Dreamcasting & Writing Submission #3

From our own Miss Erica H:

This is a Steampunk themed story. Set a few years before The Civil War. I’m leaning toward ‘Forever Lost’ being the title.

Charles Kensington is a Chinese American living in Victorian New York. He was born to Chinese immigrant merchant in California. After both his parent's are killed by racist white settlers, he is left with no family. He is adopted by a white family and raised as their son, taking on their last name Kensington. He is accepted by the Kensingtons but not by their neighbors and other whites. He is seen as a yellow foreigner, someone taking jobs away from good Irish immigrants. He resents this as he was born in America and feels American.

He meets a beautiful black woman named Emily at a local tailor's shop. They are at first equally enamored with each other’s physical appearance. But after spending time together they develop feelings for each other. They completely understand each other in a way they’ve never been understood before. Charles wants to marry Emily but she refuses. After some grilling she confesses to him that she is in fact a runaway slave. She has been living as a fugitive in New York since she was 17 when she decided to run away from her plantation in Kentucky. Emily swears that she loves Charles with every fiber of her being but marriage was not in her plans. She didn't want to ever marry because she knows that with the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 she and her children could be handed over to her old master, lawfully. Charles assures her that he loves her and he is ready and willing to stand with her come what may. They marry and have a daughter named Victoria.

Six years after Victoria's birth, Emily's master Mr. Williams gets a tip and heads to New York to claim his "property" back. With no warning Emily has no time to run and is kidnapped, leaving Victoria hiding underneath a bed. Charles comes home to Victoria in tears. The love of his life has been taken. He will get her back.

Realizing he can't do this all alone, he assembles a group of trusted friends that can help him find the woman he loves. He gets the help of Benjamin Kensington his adoptive older brother, who has the money and ability to provide the group with any means of transportation they may need. Namely his new steamship, as it moves fast and time is of the essence. Joseph Freeman, a free man of color is down to help. Joe is an expert at sneaking in and out of plantations. And last but not least they enlist the help of Avasa a Cherokee woman. A native of Kentucky she knows the area like the back of her hand.

Will he be able to find her and procure her freedom? Or is she forever lost to him?

James Chen as Charles Kensington

Maechi Aharanwa as Emily Kensington

Will Blagrove as
Joseph Freeman

Irene Bedard as Avasa

Gerald McCullouch as
Benjamin Kensington

Sade Kimora Young as Victoria Kensington


  1. This is good stuff. Anything steampunk sounds good to me.

  2. Based on the summary alone, my wallet is open and ready for business. Excellent job, Erica. I look forward to staying up all night reading this story. Ms. Aharanwa is absolutely gorgeous, too!!!

    Thanks for the steampunk link, Ankh!

  3. Nice Erica! I haven't read any steam punk in awhile and I would definitely read this.

  4. Now you have my interest..

  5. Thanks guys!! I'll put more time in it and try to finish it! Please, any feedback is welcomed. But not to harsh (keep in mind I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my s*it) :)

    1. "(keep in mind I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my s*it) :)"

      LOL... Gotcha!

    2. God you're good! I mean,this is really good.

  6. I'm a huge fan of steampunk and this sounds amazing. I can envision the fashion, setting and everything in my head. Thanks for sharing a hopefully Ill submit mine soon...?

    1. I love steampunk too!

      Honestly just do it! I wasn't going to submit but on a whim I decided to. I promise once you submit you're going to feel so great.

  7. Thank you so much for the new names and the use of an ensemble cast. This is a healthy, refreshing dose of originality.

    1. No thank you!! I hardly ever tell others of my stories ... ever. And now because of your prompt I'm actually considering sharing this along with some of my other work. So thank you.


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