Coming to a theater near you...

A recently-engaged martial arts expert refuses to join the mafia 
and is murdered in cold blood.  It is up to his tenacious 
bombshell fiancee to unravel the mystery behind his death.

BRUCE LEE                       PAM GRIER
 as Dylan                                      as Roxanne
starring in...

Fists of Foxy Brown a.k.a. Coffy's Game of Death

Revenge is a motherfucker wearing stilettos.

Based on the book by Javan Nelums.  Directed by Cathy Jean Waters.  Rated R.


  1. You...you...you are cray.

    This is what it took for you to scribble your first post in 50 years????? You...you are a cray.

  2. Oh man..if there was a such thing as time machine and bring Bruce to life. I would definitely put this on my list of "to see" movies.

  3. Please tell me there would be a lot of flashbacks to "intimate times".

  4. Replies
    1. Amaya Pleeeeeease write this story! I love your work. I stalk your blogger blog daily looking for goodies to read.

    2. *bangs a table* Write it!! Write it!! Write it!!! ... Write it!!

  5. LMBAO!

    "Revenge is a motherfucker wearing stilettos."

    Now that's what i'm talking about.

  6. If only this happened. I would watch it everyday for its epicness.

  7. Is anyone really writing this? Cause if not I'll do it.
    I'm on a backlog, but I'll do it.

  8. This would be genius. Great image mash-up.

  9. @Nicole:

    I've gotta do some movie watching beforehand. I actually have a plot idea in mind: Game of Death & Foxy Brown actually have similar scripts, so it gives me something to play off of.

    @Rachel: Feel free to jump in. I'm on a backlog as well, but the idea is just waaay too intriguing.

  10. WHYYYYYY tease us with this??? I got so happy seeing the post only to realize a second later that none of it was real (weeps softly)

  11. TT_TT for a second I thought it was real too!!

  12. @anonymous J

    Go for it!

  13. genius...thats all i have to say...GENUIS!!!!

    If you got the STRENGTH to do it babygirl get like nike...and JUST DO IT!!!!


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