Blog Update

Did you notice?

Beneath the search box to the right is a Google translator.  Readers can now enjoy the Narrative in dozens of different languages, some of which they've probably never heard of.  For those of you trying to improve your language skills, the translator can help with that, and in a fairly pleasurable way.

We hope it will also encourage readers who don't speak/read English fluently to enjoy our site more often.

No comment

Some of our more older, more popular (even more controversial) posts are now closed for commenting.  As mentioned in an earlier update, older posts tend to draw in more trolls.  Sometimes, a post just needs to be let go.  Some of us have been on blogs and forums where a hot topic wasn't allowed to die, and so what started off as decent conversation devolved into senseless bickering.

We can't have that here.

So here's hoping you continue to enjoy the Narrative, now in more ways than before, and with the assurance that the moderators still have your back.


  1. lol the haitian creole is ratchet haha

  2. I didn't know what ratchet meant until i googled it. I'm Haitian D:. Anyways I never heard that word used that way before. Thank you moderators :3 Appreciate all that you do to keep the Blasian Narrative amazing. :D

  3. Love the Translate function, muchas gracias!

  4. :) Don't need it (as I speak English) but I'm sure it'll help a lot of people out! Expand BN's readership.


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