Chapter 4: Goodnight...???

As the police sirens and lights disappeared in the distance, Jasmine couldn’t help but look at Jin while his eyes were focused securely at the cop car speeding down the road. He looked so strong and confident. She was still apparently shaken up by the whole situation, but with him there, she felt protected and safe.

“Are you okay,” he asked Jasmine in a concerned tone.

“I’m fine,” she replied in an attempt to act like she was okay.

“I’m sorry Jasmine. I tried my best to remain calm and not make the situation worse but as soon as that guy started looking at you, touching you, and saying those things. I couldn’t stand it. I had to do anything to get those cops attention off of you and focus it on me. I’m sorry,” he said looking at her then turning away.

Jin felt powerless and helpless that he couldn’t do anything. What’s worse was that he wasn’t sure how Jasmine was feeling. Was she upset at him for not speaking up sooner? Was she proud that he stood up for her? A moment of silence and confusion lingered in the air.

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  1. i love your writing style. its very descriptive. i like descriptive because it keeps me hooked on the plot. good stuff.

    1. Thank you so much!!! How's the story so far and the characters? I didn't want to give too much description at first, because I wanted the reader to fill in some of the gaps but I'm hoping it's an easy read so far.

  2. I really enjoy your stories I liked the details and descriptions of the scenery as well as the characters. Please write more I'm very addicted to these

  3. Jin is such a gentleman, so charming. Jasmine is kind and sweet. They are a good mix. Can't wait for the next chapter.

  4. you are killing me lol ... I feel like Jasmine unsure of what's going to happen next lol next chapter please :)

  5. Please hurry up with the next chapter. Lol you've got my attention!


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