Blog Update

Some quick changes, Narrators.

Moderation is now in effect for posts over 30 days old.  After about a month, the conversation on a post has usually died out and folks have moved on.  Old posts have a weird way of attracting trolls, so this makes housekeeping a bit easier.

Selective lurking is now strongly encouraged.  We have men and women writing posts.  We have creative writers and journalistic writers.  We have K-Pop fans and non-K-Pop fans.  We have...we have different folks writing different posts, okay?  People with varying views and interests are scribbling on this blog, both in posts and comments, so not every post is going to speak to everyone.  If it doesn't speak to you, just skip it and move on.

We're trying to maintain a comfortable, positive, and somewhat professional atmosphere on this blog.  People can disagree in a civilized manner without getting snarky or dismissive when someone mentions something which means a lot to them.

Which brings up another issue.  Blogger now allows commenters to respond to one another directly.  Ergo, don't assume someone's talking to you just because their comment appears right after yours.  They may very well be referring back to the original post.

On a lighter note, we are still receiving suggestions via Facebook, Twitter, and email, so have it!  The Dreamcasting & Writing challenge is still on, and feel free to submit video links for Blasianism III.  Also, our very own (and dear) Robert Darrien would like to start interviewing artists specifically for the Narrative (unlike my stingy excerpts).  Feel free to let him know who you'd like to read about!

Last but not least, keep up the good chatter, Narrators!