Eye Candy Alert ~ Special Edition


And this was from just last month:


  1. Yummy. I'll take one please.

  2. I like how he's not relying on bulging muscles or washboard abs. He can sing, he can compose, and he looks fine as hell.

    Damn. *shakes head*

    1. Well, when you know you have real talent, you don't need all of the cotton candy bullshit to distract from that.

  3. I have been following Monsieur Nov since the Narrative introduced me to him in January and I got reeled in by 'Trop Fresh'. Since then, I have bought one of his albums and have been listening to all his songs on YouTube(especially Tu N'es Qu'une for the past two weeks), I just can't get enough. Thank you Narrative for keeping the conversations interesting, thought-provoking and generally drool-worthy. This is my first comment, but I wanted to let ya'll know that I check into the Narrative everyday and I always leave with something to think about, so thank you.

  4. My first comment as well and as a Blasian woman (African American/Filipina), I love how you show a positive representation of African American women and Asian men. I am a big Monsieur Nov fan and thankfully, my French lessons in school are paying off. This semester I had a student in my Women in Leadership class (I'm an assistant professor) who looks just like Monsieur Nov....It has taken everything in me not to stare and/or pounce...LOL!

  5. been checking the narrative for a year now and i got nothing but love for ankh and the other contributors of the narrative. its opened my eyes and i learned so much and made me more open-minded as far as finding hapiness as far as dating and relating with other people of different backgrounds and cultures.
    ....and i am definitely feeling monsier nov!!! he is sexy and fine!! he kinda reminds me of david so a.k.a "Ankh's boo" in this video....:)....XD

    keep it up, ankh!!!

  6. >>>>> Great post Ankhesen!!! I've only been introduced to Monsieur Nov about a month or so ago and I'm definitely a fan of his work. I'm surprised by how many times I typed his name in youtube even though I have no clue what words he's saying since he speaks French.

    I've been looking for 2 of his songs 'Trop Fresh' and 'Tous...." but youtube took them down. I've seen a few parody remakes but they don't live up to the orginal. Thanks you again for posting. :)


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