Interview with Edward Hong, an Excerpt


Who is Edward Hong?

You had to have known this was coming.  In any case, here's are an excerpt of the interview I did with Edward Hong; full version available At the Bar.

Tell us about you. Tell us all about you.

I am a man who wear my emotions on my sleeves. "Passionate" is one of the most defining characteristics that make up who I am as well as being one hell of a loudmouth. More often than not, it can surprise people at times since I tend to look like a very dorky geeky looking Asian dude and thus it comes with the baggage that particular look comes with. However that instantly disappears as soon as I talk, especially when you get me talking about race/gender matters, representation in the media, or Cinnabons.

I also have very little tolerance for bullshit and when I see that in people, I have no problem in either pointing it out, making a joke about it, or in worst case scenarios, make you look like a complete fool. That being said, I welcome people to do just that for me since I like to be clean with minimal crap in my system.

I have an undying love affair for all things Cinnabon. That sinful pastry will one day be the death of me, and when that day comes, I will be a very happy man. That same love also goes out to House music because no music can transform me into a dancing monster like House. Oh baby.

You already know what’s coming: the Blasian love video. Spill.

When I produced "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf" (the original choreopoem is so much better than that Tyler Perry shiet) back in college, I found myself noticing the fierce inner and outer beauty of African American women, especially those of the cast members, and loving it. Of course, I had to really make sure that this love for Black women was not for any gross objectifying reasons but for legit reasons beyond exotic fantasies. It had to be based on love, the kind with grounded reality, the kind that doesn't treat the woman in a light that is not true to her.

Okay that was a mouthful but that's basically where it got started. I have noticed that this kind of attraction is a rarity among East & South Asian men but it would seem that this is something that is noticeable within a lot of other men as well. Darkness seems to be a color that seems to be undesired by the mainstream and even in hip hop videos, if there are any black women to be seen, it's the caramel colored ones that get all the love. Now don't get me wrong, I certainly have a lot for the caramel colored black women (Alicia Keys!!) but darkness to me is something I see not as a lack of or anything negative and the Blasian poem would become the personified expression of just that.

You currently single, Eddy?

Yes :)

You really brought out the fandom on the Blasian Narrative. My little post on you (our 500th) shot straight to the top in 48 hours. Any message for your fans on the Narrative?

I'm actually quite stunned by this really. All I can say is that it's an amazing blessing that ya'll believe in me. It's sheer awesome beyond words.

Another video of yours which caught my attention was “A Love Letter to White People”. What can you tell us about that one?

This poem was a result of my constant interactions with white people who would often get bothered by what I would write and say about race matters. They would often think that I have an agenda against white people,which is hardly the case. I'll also put that I have a very fond attraction to red-haired white girls (but not as much as black women obviously) so for the folks who thought I hated all things white, I say that is truly not the case. I also realize that humor is the best way to put out honest messages because it is through humor that such messages can be easily swallowed or at least people will tolerate to listen to what you have to say.

Thus, a love letter seemed like the best way to go.


  1. LOVE THIS INTERVIEW! I read the whole thing at "at the bar" and I have grown to love him even more! Thanks Ankh, you are awesome for bringing so many of these awesome people to the forefront^^

  2. This guy will never not be cool.


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