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Converted Another One
A Tale of Whoa
"Meeeeeeeeeee and Mr. Whoa"
"I don't see Jesus in you"
I knew he was married.  Called it.
*rubs temples*

This last week was a pretty good week.

We'll start with Mr. Whoa; I got to see him twice.  You'd think that with the Roomie's recent dating woes (like, seriously) she would just buck up and finally talk to this dude.  Alas, no.  And after seeing how bronzed and more toned he's gotten since the last time we saw him, I think she'd be even more mute in his presence than usual.

Moving onto Will, now...

It was greating to see and talk to Will; we really do have the best conversations.  He talked about trips to Vietnam and how relaxing it feels to be home...until 2-3 days before the flight back to America.  We laughed about how the blood pressure goes up when folks traveling abroad remember they have to come back.

Will even said that at the airport, you can tell who's just arrived in Vietnam and who has to fly out...all by their facial expressions.

We talked about his kids; his son was finally born two weeks ago and the family finally decided on a name as the mom was wheeled into the delivery.  Will talked about his wife's aversion to naming their son anything French because of Vietnam's colonial history.  Apparently the French took out quite a few of her relatives, and Will himself lost a grandfather.

I talked about how the French colonized Cameroon as well, along with the British, and the impact they had on our people.  And here's where our conversation got even more interesting; Will and I went from first talking about "Vietnam" and "Cameroon" and instead increasingly started saying "we" and "us".  It seemed like there was really no longer a point in differentiating between formerly colonized nations, especially when they were taken over by the same people.

Shortly thereafter, we started talking about the growing Chinese presence in Africa; Will was surprised to learn they were quite welcome in Cameroon, and that they tend to blend right in.  He laughed and said, "We're (the Vietnamese) just next door to them, and we're totally different.  It's like twin brothers fighting."

I explained that there's over a thousand different ethnic groups in Africa, and the Chinese were bound to run into some folks they'd get along with pretty well, as well as folks with whom they'd clash.  I explained that some of the West African tribal dialects sound tonally reminiscent of both Cantonese and Mandarin.

Will then made an interesting observation; he said one reason corruption was such a problem in African and Asian countries is the strong sense of family. He said, for example, if someone's chief of police, and their brother-in-law gets caught up in some mess, justice is the last thing on their mind.  Protecting the family becomes the #1 priority, even if it means breaking the law.  Because of this, Will believes corruption will always plague our countries.

Of course, I had to point out that America is perhaps one of the most corrupt nations of all, so I hope he wasn't thinking we should emulate these disunited states 'cause...uh... yeah....


  1. Few things are sexier than stimulating conversation with a sexy man.

  2. Lovely convo. Uh, can we get a visual of Mr. Whoa?!

  3. Man, if Wil wasn't married..I can see why you were able to click with him.

  4. Another thing which Will told me which was like music to my ears was how the Thai government is deporting the hell out of some white folks due to the rise in child molestation/overall exploitation in Thailand.

    1. Finally, one country that recognizes that not everything white equalls everything bright haha


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