teacher was even interested in blasian narrative was because he was going over black culture during the civil rights movement. We watched a documentary about black girls and I brought you up after the white girls in my class complained that they didn't understand why black girls quote "Always feel so inferior."

    Heres the link,


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