Dreamcasting & Writing Challenge Submission #1

From Clevagirl73 comes this ambitious WWII-era historical romance:

Primary Cast

"Magdalena Santos" - Sharon Leal

"Colonel Moriyoshi Yamaguchi"
 - Ken Watanabe

"Captain Salvador Abcede"
 - Christopher de Leon

"Commander Ernesto Mata"
 - Michael Paul Chan

Setting: January 1942 - The Japanese has attacked American military bases in the Negros Oriental Province of the Island in hopes of setting up a central location to fight the Americans while seizing control of other parts of Asia to create The Empire of Japan during WWII.

Synopsis: Magdalena Santos is from one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Negros Oriental when the Japanese attempt to seize control of the island. She and her family along with several other residents of the province flee to the Kanloan Mountains for safety after having their homes and crops of sugarcane burned down by Japanese soldiers. Now living in a makeshift refugee camp coordinated by Colonel Ernesto Mata from the USAFEE Division, the people are running low on food, drinking water and supplies for shelter. Mata must remain at the camp to prevent a civil war due to a long history of violence encounters between the Cebuano and Negrense ethnic groups. Instead Mata enlists the help of guerilla captain Salvador Abcede to lead small attacks against the Japanese in order to cut their supply lines other islands in the Visayas region and secure food and other essentials. Abcede's challenge is gathering enough men willing to work together with their historical enemies to fight against the Japanese. Abcede is from a Cebuano clan and doesn't speak the Negrense language - Ilonggo. He needs a translator who he can trust won't send him and the fighters into harm's way which only leaves Magdalena who speaks both Ilonggo and Cebuano and seems willing to do whatever she can to avenge her family and retrieve their stolen lands. Reluctant to have a woman, much less a very desirable Negrita woman along for the mission worries Abcede as her beauty can serve as a distraction but with no other option, Magdalena is taught the basics of shooting a gun, using a knife and trekking through the forest.

By March 1942, the Japanese Imperial Army has full control of the Negros Oriental province but with Emperor Hirohito's orders to seize control over Indonesia, Singapore and other parts of Asia, Colonel Moriyoshi Yamaguchi is ordered to seize full control of the island of Negros to improve coordination of the Japanese Army's supply lines. This is proving to be a difficult task made challenging by the geography and terrain of the island and sporadic guerilla attacks by the Filipinos who refused to surrender even when they were abandoned by MacArthur and the rest of the Americans. Yamaguchi, a seasoned naval pilot is out of his depth commanding ground forces and has no experience with guerilla warfare. His only saving grace is that most of the Filipinos surrendered when the Americans left so the only thorn in his side has been small-arms guerilla fights.

Magdalena gets separated from Abcede's troops during a fire fight with Yamaguchi's forces and is caught rummaging for food in an abandoned Japanese camp in Canloan City. Yamaguchi considers the capture of Magdalena the lucky break he needed. He would interrogate her to learn the whereabouts and tactics of Abcede so he could get off this godforsaken island but he hadn't banked on falling in love....

Abcede is determined to get Magdalena back as much as Yamaguchi is determined to keep her. Meanwhile, no one could anticipate the trouble surrounding all three of them as the war in the Pacific theater progresses and new alliances are formed leading to betrayal, accusations of treason and murder.

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  1. I would definitely watch this moie or read this book

    1. Right? And I'm not even a fan of that era.

    2. This sounds amazing. I would love to read this, or even see this on the big screen. We need more screen writers of color out there telling our stories. Looking forward to more casting/dreamcasting posts. Everyone here is really talented. Hollywhite needs to get an effin' clue.

  2. Though I'm not a big fan of romance novels, reading this blog is slowly beginning to change my mind about them. For some reason, the era that the story take place in interest me. It just seems so challenging..action packed,but in spite of the war, beauty comes out of it. I love those kind of stories.

    I also keep forgetting about Sharon Leal. She is so underrated. Anyway, she would be great for the cover of the story. I also thought that the guys for it were right on target. To me , they can fit being in the role for war or combat. Man, if this was a movie...

  3. Thanks Ankhesen Mie for the nod. So happy to get such positive feedback everyone.

    1. You did a really good job. You've given future challengers a run for their money.

  4. Yeah I've always thought that Sharon Leal was gorgeous!!!


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