Sorry; the Spam Blocker's Been Working Overtime

Sorry - the spam blocker's really been earning its keep, and while for 70% of the comments, that was a good thing, a lot of insight has been trapped for months.  So I want to give a special shout out to commenter "grandfather" who made several insightful comments which got locked out of the "Chinese Netizens Discuss Blasian Relationships" post.  He also commented on the "Debunking Myths about Black Women" post and the "I Dont 'Get' White Worship" post.  Check him out when you can!

Also, for any posts where you recall comments mysteriously vanishing, go back and recheck them.  I've released all the ones which weren't spam or trollish.


  1. I wish that I would have came across 'grandfather's' comments a lot earlier. He seems like he knows what he's talking about,especially when He talked about Mao. A's a kid, i would stay at my aunts home and always wondered why rolls of posters of his lined the walls of a neighborhood confidence wall.After reading about, I got why the person put on there.People didn't care about the posters being there,especially knowing what Mao stood for.


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