Yes, We Just Went There

Not the best quality, but you can tell it was a labor of love (not my handiwork, though).  And hey...it's free.


  1. So someone uploaded this onto youtube? This is some hood shit right here! I'm surprised they haven't taken it down. Youtube is 'moody' like that. This brings back so many memories. I remember going to the movies to see this.I was so giddy when I saw Aaliyah walking around acting! I adored her (I still do). Russel looked yummy as usual. I remember seeing him in "New Jack City" All the girls in my school loved them some Russel!

    I'd put Rain and Meagan Good (Or Ciara) in the updated version.

    1. Takeshi Kaneshiro and Gabriel Union for me.

      now for the 70s version:
      Bruce Lee and Pam Grier. Think about it if Bruce did die (or the white people killed him) He would of made a movie with Pam Grier.

    2. OMG!!! BRUCE AND PAM??????????????? *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!*

      Bruce and Pam? Bruce and Pam! BRUCE AND PAM! That's my new pairing!!! Oh Lawd, might there be fanfic...???? Me can't say for sure, but oh boy....BRUCE AND PAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Enter the Coffy Dragon
      Foxy Game of Death
      Chinese Sheba Baby Connection
      Way of the Cool Breeze Dragon


    3. Amaya,

      Excellent kick butt pairing!

    4. "Foxy Game of Death"

      I like this one! lol

      Bruce and Pam would have been awesome!

    5. LMAO!!
      I actually was going to write a story about this
      I swear, I'm going to call it Foxy, Baby. Its on my novella list

    6. Bruce and Pam? Daaayyyyyummm....

      That's some brilliant thinking, Javan?

      But I think Rick Yune would be a better fit for Gabrielle Union.

    7. Motherfucking Bruce and Pam, people! Ya heard it here (from Javan) first! As soon as my schedule clears, I'm going to watch the shit out of their movies! OMG, the thayngs I can do with such a boss-ass pairing!!!


      And co-sign on Rick & Gabrielle.

  2. @ Ankh - Thank you so much for "going there" :-)
    I remember rushing to the theater to see this movie when it first came out. I was a little disappointed that Jet Li & Aaliyah didn't kiss! On an even better note-who doesn't remember Russell Wong's fine ass in this film!! I have always loved me some Russell. I loved him in New Jack City, The Joy Luck Club, and wait for it........."Vanishing Son"! Did anyone else watch that series with bated breath - *whew* drools* * swoons*

    1. Has anyone seen the 4 Vanishing Son films which inspired the series?

  3. Awe! Sniff..Sniff...I miss Aaliyah.

  4. This is a good idea.

    If Romeo Must Die were to be remade (and drastically improved), who should be the new starring couple?

    I vote Wang Leehom and Meagan Good - LAWD.

  5. I'm sticking with Rain and Meagan Good. My version would be darker and grittier. If I could get away with a NC-17 rating I would. I'd like the Hughes Brothers to direct mine. Soundtrack producer would be the RZA of Wu-Tang clan.

    I would keep Delroy Lindo as Trish's father (I love Delroy)Don Cheadle would replace Isiah Washington,(He would survive in my version) and Michael Ealy would play Trish's brother. In my version Han has a kick-ass sister. I haven't decided who would play her.

    1. "In my version Han has a kick-ass sister. I haven't decided who would play her."

      Nicole have you ever watched the Thai movie Chocolate?- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGjUyu9c8Ng

      JeeJa Yanin is one of my favorites to watch.

  6. Dang, this brings back memories. Mind you, I was already in love with Jet Li and wanted Aaliyah to be my sister.
    Oh if only we can get a Blasian couple kissing in a movie which sounds crazy to me that it's never happened. I mean the media loves this whole black woman white male thing now but you can't have two so called minorities being loving towards one another. Maybe I'm missing something here but in my family we have all colors under the sun in my family tree and no one gets bothered when my black auntie kisses my spanish uncle. Sheesh it makes me kind of scared to bring kids into this world cuz most likely my husband will be from a minority group and not white.

    Btw I'm all for cosigning Gabrielle Union and Rick Yune (why are you so good poking, idk) in a remake.

    1. Oh if only we can get a Blasian couple kissing in a movie which sounds crazy to me that it's never happened.


    2. It happened in "Akira's Hip Hop Shop" and the only reason that happened was because the director was a POC. As long as white men are behind these movies, we're not going to see too much Blasian lovin between Asian men and Black women.


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