Couldn't just post this on FB and walk away

...'cause Rokit Bay is something else.


  1. Interesting, I've stopped looking for good Mongolian music a year ago (didn't find much sadly, probably looked in the wrong places) so I'm glad to see this video! He's a good rapper, good energy and flow, the music is OK. I just wish he would have a less rigid flow but I'll check out his other songs.

  2. His style is definitely distinctive and he has excellent presence - needless to say, I'm a fan. His music is intense and grandiose, yet simplistic. His voice is sexy as hell, and that soul singer helping him in the chorus was a perfect addition. Not too much of her, but not too little.

    And as a bonus, this dude is foine. Seriously, I could stare at Rokit Bay all day.

  3. Yeah he really caught my attention even when I was browsing the net in another window, he's serious about his music and I like underground rap better than bling bling rap, even though the music is less catchy.
    He has the looks, I agree (ok, it did "help" me focusing on the MV for the first part but he's talented regardless) :)

    1. Oh, yes...the looks "help". They help a lot.

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    1. I know, right? Mongolian hip hop most definitely has my attention. Like, it already did with NZ, but Rokit Bay has made me a bona fide fan.

      I've literally thought about this song ALL DAY.


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