Advertising on the Narrative

Recently, the Narrative lifted its no-ads ban for the first time since its inception in order to encourage commerce...Blasian-style.  Both Google and Amazon were granted weeks to show off their "conceptualized" advertising, only to reveal their systems are incapable of adapting to a Blasian site.  Same problem on the Black Girls Club (though one ad there was for human hair and did feature Black women in the ad).

Therefore, the Narrative is now taking direct control over what is advertised here by offering companies and independent artists a chance to cater to our audience.

In case it's not clear by now, our audience is African and Asian, with the emphasis on Asian men and Black women on this blog.  These two are members of the most numerous peoples on Earth.  Advertising to us, therefore, shouldn't be difficult.

If you are interested in posting your ads here, contact us to set up an arrangement.