Eye Candy Alert

When I say I love this man....

...I ain't playin'.


  1. David So...:D. funny, talented, and a cutie.

  2. in my mind, my future husband hehe. I like that alexandra wallace girl for one reason -it led me to finding David So.^^

    1. hey ankh, have you heard his rendition of "on bended knee" by boyz II men with paul kim and two other amazingly talented friends of his? (they call thenselves the runs ----he named it...^_^, typical silly david----cause theyre so good they make ya shit---his words---LOL!!!!) GIIIIRRRLLLLL, when you see AND hear it, i know youre gonna end up getting down "on bended knee" yourself and propose to david...lol!!!--girl you are going to be *dead* when you hear it................

  3. I love him too, your taste is flawless haha

  4. aww, man!! thats my boo-boo right there!!! @ ankh: you right about him being sexy as hell. funny as hell AND he can "sang"? Girl pleeesssee!!! :)

    Everytime i think about him i think about that rick ross song with nikki minaj called "u the boss"( i know, i know nikki minaj,*O*, but go with me on this one for a minuet) when she says the chorus:

    ill do anything that you say/anything cause you tha boss/you tha boss,yo-yo-you tha boss, eh!!

    Hes definetely a BOSS in my eyes!!!! <3

  5. So is hilarious and he has a nice voice. I don't find him fine, but he has his own brand of charm that is appealing.

  6. I find him so attractive as well. He is the whole package and then some... and some more. He has a beauty that many people aren't accustomed to appreciating, but I certainly do. Love him!

  7. >>>>> This is my first time seeing some of his work but he definitely has a great voice. John Legend and David So duet soon??? lol. Great post! :)


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