The Evolution of Auburn

Witness the evolution of Auburn.  First, a recap:

And now....

*sniff* She's all growed up.

I didn't know she could spit like that.  That last video really makes me proud (and I didn't know Timothy de la Ghetto could spit like that either!).  The Honda, Harry Potter, and That Seventies Show references had me rolling.


  1. lol I loved Auburn when she collabed with Traphik! :D

  2. Yeah Timothy de la Ghetto is legit.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh, yes. Vastly different from her previous work.

  4. Lil crazed is so sexy!

    I love that song!

  5. I'm glad she came back to her original style (first time I saw her was in the video for her song "My Kicks" and she already had that cute tomboy style). I think rap suits her best!
    And i'm NOT surprised with the collab... She's blasian all the way!


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