The Narrative Loves Hassan Minhaj

I know I posted this on Facebook, but I feel it deserves a discussion. First of all, I'm really proud of all our creative Asian brothers dominating the living hell out of social commentary on YouTube these last few years. They are stepping all over the wimpy, whiny stereotype, let me tell you. Big ups to our brothers.

Now, here's what stuck out to me about Hassan (aside for the fact that I will be paying his comedy a lot more attention from hereon out): he says that when Sikhs were murdered during peaceful, minding-their-own-business worship on a Saturday, and a (fortunately empty) mosque burned down the next damn day, his white friends weren't.sayin'.shit. They were tweeting about ish like Greek yogurt.

I once wrote a post about paying close attention to your "friends", and not just about stuff like dating, but about stuff like this as well.  White friends of Hassan who accidentally heard about the shootings and the burning are more likely to see Hassan separately from those incidents, as well as all the other East Indians, Arabs, Iranians and brown folks in general who've been profiled, harassed and even murdered because Amerikkka is a seriously fucked-up nation.  In their minds, it's not a big deal because he's over here and [insert bad thing here] happened somewhere else.

Then there are folks like me, who aren't his friends and don't know him personally.  Most, if not all of you, will understand what I mean when I say I watch/read the news and then listen to Hassan and think, "That could've just as easily been him."  That could've just as easily been Hassan Minhaj himself out somewhere minding his own business when some trigger-happy asshole decided to put them both on the news.

See, we don't have luxury of distancing ourselves.

I have a young nephew.  When I read about kids like Trayvon Martin or Darius Simmons, I think of how that could be him.  Some of you ladies are married or dating Asian men - he could be the next Vincent Chin or Danny Chen.  He could be the one out somewhere running errands or peaceful worshiping in a temple or mosque, and you could wind up getting "the call" or hearing about it randomly on the news while you're home or out driving.  It's horrifying and morbid to think about it, but it's real.  We're seeing it now.  We're living it.

It's not enough to watch your obvious enemies.  Now's a great time to do an inventory with your "friends" as well.


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  1. OMG!!!....Hassan was awesome!Nothing but the pure truth right there.Serious applause for those words. Amen,Amen and Amen.

  2. Hassan is super cute, where has he been hiding??? Yum. And he is totally correct about his white friends. These days I make sure to keep lots of folks at arms length, until I can clearly see that they get it.

    I had to hesitate for a second when Hassan said to ask a Sikh if you have questions about their faith... I don't know. I think picking up a book is a better choice, so you don't end up annoying someone by making them into a walking InfoCenter about their religion. That being said, I admit that I did try to ask a Sikh a question about his faith once, but he was just so overwhelmed that I knew what his religion was and what text they read (Adi Granth) that he just shook my hand vigorously and said "Thank you" like five times! I didn't get the chance to ask him anything further, but I think a quick google is better than pestering someone anyways.

    Ank, you are right on point about how real these hate crimes are... when I was expecting my son there was a rash of anti-Asian crime in the city. Every day I was so scared when my (now ex) husband left for work that he might be the next victim. It's not just numbers or a blurb on the news for me.

    1. Every day I was so scared when my (now ex) husband left for work that he might be the next victim. It's not just numbers or a blurb on the news for me.

      Indeed. It's horrifying just to even think of it, but it's so real you can't ignore it.

    2. We feel ya. It's sad to say that the most dangerous people in this world aren't criminals ,its racists like the ones mentioned on here.I pray that we're protected from people like them.I have nephew's also.Right now they are good,but I know like most Black and other POCs, they will be negatively impacted by racism in some way before they leave this world.Some kids have..and will continue be victimized by it. Its also sad that you have teach them about racism and I prefer not doing it,but with the racists that live among us,it leaves POCs,no choice but to do it.

  3. LOL YAAASSS! Hari Kondabolu has been one of my favs for a couple years now. He is a constant stay on my radar for his views on colonialism and racism. He is the first Indian comedian I've seen that doesn't make jokes about that fact that he is Indian.

    Oh yes, Asians are using social media to utilize the voice Hollywood and Amerikkka in general won't give them. I'm really glad Hassan spoke about sticking together. It does my heart good to see other people of color speak out on a camaraderie between races because Amerikkka constantly tries to break up any alliances we have or present propaganda that we all have something against one another (mainly against Black folks). Hmmm, must be that revolution they're scared of...

  4. nothing but the truth and righteousness


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