Justice for Chief Lakota Sioux Elder Vernon Traversie

The chest of Vernon Traversie
It is with a ever-deepening nausea that I share this news Dulce Vita posted on our FB.  From Change.org:
Vernon Traversie, a member and resident of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota came home from a 14-day stay in the hospital to find he had been horribly mutilated. Three Ks can be easily seen carved or burned into his abdomen in the shocking photograph taken the day after he came home.

The victim is age 68 and completely blind. Vernon Traversie's nightmare began when he had a heart attack while at the Heart Doctors office in Rapid City last August. He was immediately sent a few blocks away to Rapid City Regional Hospital for emergency surgery. Being blind, Traversie didn’t even know what was done to him until a RCRH employee came into his room and advised him to have pictures taken of his chest and abdomen as soon as he got home. She said she could not testify on his behalf, but that her conscience got the best of her and she did not agree with what had been done to him.

The tribal police, FBI, and Traversie’s pastor all have photographs of the suspicious wounds.

Traversie is a Lakota elder, who may have been the victim of a vicious hate crime, and his case deserves investigation. Nothing is being done on his behalf by law enforcement. Traversie had retained a lawyer and waited seven months for his Rapid City attorney to take action on his behalf. He posted a video on youtube because his attorney took no action and had told him not to speak about his case. It is not uncommon for lawyers in the Rapid City area to refuse or neglect cases of injustice toward American Indians because of fear the association will hurt business, or because of personal prejudice. The threat of racism and discrimination is ever present in this part of the country. Traversie has since ended his contract with said attorney and tribal officials are working to find someone to take his case.

Please sign this petition on behalf of Vernon Traversie. American Indian elders should be protected against this kinda of vicious abuse. We ask that the State Attorney General of South Dakota, Marty Jackley, investigate the hate crime against Vernon Traversie. We want racism and hate crimes against our American Indian community to end.

For more information:
On this article, commenters are debating whether or not that's really "KKK".  Some are going so far as to say that Native Americans are just being paranoid about racism.  Seriously.  Others are pointing out that this man was clearly burned for no medical reason while he was in a vulnerable state, and whether "KKK" itself was burned into his flesh is not the point.

He's blind.  His doctors knew it, and as we can see, racism in that area towards Native Americans is clearly nothing new.

The Narrative feels for Vernon Traversie.


The Troubling Story of Vernon Traversie


  1. "Some are going so far as to say that Native Americans are just being paranoid about racism. Seriously."

    I'm sick and tired of people insisting that it's raining, when they know damn well that people are being pissed on! Whether it was KKK, ABC, or 'Skittles, Taste the Rainbow', the man was branded like an animal! You want to know why racism will never go away? Because sh*theads like those commenters keep EXCUSING IT!

    1. Amen. They fucked that poor man up.

    2. Amen! Prayin for my fellow brother, Mr. Traversie!

  2. @anonymous J

    When I saw this I wanted to cry.

  3. Mr. Traversie deserves better. He was vulnerable and taken advantage of and to not prosecute his abusers because of potentially causing "bad business" is crap. Petition signed.

    1. "and to not prosecute his abusers because of potentially causing "bad business" is crap."

      Yet the Native American people are totally paranoid about racism and its effects on their lives. Riiight.

  4. My god..I mean, I don't know what to say. I'm not only disgusted,but saddened by what happened to Mr. Traversie.

    I share the anger of many on here. Just because he's from another racial background doesn't make him and other minorities animals. Far as I'm concerned, the only animals I see with this issue are the people who cut the KKK letters on his chest. It takes a sick diabolical individual to do something that evil like that..in this case to Mr. Traversie

    Not trying to get off the subject or anything like that but when you talked about Mr. Traversie's story, it also had me to think about Leonard Peltier, another NA man who have been wronged by the so called Justice system for over 30 years. This man has been in the federal Pen since I was a kid and I'm grown and he won't be able to come out until 2024..that is if they won't pull a fast one on him. He's been shafted for god knows when.Like Mr. Traversie, he doesn't deserve to be where he is.

    I'm just so tired of the excuse. Those are KKK cuts and they know. I'm reading the same racist excuse song over and over again. Until they day racists acknowledge their wrongdoings issues like this will never go away and far as I'm concerned I hope that those people keep the pressure on their racist adversaries.

  5. either way, there were way to many cuts on him, the police officer said he even had a stab wound on his left side!! It crushed my heart to heart that one of my elders are getting treated this way....JUSTICE must be done!!!

  6. You see this though?

    Not that Mr.Vernon Traversie was minding his own business and then was assaulted by armed, backward, illiterate thugs. It's not what you would imagine...much worse.

    He was sedated.

    I really am naive.....

  7. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

  8. This is horrific. I may have to take an internet break. I feel like leaving the damn planet right now.

  9. I wish they would investigate to find out how this happened. Can't believe nothing is being done even though the fed's have the pictures...! So unbelievable that I want to dismiss it and say it's fake. Will do more research and post again. At any rate, my heart and prayers for good health and healing are with you Vernon.

  10. this is horrifying, they deserve jail time and to lose their medical license


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